Koihada First survey on waste hair care More than 40% of daughters answered that they started waste hair care after entering junior high school

[First survey on unwanted hair care] More than 40% of daughters answered that they started unwanted hair care after entering junior high school
Why do mothers recommend hair removal salons and clinics?

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When girls reach puberty, their bodies and minds undergo rapid changes. Menstruation begins, the breasts swell, the body becomes round and feminine, and at the same time hair grows in the armpits and delicate areas.
This is a natural phenomenon that is approaching the body of adults, but there may be some children who are seriously worried about unwanted hair.
Even if you don’t have to worry about it, there are quite a few children who care about the eyes around them and treat their unwanted hair on their own.
However, during the growing season, the body hair grows quickly, and even if you treat it, the hair will grow back soon.
For this reason, it seems that there are cases where excessive processing is repeated and the skin is damaged, and on the contrary, the hair becomes thicker and darker.
For this reason, as a mother of a girl, it is natural to consider hair removal if you don’t want your daughter to have any extra worries. Therefore, this time, the hair removal salon “Koihada”
(https://www.koi-hada.jp/lplj_lv/lp03/?refmedia=142) is targeting mothers with adolescent daughters, “First waste hair care”. We conducted a survey on
[More than 70% of the treatment group] Mother’s thoughts on unwanted hair of adolescent daughters
First of all, I would like to ask you about the treatment of your daughter’s unwanted hair.
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When asked, “Does your daughter currently trim unwanted hair?”, the most common answer was “Yes (73.7%),” followed by “No (21.1%)” and “Don’t know ( 5.2%)” continued.
More than 70% answered “yes”.
It may be that there are many people who have their mothers buy tools for their children to remove unwanted hair and understand the circumstances of their daughter’s unwanted hair treatment.
So how do you get rid of your hair?
When asked “What kind of treatment do you use?”, the most common answer was “razor, shaver (54.5%)”, followed by “hair removal salon/clinic (15.9%)” and “home use”. This was followed by epilators (13.7%), epilators/removers (9.2%), and tweezers (5.0%).
More than half of the respondents answered “razor, shaver”, so many children may be choosing a method that can be easily handled. In addition, many people answered “Hair removal salon/clinic”, so they may be using student discount campaigns.
So, how many of you would like your daughter to have her hair removed? [Image 3

When asked, “Do you want your daughter to get rid of unwanted hair?” Totally disagree (2.5%)”.
More than 80% of those who answered “strongly agree” or “somewhat agree” seem to want to do this.
[70% of mothers who speak openly] Do you talk about unwanted hair with your adolescent daughter?
It turns out that more than 70% of people know that they are removing unwanted hair from their daughters.
Then, do you ever talk about waste hair care with your daughter? [Image 4

When asked, “Do you talk about waste hair care with your daughter?” ” and “Not at all (8.8%)” were the answers.
It seems that about 70% of people who answered “often” or “sometimes” are included.
There may be some children who rely on their mothers, who are female seniors, for empathy and advice.
Then, at what timing do you talk about waste hair care with your child? When asked, “When do you talk about waste hair care? (Multiple answers allowed),” the most common answer was “When you two are alone (37.1%),” followed by “Washing. 33.2% when they are grooming at a place, etc., 31.6% while watching TV, 26.5% when taking a bath together, and 15.4% during meals. .
Nearly 40% of the respondents answered, “When we can be alone”, so mothers may be talking when they are alone, out of consideration for their adolescent and sensitive children.
It is also a delicate matter, so you can see that talking about unwanted hair is a good relationship with your child.
[I wonder if it will hurt my skin…] Mother’s anxiety about adolescent daughter’s hair loss
It turns out that about 70% of them talk about unwanted hair care with their daughters.
So, how old did your daughter start to be conscious of unwanted hair care? [Image 5

So, when I asked, “How old did your daughter start to be aware of unwanted hair care?” (6.1%),” “When I was in the upper grades of elementary school (36.2%),” and “After entering junior high school (41.5%).”
More than 40% answered “after entering junior high school”.
It may be that I started to be conscious of it because my environment changed from elementary school.
So, what are you worried about when taking care of your daughter’s unwanted hair?
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When asked, “What are you worried about when you start taking care of your daughter’s unwanted hair? (Multiple answers allowed),” the most common response was, “Would it hurt your skin (57.0%)?” This was followed by “It may grow again (27.5%)”, “I may not be able to bear the pain (15.7%)”, “I may regret it in the future (8.9%)”, and “It may interfere with my studies.” There may be (5.7%).”
Nearly 60% answered that it might hurt their skin, indicating that many mothers are worried about skin problems.
Then I asked him what part he was worried about.
Therefore, when asked, “What part of the body are you particularly worried about? (Top 3)”, the most common answer was “legs (61.0%)”, followed by “armpits (52.2%). )”, “arms (46.4%)”, “face (28.7%)” and “VIO (18.4%)”.
More than 60% answered “legs”.
Many people may be worried that they will stand out because they wear a skirt with a school uniform.
[Hair removal salon clinic is the best! ] Hair removal method recommended for adolescent daughters
It turns out that more than 40% of the respondents think that their daughters have become conscious of unwanted hair care since entering junior high school.
So, what kind of waste hair care do you recommend for your daughter as a parent? [Image 7

When asked, “What do you think is the best way to care for unwanted hair with peace of mind?”, the most common answer was “hair removal salon/clinic (58.8%),” followed by “razors, This was followed by shavers (14.1%), household epilators (14.0%), epilators/removers (6.5%), and tweezers (1.9%).
It was found that nearly 60% of people felt secure in the “hair removal salon/clinic”.
Finally, I would like to ask why you chose “Hair Removal Salon/Clinic”. Reasons why hair removal salons and clinics are recommended
・I’m worried about money, but it won’t grow anymore, so I wonder if it will be good for my skin and time in the future (40s / office worker / Shiga Prefecture)
・ Image of solid counseling and aftercare (50s / part-time job / Okinawa Prefecture)
・Because I left it to a professional and the results were good (50s/company worker/Saitama Prefecture)
・Because I have a metal allergy (50s/part-time job/Aichi Prefecture) and other responses were received.
It seems that some people wanted to recommend it to their daughters from their own experience.
Also, some people have an image that aftercare is solid, and they may give advice from a professional’s point of view on areas that cannot be handled by themselves.
[Summary] During puberty, the skin and mind are delicate. It’s best to get your hair removed safely and cleanly at a professional salon! In this survey, it turned out that more than half of the daughters use razors and shavers as a way to care for unwanted hair.
Nearly 60% of mothers answered that “hair removal salon/clinic” is the recommended method for removing unwanted hair for their daughters. Hair removal salons and clinics may feel like a financial burden compared to self-treatment, but in the long run it may be a worthwhile investment.
Why don’t you take this opportunity to receive a free counseling at the hair removal salon clinic?
If you want to start hair removal with your parent and child, “Koihada” [Image 8

“I want to start removing my daughter’s unwanted hair at a hair removal salon together.”
“If possible, I want you to treat unwanted hair in a safe way.” For such people, I would like to recommend the hair removal salon “Koihada” (https://www.koi-hada.jp/lplj_lv/lp03/?refmedia=142) operated by Seven A Beauty Co., Ltd.
[Current campaign of Koihada]
★ New “Pay-As-You-Go Plan” has been released! ★
In addition to full-body hair removal pay-as-you-go, there is also a pay-as-you-go plan that allows you to select 34 parts of your body for hair removal.
★We are giving away 1 full body hair removal! ★
We are currently running a campaign to add one full body hair removal free of charge to those who have signed up for a course of 6 or more full body hair removal sessions.
“Koihada” uses a custom-made hair remover that is made in Japan to suit Japanese skin, so there is almost no pain during the treatment! In addition, we have introduced collagen beauty hair removal, so it will lead to beautiful skin full of transparency while removing hair ♪ The free lotion, which is highly effective for beautiful skin, is also a nice perk for women.
Koihada is not only cheap and painless, but it can also be expected to make your skin more beautiful.
We offer high quality hair removal at affordable prices.
Please feel free to contact us at Koihada.
■ Hair removal salon “Koihada”:
■ Contact URL: https://www.koi-hada.jp/contact/
Survey overview: Survey on “first waste hair care”
[Survey period] October 31, 2022 (Monday) to November 1, 2022 (Tuesday) [Survey method] Internet survey
[Number of people surveyed] 1,002 people
[Survey target] Mothers with adolescent daughters
[Monitor provider] General Research
*This questionnaire was not conducted for those who used to go to Koihada or the staff who are working. Koihada’s plans, prices, treatment details and effects may differ.
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