Konica Minolta Japan Co., Ltd. Online manual service “COCOMITE” Started sales of “Torisetsu Pack” plan specializing in creating and deploying instruction manuals

Konica Minolta Japan Co., Ltd.
Online manual service “COCOMITE” Launched sales of “Torisetsu Pack” plan specializing in creating and deploying instruction manuals ~ Improving customer satisfaction and improving the efficiency of inquiry response work through the maintenance of instruction manuals ~
Konica Minolta Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Ken Osuga, hereinafter referred to as Konica Minolta Japan) has created and created instruction manuals and user guides for users in the online manual service “COCOMITE”. We will start selling the “Trisetsu Pack” plan specializing in deployment.
“COCOMITE” is an online manual creation and operation service provided by Konica Minolta. Since it can be shared with anyone anytime, anywhere, it is possible to improve work efficiency, productivity and service at the work site. In the creation and operation of instruction manuals and user guides, it is necessary to keep updating the latest information as products and services are updated. In general, many instruction manuals are in paper form, and in the case of IT services and devices equipped with IT systems, which are frequently updated, instruction manuals containing the latest information are provided to users in a timely manner. is a big challenge to do. Desktop
applications such as Excel and PowerPoint, or tools that require specialized skills to operate, are often used to create and update instruction manuals. , has become a job that is easy to personalize. In addition, due to the multi-functionality and sophistication of products and services, it has become difficult for users to search for information in instruction manuals, and an increase in the number of inquiries from users on the side of companies that provide products and services. I’m here.
Value provided by “Torisetsu Pack”
1. Easy creation and easy update
User manuals can be created and updated with a simple operation of entering information according to the basic layout. You can also add elements such as videos and Excel to create easy-to-understand instruction manuals, and you can manage each published version. With “Torisetsu Pack”, you can add images that match the brand logo or brand image to the background of the created manual. It will be possible to provide instruction manuals with a sense of unity with products and services, which will also contribute to quality improvement.
[Image 1

2. Use as a user guide with the external publishing function Manuals created can be published online, and can be accessed from a dedicated URL or using a QR code without the need to log in. By providing instruction manuals as online data, it is possible to easily search for and refer to necessary information even in the event of trouble, contributing to improved customer satisfaction and reduced man-hours required to respond to user inquiries. increase.
[Image 2

3. Secure flat rate
In the conventional plan, when it was published externally, it was a pay-as-you-go system based on the number of accesses from users. It is a fee system. It includes the easy-to-understand UI of “COCOMITE” and a full range of services, and there is no service maintenance fee, so it can be introduced at a secure flat rate.
Service fee
Annual flat-rate system: 480,000 yen (excluding tax)
(Including basic function, external shared design setting function, unlimited external public access)
*An initial fee of 65,000 yen will be charged separately.
COCOMITE service overview
“COCOMITE” is a service that allows you to create and operate manuals online. The main feature is that anyone can easily create an easy-to-read and easy-to-understand manual using images and videos. Manuals can be viewed not only from PCs, but also from tablets and mobile devices, so manuals can be accessed from anywhere inside or outside the company.
With COCOMITE, we will continue to expand functions such as improving the performance required by customers, and plan to sequentially upgrade the version and add pricing plans.
[Image 3

Konica Minolta Japan is developing “good time design” that enhances corporate productivity and creativity. By utilizing “COCOMITE”, we will not only reduce work time, but also create “creative time” and “self time” and propose the optimal work style for customers. COCOMITE Official Website: https://cocomite.konicaminolta.jp/ [Information about holding a seminar]
Along with the start of sales of “Torisetsu Pack”, we will hold a web seminar to explain how to efficiently operate user guides and instruction manuals.
(1) Seminar name: Realizing Torisetsu to increase fans! Introducing the latest instruction manual cloud operation method
*Seminar names are subject to change.
(2) Date and time: Monday, December 5, 2022, 15:00-16:00
(3) Venue: Online
For those who have applied, we will inform you of the viewing URL by e-mail at a later date.
(4) Capacity: 50 people
If there are many applications, we will consider additional events. (5) Lecturer: Konica Minolta Japan Co., Ltd. DX Solution Division ICW Business Promotion Department
Moeka Takamatsu, Business Promotion Group, ICW Product Development Department (6) Participation fee: Free
(7) Application method: Application from the website
https://bs-offers.konicaminolta.jp/cocomite/seminar/20221205 (8) Seminar participation benefit: If you introduce COCOMITE after participating in the seminar, you can study COCOMITE operation You can attend the meeting for free.
* The time required for the study session is 30 minutes, and it is held with special content. A regular study session takes 1 hour and 30 minutes and is held for a fee.
(9) Organizer: Konica Minolta Minolta Japan Co., Ltd.
[Customer Inquiries]
COCOMITE service website
(Please contact us from the inquiry form)
[About good time design]
Until now, Konica Minolta Japan has been thinking about what a better way to work is, implementing it in-house, and providing our customers with the knowledge we have gained. Now that the word “work style reform” has become commonplace, the concept of “Iijikan design” is a reconsideration of the ideal work style that we are aiming for based on our past experiences. .
[Image 4d40232-38-a469e12e5b654e1e0dbb-4.png&s3=40232-38-0760811fd1b975715c84dd2308081849-411x316.png
If you break down the time of a worker, you can divide it into three parts: “work time” to do work steadily, “creation time” to create new ideas, and “self time” to rest, nurture, learn and broaden your horizons. I think. The idea of ​​general work style reforms often focuses mainly on reducing this “work time”, but in addition to reducing it, it is also possible to create “creative time” and “self time”. We believe that it is important to increase “kan”, that is, to increase productivity and creativity.
*”Iijikan Design” is a registered trademark of Konica Minolta Japan, Inc.

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