KOKUYO Co., Ltd. New release of “Tsukue + (Tsukueasu)” desk expansion tool for children

Kokuyo Co., Ltd.
New release of “Tsukue+ (Tsukueasu),” a desk expansion tool for children Enrich your learning with “addition” on your desk

Kokuyo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka City / President: Hidekuni Kuroda) is pleased to announce that it has released a desk expansion tool for children and students, “Tsukue + (Tsukueasu)” from October. It will also be exhibited and introduced at the 2023 KOKUYO FAIR, which will be held from November 7th (Monday) to December 2nd (Friday).
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Photo: “Tsukue+ (Tsukueasu),” a desk expansion tool for children and students The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s “GIGA School Concept” has introduced a learning terminal for each student, and the realization of an educational ICT environment is progressing. However, on the other hand, there are problems such as not being able to spread enough teaching materials on the desk, and terminals falling from the desk one after another.
Therefore, we have developed and released nationwide “Tsukue+” that can be used as a place to store not only PCs and tablets, but also teaching materials and stationery, and as a measure to prevent them from falling by simply attaching it to your existing desk. It can be easily installed by simply fixing it to the existing desk with bolts, and the desk surface can be extended forward by 5cm. It has a slit that allows you to stand the device upright for reading, as well as store a pencil case and supplementary teaching materials. . The mounting bolts are placed in the front to prevent misoperation during class.
With “Tsukue+”, we support various learning scenes by realizing an educational ICT environment and realize a richer learning environment.

■ Release date: Friday, October 7, 2022
■ Manufacturer’s suggested retail price (excluding consumption tax): 6,600 yen (new JIS type) 6,100 yen (old JIS type)
■ Product HP: https://www.kokuyo-furniture.co.jp/manabi/products/tsukue_tasu/ Features of “Tsukue+”
1. Tablets and teaching materials can be used upright
Terminals such as tablets and PCs can be viewed by standing them in slits, and by using the desk surface not only flatly but also three-dimensionally, it is possible to effectively utilize a small desk area. The slit firmly supports the terminal, so it is difficult to drop, and it is easy to browse to the bottom end.
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2. Teaching materials are arranged spaciously and without difficulty By attaching “Tsukue+”, you can extend the desk surface forward by 5 cm. Pencil cases and supplementary teaching materials that tend to take up space on the desk can also be stored compactly using the slits.
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3. Easy to install
Installation can be done simply by inserting bolts in two places. By placing the bolt in front, it prevents misoperation and playfulness during class.
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*The information (product specifications, price, release date, etc.) listed here is current as of the date of announcement. Subject to change without notice. Please note.
Kokuyo Customer Service Office https://www.kokuyo.co.jp/support/ Details about this release:


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