KOKUYO Co., Ltd. Launched “Cover Print Service for Encountering Art” that allows you to customize the cover of your notebook

Kokuyo Co., Ltd.
Launched “Cover Print Service for Encountering Art” that allows you to customize the cover of your notebook
For diaries and hobbies records. You can choose your favorite graphics and order from 1 book.

KOKUYO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka City / President: Hidekuni Kuroda) offers a “cover print service where you can meet art” at the official online shop “KOKUYO Showcase”, where you can print the selected graphic on the cover of the notebook and order from one book. ” will start on Tuesday, November 22nd.
[Image 1

With this service, you can choose a graphic that you like from a variety of artists’ graphics prepared in advance and print it on the cover of your notebook. The first graphic has a lineup of 91 patterns. The layout to be printed can be created from 3 types of templates, and characters such as titles can be added.
You can order as little as one, so you can easily enjoy a notebook with your own original design that is not found in existing products. Recommended for those who want to motivate their work or study with their favorite belongings, or for those who want a special notebook for journaling or recording their hobbies (reading, listening to music, watching movies, etc.).
The base for customization is the “PERPANEP” series notebook, which allows you to choose from three types of writing comfort: “smooth,” “smooth,” and “rough.” Also, for some graphics, part of the sales is returned to the creator of the art.
■ Service start date: Tuesday, November 22, 2022
■ Sales price (excluding consumption tax): 1500 yen (* free shipping) ■ Customization service URL: https://kokuyo.jp/pr/artcustom
*Products can only be shipped within Japan.
● Completed image
[Image 2

● 1st collaboration artist
-Art system-
・and and plus Co., Ltd. (https://andand-plus.com/)
 Indie artist
・ Absolute area (https://absolutearea.themedia.jp/)
・ Amenoiro. (https://amenoiro.jp/)
・Toketa Denkyu (https://www.toketadenkyu.com/)
・Find mistakes (http://machigaisagashite.web.fc2.com/)
・Rusantiman (http://rusantiman.com/)
(Alphabetical order)
●How to use
You can easily place an order from your smartphone in a few simple steps. [Image 3

●Recommended use scene
Recommended as a special notebook for yourself, as a gift for friends and family, or as a matching keepsake for a group.
[Image 4

Kokuyo Customer Service Office https://www.kokuyo.co.jp/support/

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