Kose Co., Ltd. When you become beautiful, the earth becomes beautiful. “Sekkisei SAVE the BLUE ~Snow Project ~” “Sekkisei” has started a new “snow protection” activity

Kose Co., Ltd.
When you are beautiful, the earth becomes beautiful. “Sekkisei SAVE the BLUE ~Snow Project~” “Sekkisei” has started a new “snow
protection” activity

Kose Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Kazutoshi Kobayashi) is a support activity that donates part of the sales during the campaign period to nature conservation activities through our representative skin care brand “Sekkisei”. This year marks the 14th year of the Sekkisei “SAVE the BLUE” project, which engages in educational activities to raise awareness of global environmental conservation and deepen understanding. Expand as a period.
The winter campaign from this year is entitled “Sekkisei SAVE the BLUE ~Snow Project~”, and part of the sales of “Sekkisei” brand products purchased by customers during the period will be distributed to the foot of the Northern Alps in northern Nagano Prefecture. We are working on “snow protection” activities that contribute to the reduction of CO2, which causes global warming, by switching to renewable energy for the electricity used at the mountain resort Hakuba Valley.
[Image 1d41232-389-3fbc3105ff47a90a1c9e-0.jpg&s3=41232-389-8ac70e6aa95b315bc746ca2f53bc2aab-1891x1064.jpg
The Sekkisei SAVE the BLUE project began donating to coral cultivation activities in Okinawa in the summer of 2009. In 2018, the 10th year of the project, forest conservation activities began in the winter as well. We have continued nature conservation activities as a project to protect the
From this year onwards, we will work on activities to “protect the snow” as part of the “Sekkisei SAVE the BLUE ~Snow Project~”. In recent years, the amount of snow has decreased nationwide due to the effects of global warming, and it is said that it has decreased by about 10% in the last 10 years.
(*1). Taking this situation seriously, we have decided to start activities to “protect snow” with “Sekkisei”, which is named to make skin transparent and beautiful like snow. One of Japan’s most abundant and high-quality powder snow
We will contribute to the reduction of CO2 that causes global warming by supporting and supporting the renewable energy conversion of electricity promoted by Hakuba Valley.
(*1) “Snow changes in Japan due to global warming” Hiroaki Kawase (Applied Meteorological Research Department, Meteorological Research Institute, Japan Meteorological Agency)
[Image 2d41232-389-259cca0dd2722aa6a411-1.jpg&s3=41232-389-95a1c5ceef8e8bba7d36eafc1244190-1215x683.jpg
Furthermore, in cooperation with the Winter Industrial Revitalization Organization, the All Japan Ski Federation, and the Japan Ski Federation for Persons with Disabilities, which also have a sense of crisis about global warming and promote efforts to solve environmental problems by treating snow as a resource, winter sports athletes Together, we will promote this “snow protection” activity that will lead to the prevention of global warming. First of all, from November 11th, on the “Sekkisei” brand site, Mr. Kentaro Minagawa, who is the representative director and chairman of the Winter Industrial Revitalization Organization and is a former alpine skier who is committed to the development of the winter sports industry as a whole. Send a message that tells you
Furthermore, in order to spread this activity, we plan to engage in enlightenment activities related to environmental conservation with various partners in the future.
◇ Sekkisei brand site “SAVE the BLUE” page:
-Comment from Mr. Minagawa-
Japan has four seasons, and it snows a lot in winter. However, the snow may disappear due to global warming. That is why environmental issues are the most important issue for me.
I am delighted to be working with Sekkisei on activities to protect Japan’s most valuable asset, snow. Please support us.
 In addition to this, by actively calling for the use of refills in stores and on social media, we will reduce the amount of plastic waste and contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions together with our customers.
In addition, “Sekkisei” actively adopts environmentally friendly materials, and promotes sustainable efforts not only during production and sales, but also during use and after collection, together with distribution and customers. In the core series “Sekkisei Clear Wellness”, we adopted biomass plastics through a mass balance approach (*2) and participated in the “model project related to the carbon footprint of products and services” implemented by the Ministry of the Environment (*3). We aim to realize a sustainable society from the perspective of creating new value with an eye to a better future. (*2) News release dated September 1, 2022
 https://www.kose.co.jp/company/ja/content/uploads/2022/08/2022090102.pdf (*3) News release dated September 27, 2022
 https://www.kose.co.jp/company/ja/content/uploads/2022/09/20220927.pdf Activity results so far
-~Ocean project~ (summer campaign)-
· Number of coral planted in 2022: 533
Area: 3,253,308 square centimeters (equivalent to approximately 0.9 times the size of a 25-meter official swimming pool)
· Cumulative number of corals planted from 2009 to 2022: 19,538        Area: 118,589,237 square centimeters (equivalent to
approximately 31.6 times the size of a 25-meter official swimming pool)
-Winter Campaign-
· Number of trees planted in the forest in FY2021: 63 trees
・FY2018-2020 Cumulative number of forest trees planted: 481
2022 ~Snow project~ (Japan)

December 1, 2022 (Thursday) to January 31, 2023 (Tuesday)
If you purchase the target products of “Sekkisei” during the campaign period, part of the sales will be used to switch the electricity used in Hakuba Valley to renewable energy, leading to “protecting the snow”.

“Sekkisei” series lotion (excludes excellent series, extra series, mini size, 1 day trial)
About Hakuba Valley
[Image 3d41232-389-e51efa9634d7d7476eac-2.jpg&s3=41232-389-2e63fa5260e3b7711c25551e783c486d-1200x800.jpg
The Hakuba Valley area is a snow resort consisting of 9 ski resorts spread out at the foot of the Northern Alps in Nagano Prefecture, with the goal of “promoting the switch to renewable energy at all ski resorts in the area by 2025.” is.
◇Hakuba Valley Area Official Website: https://www.hakubavalley.com/ About the “Sekkisei” brand
“Sekkisei” was born in 1985 as a lotion containing oriental plant extracts that lead to clear skin, and is supported by customers around the world for its reliable skin effect and comfort. Currently, by adding categories and expanding sales channels, it is developed into four series systems: “Sekkisei Miyabi”, “Sekkisei”, “Sekkisei Supreme”, and “Sekkisei Clear Wellness”. Under the brand message, “When you become beautiful, the earth becomes beautiful,” we have been working for many years on sustainability promotion activities such as the Sekkisei “SAVE the BLUE” project, in which part of the sales is used for environmental conservation activities. As one of KOSÉ’s key global brands, “Sekkisei” is distributed in 16 countries and regions (Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, France, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Canada, the United States, Spain).
◇ Sekkisei Brand Site: http://www.sekkisei.com/

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