Kotori Cafe Shinsaibashi New release! Kotori’s Japanese-style marshmallows will be on sale on the EC site from November 16th

Exceed Japan Co., Ltd.
[Kotori Cafe Shinsaibashi] New release! Kotori’s Japanese-style marshmallows will be on sale on the EC site from November 16th The delicacy “Yakikama” will also be released this fall!

Our company, Exceed Japan (4-3-8 Nishinakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, Representative Director Koichi Ka) operates [Kotori Cafe Shinsaibashi] where you can interact with various kinds of cute parakeets and parrots. We are developing the [kotori smile] brand that produces and sells goods. On November 16, 2022, we started selling the
Japanese-style marshmallow “Toritama (3 pieces)” with a small bird pattern on the EC site. We also launched a new delicacy “Yakikama” this fall.
The new products released this fall are a total of four types: “Japanese-style marshmallows” using domestically produced special agar and two kinds of familiar delicacies “Yakikama” as snacks. We have started handling it at mail order sites, Kotori Cafe Shinsaibashi, small bird product sales events (partly), etc.
Toritama (3 pieces) Various ¥324 (¥300 without tax)
[Image 1d98404-23-d620d80b3437b8f3230f-8.jpg&s3=98404-23-be69016e7f707fdfbf1170ed002cc221-975x548.jpg
“Toritama (3 pieces)”, which went on sale on the EC site on November 16th, is made using traditional Japanese confectionery techniques called “houzui” and is likened to a “Japanese-style marshmallow.” It’s a rare sweets with less craftsmen.
Ordinary marshmallows are made with gelatin, but Hozui uses domestic special agar. White bean paste is inside.
At our company, 9 pieces of “Toritama” is a standard product, and this time we will release a product with 3 pieces as an affordable size. “Toritama (3 pieces) Java sparrow” has designs of cinnamon Java sparrow, white Java sparrow, and cherry blossom Java sparrow, and “Toritama (3 pieces) Parakeet” has patterns of budgerigars (blue & green) and cockatiels. We are here. It is a cute product with a round form.
[Image 2d98404-23-36510ba5fee95aaac1c8-10.jpg&s3=98404-23-e1983809195c2eb7a0443c7fb63b1179-975x281.jpg
■ Toritama (3 pieces) Java sparrow
http://kotorismile.shop20.makeshop.jp/shopdetail/000000000458/ [Image 3d98404-23-9cdbf896924ab63e3210-11.jpg&s3=98404-23-49f547160baa2df194347ea55c032092-975x281.jpg
■ Toritama (3 pieces) Parakeet
http://kotorismile.shop20.makeshop.jp/shopdetail/000000000459/ ★ Allergens used in this product (out of 7 items)
Yakikama sheets (various ¥270 (¥250 without tax))
[Image 4d98404-23-46374a871b187212be6c-5.jpg&s3=98404-23-e6c560c8c98b1820752b892af5cf66e3-975x548.jpg
“Yakikama”, which will be released this fall, is a delicacy made by making a sheet of minced fish and grilling it. It is a familiar product as a snack that the more you chew, the more delicious it becomes. It is recommended not only for snacks for adults, but also for snacks for children. Illustrations of the Seven Lucky Gods and small birds imitating dollar bills are printed on them. It was made with the wish that you can increase your fortune with money by spending 3 dollars on the bird.
[Image 5d98404-23-b92bba4751ee5ff8c667-6.jpg&s3=98404-23-70f36809f8e25c131e8a251b543e1ba6-975x281.jpg
■Grilled kama Kotori Seven Lucky Gods Good Luck Ticket
http://kotorismile.shop20.makeshop.jp/shopdetail/000000000444/ [Image 6d98404-23-d56b49d0941bb5eaee19-7.jpg&s3=98404-23-e8c424e534824fd7e4ee0e7e6d8fa88a-975x281.jpg
■ Grilled fish cake Kotori 3-dori bill
http://kotorismile.shop20.makeshop.jp/shopdetail/000000000443/ ★ Allergens used in this product (out of 7 items)
*This product is manufactured on shared equipment with products containing shrimp, crab, eggs, and milk ingredients.

Here are the standard products currently on sale▼
[Image 7d98404-23-7dcb03efece8d9b40ebc-4.jpg&s3=98404-23-eb3fb59f11156b84ee255efb84875758-975x548.jpg
Japanese style marshmallow “Toritama” (9 pieces) -1 type-
http://kotorismile.shop20.makeshop.jp/shopdetail/000000000199/ [Image 8d98404-23-9230aada7a14c9012f3f-3.jpg&s3=98404-23-81b56e68e01dfbfc4f97392bdd0022da-975x548.jpg
Japanese-style ramune and confetti “Kotoriboshi” -4 types-
・Budgies: http://kotorismile.shop20.makeshop.jp/shopdetail/000000000204/ ・Cockatiel: http://kotorismile.shop20.makeshop.jp/shopdetail/000000000203/ ・ Java sparrow: http://kotorismile.shop20.makeshop.jp/shopdetail/000000000205/ ・Shima Longtail: http://kotorismile.shop20.makeshop.jp/shopdetail/000000000206/ [Image 9d98404-23-eb1660a3c475b8402ef0-0.jpg&s3=98404-23-6a5ce1b28f66e052214e171963cb6f91-975x548.jpg
■Kyoto ramune “Torimbon” using Wasanbon sugar -1 type in total- http://kotorismile.shop20.makeshop.jp/shopdetail/000000000198/ [Image 10d98404-23-20fcf52bbb667c62c104-17.jpg&s3=98404-23-fd2235ccf405967ebbf05e330a0b1c68-975x548.jpg
■Tamago Boro (round pet) -2 types in total-
・Kotoriboro: http://kotorismile.shop20.makeshop.jp/shopdetail/000000000419/ ・Bunchouboro: http://kotorismile.shop20.makeshop.jp/shopdetail/000000000430/ [Image 11d98404-23-f4a3059c912fb80fe266-16.jpg&s3=98404-23-5d50305afbada6b7e7e131ba652380ef-1920x1080.jpg
■Egg boro (pack) -4 types in total-
・Kotoriboro Pack: http://kotorismile.shop20.makeshop.jp/shopdetail/000000000431/ ・Sekiseiboro Pack:
http://kotorismile.shop20.makeshop.jp/shopdetail/000000000432/ ・ Okameboro Pack: http://kotorismile.shop20.makeshop.jp/shopdetail/000000000433/ ・Bunchoboro Pack: http://kotorismile.shop20.makeshop.jp/shopdetail/000000000434/ [Image 12d98404-23-cce5ba8834a48bbab806-15.jpg&s3=98404-23-c28114ef65ada6bb987790aaed7d0bbb-1920x1080.jpg
■Chocolate marshmallow -4 types-
・Uchinoko: http://kotorismile.shop20.makeshop.jp/shopdetail/000000000415/ ・Nagomi Kotori Mix:
http://kotorismile.shop20.makeshop.jp/shopdetail/000000000441/ ・Nagomi Sekisei: http://kotorismile.shop20.makeshop.jp/shopdetail/000000000439/ ・Nagomi Buncho: http://kotorismile.shop20.makeshop.jp/shopdetail/000000000440/ [Image 13d98404-23-9476e3abac178663aa1e-1.jpg&s3=98404-23-824ed1a3d4cefccc9734c99d7d37632d-975x548.jpg
■ Candies in bottles -7 types in total-
・Budgie Blue: http://kotorismile.shop20.makeshop.jp/shopdetail/000000000436/ ・Cockatiel: http://kotorismile.shop20.makeshop.jp/shopdetail/000000000435/ ・ Java sparrow: http://kotorismile.shop20.makeshop.jp/shopdetail/000000000445/ ・Rosy Lovebird: http://kotorismile.shop20.makeshop.jp/shopdetail/000000000446/ ・Shima Longtail: http://kotorismile.shop20.makeshop.jp/shopdetail/000000000418/ ・ Shoebill: http://kotorismile.shop20.makeshop.jp/shopdetail/000000000413/ ・Budgie Green: http://kotorismile.shop20.makeshop.jp/shopdetail/000000000412/


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