Koki Holdings Co., Ltd. Release of new middle-class cordless driver drills/vibration driver drills that further pursue ease of use

Koki Holdings Co., Ltd.
Released a new middle-class cordless driver drill/vibration driver drill that further pursues ease of use
-Released nationwide from Tuesday, November 22, 2022-

Koki Holdings Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Tomohiko Yoshida, hereinafter referred to as Koki Holdings Japan), which sells electric and pneumatic tools, has released an 18V cordless power tool from the electric tool brand “HiKOKI”. The new DS 18DE driver drill and the new DV 18DE 18V cordless vibration driver drill will be on sale from November 22, 2022 (Tuesday) through power tool dealers nationwide.
The mid-class 18V cordless driver drill and cordless vibration driver drill to be released this time are even easier to use than
conventional products. The motor and gearbox have been optimized to make it much more compact, and it is equipped with a reactive force control (RFC) function that stops output before the tool body is shaken when a sudden load is applied to the tip tool. doing. In addition, the drilling speed has also been improved, allowing you to work powerfully and lightly. By combining 5 color plates (sold separately), you can enjoy various exterior designs.
[Main features]
Further Pursuing Ease of Use
Powerful and light work feeling
Freely customize the appearance with color plates
[Image 1

[Image 2

-Product Features-
■Easier to use
 Compact body with the shortest in its class*1
The overall length is compact, making it easy to handle and work in narrow spaces.
[Image 3

*1 Comparison with our existing cordless driver drill / vibration driver drill DS 18DBSL / DV 18DBSL.
 Reactive force control (RFC) function
[Image 4

When a sudden load is applied to the tip tool and the rotation speed of the motor suddenly drops, the output will stop before the tool body is lowered.
Note: Depending on the work situation and conditions, it may not work or may not be able to fully demonstrate its performance. When working, be careful to set and fix the material and hold the tool body securely.
■ Powerful and light work feeling
 The drilling speed has been improved by about 10%*2, allowing for powerful and light work. In addition, by adopting an aluminum controller case with a heat sink to suppress the temperature rise of electronic parts (FET), it has become strong for continuous work. *2 Comparison with our conventional cordless driver drill / vibration driver drill DS 18DBSL / DV 18DBSL. When DS 18DBSL and DV 18DBSL are set to 100. Working conditions: cone diameter 18 mm / SPL material (76 mm thick) / high speed [2] mode. Figures are for reference only. Varies depending on materials and conditions.
■ Freely customize the appearance with color plates
By combining the five color plates (sold separately) of titanium silver, sky blue, signal red, violet, and light gold, you can freely customize the exterior design.
[Image 5

Uses a new case (2XPZ specification only)
“The case has a stylish design.” It also features a robust metal latch. [Image 6

■ Specifications:
[Image 7

*3 Rigid body tightening torque (measured value when a rigid body without springiness is directly tightened by impact from full speed rotation). When BSL 36A18X is installed.
*4 For the vibration 3-axis composite value (the 3-axis composite value of the frequency corrected vibration acceleration effective value), refer to the JEMA [Japan Electrical Manufacturers’
Association] website: http://www.jema-net.or. Please refer to jp/English/pis/powertool.html.
*5 The vibration 3-axis composite value is measured based on the EN62841-2-1 standard.
*6 Conventional storage batteries (BSL 3620/3625/3626/3660 and BSL 18XX (DS 36DC, DV 36DC only), BSL 14XX series) cannot be used. *7 The charging time may be longer depending on the ambient
temperature and the condition of the storage battery.
■ Suggested retail price:
-Cordless driver drill-
・[18V] DS 18DE (2XPZ) 71,000 yen (excluding tax)
*Multi-volt storage battery [with remaining amount display] (BSL 36A18X) x 2, quick charger (UC 18YDL2), case included
・[18V] DS 18DE (NN) 23,400 yen (excluding tax)
*Storage battery/charger/case sold separately
-Cordless vibration driver drill-
・[18V] DV 18DE (2XPZ) 72,100 yen (excluding tax)
*Multi-volt storage battery [with remaining amount display] (BSL 36A18X) x 2, quick charger (UC 18YDL2), case included
・[18V] DV 18DE (NN) 24,400 yen (excluding tax)
*Storage battery/charger/case sold separately
[Optional parts]
· Color plate (with 2 screws) 900 yen (excluding tax)
■Customer inquiries:
 Koki Holdings Co., Ltd. Customer Service Center
Toll-free number: 0120-20-8822 Navi dial number (charged): 0570-20-0511 Koki Holdings will continue to expand the lineup of the multi-bolt series that combines cordless mobility and power.
About “multi-volt battery”
Our unique lithium-ion battery multi-volt battery (18⇔36), which was born in August 2017, is compatible with 18V and 36V*8, and the voltage is automatically increased simply by attaching the battery to the power tool body. We have introduced a breakthrough technology that can be switched. With this one battery, you can use both 36V tools that require power and 18V tools that you can easily use. We have a rich lineup of 175 models*9 in total to meet the various needs of end users.
*8 Some products cannot be used.
*9 As of November 15, 2022. 76 models in the 36V product group, 99 models in the 18V product group such as tools and support tools, for a total of 175 models.
power tool day
[Image 8d43886-200-6adcee24694e50172bd6-7.png&s3=43886-200-16b2ec2d96e77fdfb20e321b00fbeb57-578x323.png
 Since 2018, October 1st has been certified as “Electric Tool Day” by the Japan Anniversary Association. The 1st of October means a plus and minus screwdriver, and the 1st of October means a switch with 1 and 0, and it was considered appropriate for the anniversary of electric power tools. We will make a further contribution to the development of the industry by engraving in history that the day of the announcement of the “HiKOKI” brand concept became the day of power tools. About Koki Holdings Co., Ltd.
Koki Holdings Co., Ltd. manufactures about 1,300 types of power tools such as drivers and drills, pneumatic tools such as nailers, gardening tools such as brush cutters and garden clippers, and household appliances such as cleaners and high-pressure washers. We are one of the leading company in the market.
Boasting high reliability backed by 70 years of history and the world’s highest level of technical capabilities, it is sold in 126 countries around the world, including Japan, Europe, the Americas, Asia, Oceania, the Middle East, and Africa. We are expanding our business.
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