Kopec Japan Co., Ltd. New colors of Midnight and White have been added to the ONED/Majextand ergonomic laptop stand!

Copec Japan Co., Ltd.
ONED・Majextand ergonomic laptop stand has been added in new colors Midnight and White!
Ergonomic laptop stand with 6 levels of height adjustment with a thickness of only 1.7mm

Copec Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) will start selling new colors of notebook computer stands based on ONED’s Majextand ergonomics, Midnight and White from 11/16 (Wednesday). [Image 1

Based on the ergonomics of ONED/Majextand, which has been used by many people since its launch, new colors of Midnight and White have been added to the lineup of notebook computer stands. We offer 8 color variations so that you can choose the color that matches your laptop. In addition, you can use your laptop in a better posture with 6 levels of height adjustment based on ergonomics.
[Image 2

[Laptop stand based on ONED/Majextand ergonomics]
A laptop stand usually not only protects the cervical spine during use, but also has the effect of promoting heat dissipation.
However, even though we understand such an effect, normal stands are large in size and weight, and there are many problems in daily usability. Or maybe the design, durability, or usage is so complex that you rarely take it out with you. The best stand that solves all these problems is Majextand.
Easy height adjustment – 6 ergonomic height adjustments
Ultra thin – only 1.7mm thick, thinner than a quarter coin
• Highly portable – ready to use in just 1 second. Easy installation that anyone can do
Amazing design – state-of-the-art design with precision engineering Maintains correct posture – protects the cervical spine by maintaining correct ergonomic posture
・3D heat dissipation structure – air flow created by using the stand Highly durable tape – strong double-sided tape that can withstand heat up to 80°C and leave no residue after removal
[Image 3

[Ready to use in just 1 second]
Enjoy better posture and comfortable typing anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, by using the stand, the heat of the laptop is suppressed by the air flow.
[Image 4

[Simple height adjustment]
You can adjust the height from a flat state to 6 levels based on ergonomics, and you can set it to your preferred height.
[Image 5

[Design thinner than a coin]
With a thickness of only 1.7mm, the design is thinner than a coin and easy to carry.
[Image 6

[Amazing design]
It is a state-of-the-art design with precision technology, and has been carefully considered for weight reduction and strength. [Image 7

[Maintain correct posture]
By maintaining a better ergonomic posture, it protects the cervical spine and provides comfortable typing.
[Image 8

[Lightweight and thin design makes it easy to carry]
Weighing just 136g and 1.7mm thick, it fits perfectly in your laptop case and is always ready to go.
[Image 9

[Raise your gaze]
By adjusting the height, you can raise your line of sight, use an external display to match the height, or use a separate keyboard to achieve your preferred usage.
[Image 10

[Rich color lineup]
We offer 8 color variations so that you can choose the color that matches your laptop.
[Image 11d10521-90-296a65937ce88f9fc3dc-9.jpg&s3=10521-90-0d36958db3a7d8f353e147dde032c3e7-2000x1125.jpg
Product name: ONED/Majextand ergonomic laptop stand
Thickness: 1.7mm
Size: L 141mm x W 140mm
Weight: about 136g
Height adjustment: 6 levels (7cm ~ 12cm)
Materials: Stainless steel, zinc alloy, POM legs
Compatibility: All Apple MacBook / MacBook Pro and laptops with a screen size of 18 inches or less (with a flat bottom) *It may be difficult to use with some Windows laptops.
Colors: Space Gray, Silver, Black, Gold, Rose Gold, Blue, White, Midnight Contents: 1 x Majextand, 4 x rubber feet, 1 x alcohol cleaner, 2 x double-sided tape
Price: 6,930 yen (tax included)
Country of origin: Taiwan
Website: https://kopek.jp/
Direct sales site: https://superkopek.jp/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kopekjp/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kopekjapan/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KOPEK_JP
※The image is an image.
* Product specifications and appearance are those at the time of release and are subject to change without notice.
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