Kumamon package newly released for antibacterial spray “Pure water nano” from Kumamoto University joint research

Kyoseki Industry Co., Ltd.
Kumamon package newly released for antibacterial spray “Pure water nano” from Kumamoto University joint research
Kumamon version is now available in the antibacterial spray “Junsui Nano”, which is highly effective in antibacterial, antiviral, deodorant, and antifungal, born from the latest nanotechnology research.

Kyoseki Sangyo Co., Ltd. (Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto City), which released silver nano antibacterial water “Junsui Nano” jointly developed with Kumamoto University in July this year, has created an illustration of Kumamon, a popular character from Kumamoto Prefecture. We have newly released “Pure water nano (Kumamon version)” which is attached to the bottle body.
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Because it is a product that can be used in various scenes of life, with Kumamon.
Pure water nano has a high antibacterial effect and a long-lasting effect that lasts for about 30 days, but it is a simple blend of pure water and silver nanoparticles, so it can be used safely even in environments with small children. increase. With the desire to make this product more familiar to many people and the joint development of Kumamoto University, we have created a Kumamon version of a 400mL household spray with a bottle body designed with Kumamon’s popular character “Kumamon”. It was released on November 30th.
This product can be purchased on the EC site newly opened by Kyoseki Sangyo Co., Ltd. on the same day as its release.
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The long-lasting antibacterial properties also have deodorizing and antifungal effects.
Junsui Nano is silver nano antibacterial water that applies a mechanism in which silver nanoparticles settle on the surface of the sprayed object and continuously supply countless silver ions. It has been proven to be effective for about 30 days when used indoors on items that are touched by hands, such as tables and doorknobs, and has been confirmed to have long-term antibacterial properties that last for more than a year in a laboratory environment.
Because it is a simple antibacterial spray that does not contain additives other than pure water and silver nanoparticles, it can be used not only for tables, doorknobs, and handrails, but also for bedding, clothing, personal items, and for cooking utensils and tableware. It can be used on anything as long as it is not a material that dislikes . In addition, the antibacterial power of this product also brings out the deodorizing effect that suppresses odors derived from bacteria and the anti-mold effect that suppresses the growth and growth of mold, so it can be used for laundry that is concerned about smells, and water that is concerned about pink slime. It can also be used effectively in the bath. Pure water, which contains almost no impurities, is also effective in removing dirt, so it is useful in all kinds of cleaning scenes in your life. It is also ideal for those who suffer from rough hands caused by strong detergents and alcohol. Product Specifications
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Product name: Pure water nano, Pure water nano (Kumamon version) Ingredients: pure water, silver (purity 99.99%)
Contents: 400mL
Suggested retail price: 2,420 yen (tax included)
About purchasing products
It can be purchased on the EC site directly managed by Kyoseki Sangyo Co., Ltd., the manufacturer and distributor.
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Company name: Kyoseki Industry Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 405 Fukumotocho, Nanajo Agaru, Nishinotoin-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi
Representative Director: Yoshio Doi
Business description: Sales and manufacturing of industrial products, thermal insulation, heat insulation, and fireproof construction Established: January 1935
HP: https://kyosekisangyo.jp
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