Kumarba is in charge of character development and animation production for Kodansha’s original animation “Nyaon Channel”! Distribution starts on YouTube from today!

Kumarba Co., Ltd.
Kumarba is in charge of character development and animation production for Kodansha’s original animation “Nyaon Channel”! Distribution starts on YouTube from today!

Kumarba Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Shoichiro Hiwatari), which operates the YouTube “Kumaba Channel” for kids, has announced that Kodansha’s original character development project “Caramel!” I was in charge of character development, animation production, and YouTube operation. In addition, the first episode of “Meow On Channel” has started to be distributed on YouTube from today. [Image 1

■ “Caramel”! Overview
caramel! is Kodansha’s original character development project. We will start distributing free videos on YouTube from 2022 in order to deliver content that makes children around the world smile.
[Image 2

■ “Meow Channel”
“Everyone, let’s get started with Utaatchi♪!”
This is a music channel delivered by “Nyaon”, a cat boy who loves to sing, and “Onpu”, a tadpole-shaped space creature. Let’s all sing together the happiest music “Nyajic”, which is a fusion of Nyaon’s song and Onpu’s “Ototama” ♪
[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=358nlDkqdSA]
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■ Cooperating with Kumarba
About three years after its launch, the YouTube “Kumaba Channel” for kids operated by our company has exceeded 400,000 subscribers and has grown into a channel that is supported by preschool children and their families. Using that video production and operation know-how, we are cooperating in the production of “Meow On Channel”.
1. Character development
We support character development, world view and setting construction. The character design is handled by Saya Tsuru, who is in charge of character design for popular games.
[Image 3

Meowon (CV: Natsumi Kawaida) Onpu (CV: Akira Yamane)
2. Animation production
In order to make it easier for children watching anime to imitate the dance choreography and hand movements, we made the characters 3D. And 3D animation is realized by the VTuber (Virtual YouTuber) method that moves the character with a motion capture system.

[Image 4

[Image 5

[Image 6

3. YouTube operation
Using the operation know-how of the “Kumaba Channel”, which has over 550 million views on YouTube, we will operate the “Meow On Channel” on YouTube (channel policy formulation, video posting, analytics, etc.) so that more children can see it. analysis) will be carried out. [Image 7

・Director: Kotaro Sakamoto
・Screenplay: Aika Harada
・Production Producer: Shoichiro Hiwatari
■ Outline of “Kumaba Channel”
Kumarba Channel is an entertainment educational channel where children can grow up happily with characters. We produce content with the theme of “enriching the imagination and expressiveness of preschoolers and expanding their possibilities.” By distributing high-quality content on YouTube, we aim to grow both physically and mentally while having fun anytime, anywhere.
It was evaluated as new content for preschoolers and won the New Face Award at the “Japan Character Award 2021”.
[Image 8

[Table 5: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/64641/table/52_2_f50d9456d30c2834720d0e4688007cd5.jpg ]
■ Contact us
Inquiries regarding this matter are accepted at the following e-mail. Kumarba Co., Ltd.: kuma-ba@aktsk.jp
■ Kumarba Co., Ltd. Corporate Profile
Kumarba’s mission is to “make children smile with the power of characters”, and we will deliver characters and content that create smiles to the children who will lead the future.
[Table 6: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/64641/table/52_3_0e29971b90568a024b0e74940046966e.jpg ]

[Image 9d64641-52-e8f1ea79c3b8b0d66df0-7.png&s3=64641-52-4d1f00aa75728d1a9cca7755040dc013-2234x228.png

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