KOTARO NUKAGA Aoyama “H BEAUTY & YOUTH” collaborates with Yuichi Hirako, a contemporary artist who decorates the store with 150 soft vinyls made from marine plastics.

A collaboration between contemporary artist Yuichi Hirako and Aoyama “H BEAUTY&YOUTH” for interior decoration with 150 sofubi using marine plastics
Pop-up “NOT TOO BAD” will be held from Saturday, December 3, 2022
Yuichi Hirako, a contemporary artist who belongs to the gallery “KOTARO NUKAGA” (Representative: Kotaro Nukaga) based in Tennoz and Roppongi, and UNITED ARROWS Co., Ltd. (Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director, President and CEO: Yoshinori Matsuzaki) ) will collaborate for the first time with “H Beauty & Youth”, and will hold a pop-up “NOT TOO BAD” from December 3, 2022.
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Contemporary artist Yuichi Hirako is based in Tokyo and works internationally, including in London, Shanghai, and Seoul. “H BEAUTY&YOUTH” is a popular brand with high-end sports and casual items based on the concept of “City Man and Woman” with the theme of cool Tokyo adult clothes.
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This pop-up “NOT TOO BAD” will be held during the holiday season from December 3 (Sat) to December 25 (Sun), 2022, and the interior of Aoyama “H BEAUTY & YOUTH” will be decorated with Yuichi Hirako’s world view. In addition to displaying 150 sofubi made from marine plastics in the store and selling them in limited quantities, new works (paintings, drawings, three-dimensional objects, etc.) for this pop-up will be exhibited. In addition, we will sell one-of-a-kind items such as remake apparel items (6 types including sweatshirts, denim, jackets, cushions, etc.) and chairs that pop out of Hirako’s paintings, and distribute original stickers written by Yuichi Hirako during the period. To do.
– 150 soft vinyl filled with “marine plastic” that shines like treasure [Image 3d71871-25-3ce2b9ff842b9e626be5-8.png&s3=71871-25-1ec9926d4705fffac8f12d53e7cca86a-2323x770.png
At “NOT TOO BAD”, 150 translucent sofubi are lined up in the store. The soft vinyl is filled with glittering gold jewel-like grains. The particles are actually marine plastic that Hirako herself picked up in the sea of ​​Kanagawa.
Why is waste generated? Why were humans able to evolve and develop? What should we do now? Glittering ocean plastic, and the blind promotion of the SDGs, raises fundamental questions once again, and gives each viewer the opportunity to think for themselves about the current situation.
Comment from Yuichi Hirako
[Image 4d71871-25-e62611ee986ff82eb824-13.jpg&s3=71871-25-173bb115185206d7e89c72dd0098207d-305x458.jpg
The main piece of this event, the gold grain inside the transparent soft vinyl, is made from waste. Recently, I think that there are more and more scenes that make us feel the importance of a sustainable society and recycling. One might say that it has become a compulsory mission of social life. Of course, resources are finite and
environmental pollution should be prevented, but I feel that the current situation is a little too negative. Why is waste generated? I think it’s because we wanted a more convenient and comfortable life. Waste is proof of our business. The result of evolution and
development. Things aren’t that bad now. I think you should start now. ●Sales item details
[Image 5d71871-25-1d2afe09db59072eaf96-10.png&s3=71871-25-e1559848a0ccb519cc9b84d2724de258-2383x783.png
・Seed Leaf (soft vinyl) *Limited quantity of 30
Price: 300,000 yen (excluding tax)
・Taproot L (Large chair) *Limited quantity of 15
Price: 180,000 yen (excluding tax)
・Taproot XXS (small chair) *Limited quantity
Price: 15,000 yen (excluding tax)
[Image 6d71871-25-5b08dccd9f6a6d3ddb7d-14.png&s3=71871-25-7a5b8f472e54a66bca2d0e92d18f1ff9-1077x705.png
・ Apparel remake item
[Image 7d71871-25-00d5cc7c83cd4b09200f-15.jpg&s3=71871-25-f9b707c4bd929e930925659705018429-565x709.jpg
Collaboration items include sweatshirts, denim, jackets, outerwear (jacket, blouson) cushions, and a total of 6 types. Based on one of the themes of Mr. Yuichi Hirako’s work, “the relationship between plants, nature, and humans,” we created a new value by remaking old clothes. Based on second-hand clothing selected by Mr. Hirako himself, special items customized with prints and emblems, including
illustrations of animals and plants, including “drawings” written especially for this time. The name on the neck has a pop-up name “NOT TOO BAD” and a double name “H”.
* All sales items are limited in quantity, so it will end as soon as it is gone. *Some items are planned to be sold by lottery.
[Image 8d71871-25-d2ff2abae34f4b3b1756-12.png&s3=71871-25-1665fb1c33740f6dacecad2230e50c7e-1075x1175.png
Holding store: H BEAUTY & YOUTH
Address: 3-14-17 Minami Aoyama, Minato Ward, Tokyo
TEL: 03-6438-5230
Date: Saturday, December 3, 2022 – Sunday, December 25, 2022 H Official Instagram: @h_beautyandyouth
Product composition: soft vinyl, chair,
Apparel remake items (6 types including sweatshirts, denim, jackets, and cushions)
Works on display: painting, drawing, sculpture
●Yuichi Hirako |
Born in Okayama Prefecture in 1982. Lives and works in Tokyo. Graduated from Wimbledon college of Arts, Fine Art, Painting in England in 2006. The theme of this work is the coexistence of plants, nature, and humans, and the ambiguity and questions that arise in that relationship. Triggered by a sense of incompatibility with defining plants controlled by humans as “nature,” such as foliage plants, roadside trees, and plants planted in parks, he explores the boundaries between nature and humans in modern society through the creation of works. I am searching. Focusing on painting, he uses a wide range of methods of expression, including drawing, sculpture, installation, and sound performance. He is also actively presenting his works overseas, including in London, Rotterdam, Shanghai, and Seoul.
[Image 9d71871-25-d41759bdf2ae36257f0a-11.jpg&s3=71871-25-97837bd9e86e5368444ba3c7dab85a12-522x213.jpg
Founded in 1989. We operate a select shop that mixes and sells products such as designer brands procured from Japan and overseas with our own sense, original planning men’s clothing, women’s clothing and miscellaneous goods. Developed brands and labels such as UNITED ARROWS, BEAUTY & YOUTH UNITED ARROWS, and UNITED ARROWS GREEN LABEL RELAXING.
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KOTARO NUKAGA is based in Roppongi, where different cultures intersect and disseminates diverse information, and Tennoz, which is attracting attention as a new center of contemporary art. is expanding. (Representative: Kotaro Nukaga URL: https://kotaronokkaga.com/)

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