KOKUYO Co., Ltd. Opened the web media “KOKUYO Writing Library” to find and learn about “writing”

Kokuyo Co., Ltd.
Opened the KOKUYO Writing Library, a web media for finding and learning how to write
Introducing “how to write” that is useful for scenes of individual interest and worries

KOKUYO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka City / President: Hidekuni Kuroda) has launched the web media “KOKUYO KAKIKATA LIBRARY” where individuals can find and learn writing styles that are useful for their own concerns and worries. , will open from Tuesday, November 22nd.
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Starting with the long-selling “Campus Notebook” series released in 1975, KOKUYO has provided notebooks of various paper qualities, ruled lines, and sizes for the scenes of “working, learning, and living.” Today, digitalization is progressing, and paperless is the norm. Is the analog act of writing by hand on paper no longer necessary? With this in mind, KOKUYO conducted interviews with users who use notebooks. Among them, I learned that many people feel the richness of life through the act of writing, such as using it to come up with ideas, enjoying the bleeding of ink, and leaving memories in a childcare diary. is ready.
There are still many possibilities for the analog “writing act” of moving your hands to write on paper. Therefore, we will open the web media “KOKUYO KAKIKATA LIBRARY” with the desire to enliven the “act of writing” through the various types of notebooks that are unique to KOKUYO and how to use them.
In order to make the “act of writing” even more enjoyable, this site offers a world where people can feel their lives more enriched by proposing “how to write” that allows them to write well about their interests and what they want to write. We aim to realize In addition, we will set up a LINE account and plan content that responds to the opinions and questions received, and will challenge two-way
communication with users beyond the framework of web media.
■Opening date: Tuesday, November 22, 2022
■ URL: https://kokuyo.jp/pr/kokuyokakikata/
You can search for writing styles based on your interests, such as work memos, schedule management, diaries, and lifelogs.
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The points of writing are summarized in about 600 characters, and you can easily input various writing styles as an article that you can understand how to write in about 1 minute.
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