Kunio Shimizu’s 1977 shocking work with genderless casting ZOROMEHA project “Youth night filled with shouts and frizzy hair” will be performed Tickets on sale at Confeti

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Kunio Shimizu’s 1977 shocking work with genderless casting ZOROMEHA project “Youth night filled with shouts and frizzy hair” will be performed Tickets on sale at Confeti

ZOROMEHA project (sponsored by Theater Academy) vol.4 “A youthful night that fills the night with screams and back hair” will be held from December 7, 2022 (Wednesday) to December 11, 2022 (Sunday) in Shimokitazawa It will be performed at Small Theater B1 (2-8-18 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo Kitazawa Town Hall B1F).
Tickets are on sale at Confetti (operated by Long Run Planning Co., Ltd., Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Daigo Kurematsu).
Tickets on sale at Confetti
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ZOROMEHA project unravels the “subconsciousness” of Kunio Shimizu’s work that has never been touched until today! !
ZOROMEHA project is a unit where Seiko Asai, who is also active as a martial arts YouTuber, and Asako Minamiya, who studied under Kunio Shimizu at Kifusha, perform Kunio Shimizu’s work.
The first stage, “Backstage” (2018/Umegaoka BOX), has become a hot topic for two groups to perform the same work at the same time. In response to the audience’s interest and admiration for Kunio Shimizu’s works and the reputation of the performances at the two performances, ZOROMEHA Kikaku decided to pursue Kunio Shimizu’s works more deeply in the future.
In April 2021, despite receiving the news of Kunio Shimizu’s death, we continued to prepare for the third installment, which will be released in October 2021, “Rainy Summer, Thirty Juliets Returned” @ Theater X. Kazuki Nakahara unraveled the modernity of Shimizu’s work, and the reaction from the audience was great.
In this work, Asako Minamiya will create the music for the play, making full use of the musicality that Shimizu entrusted to him during his days at Kokufusha. Another feature is the attempt to expand the horizons of the theater world through exchanges with the Theater Academy, to which Seiko Asai, who is active as an action actor, instructor, and director, belongs.
The reason why we are particular about producing performances rather than adopting a theater company system is also because we want to create a new feeling for each work based on the basics of theater, “we create the stage with the customer’s Kidosen.” .
A ZOROMEHA project that fuses each individuality and reexamines Kunio Shimizu’s work.
The 4th edition has been decided in December 2022.
We hope that you will lend us your support for the 4th performance in December 2022.
■ Synopsis
Herring fishing declined after around 1960.
The stage is a herring banya with memories of the time when it was once glamorous. There, “Ototo” returns from the city to “Ani” who is hiding with the vagrant.
Ani, father, and mother-in-law’s love-hate story unfolds.
What is the sea reflected in the eyes of the brothers who believe and wait for the swarm to come…
Kunio Shimizu and Kifuyusha’s early ambitious works are reflected in the present day.
This time, ZOROMEHA will present a play written by Kunio Shimizu in 1976 as the first performance by Kokufuyusha.
ZOROMEHA Planning is trying to breathe new life into this work, which contains motifs that will become the core of Shimizu’s later dramas. What kind of stimulus will the sense of distance between the characters in the Shimizu play written in the 1970s give to the audience? In today’s world, the sense of distance between people has collapsed in a sense due to the epidemic of the global epidemic. Does the sense of distance between people in the work appear as a strange thing? The similarities between the background of the Teigin incident, which is an element of the work, and the current social situation of the infectious disease epidemic, and the questions about the sense of distance between humans are deeply approaching us in 2022. The question posed by Shimizu’s play seems to apply directly to “modern society that respects diversity.”
And the madness in everyday life, which is a characteristic of Shimizu plays. For this performance, we will focus on the ‶madness hidden in the depths of human psychology,’ which Kunio Shimizu has been pursuing. The human mental state, which in the 20th century was regarded as “madness,” is re-examined from the perspective of “dissociative identity disorder.”
Inspired by Shimizu’s play “Iceberg without flower decorations and belts,” in which the split personality of one person appears, the split personality of “Father” in this work will be performed by two people in one role.
It is my sincere hope that the “Father” statue played by Seiko Asai and Asako Minamitani, planned by ZOROMEHA, will become a stone for a “society that respects diversity.”
“Ani” will be played by Torao Tanaka, a director and actor who made it to the final round of the 2021 Young Director Contest. Yukiko Takenaka and Nana Nagao will be the shrine maidens who watch over the brothers. By adding live music to the performance, we aim to create a work that will light up the hope and courage of the audience in 2022. This is the 4th installment of the ZOROMEHA project. Please look forward to the stage where you can feel some kind of light in the future of those who are repelled and those who want to scream but cannot scream in modern Japanese society where inequality is widening.
In addition, the ZOROMEHA project utilizes exchanges with the Theater Academy Group, which not only actors but also musicians, voice actors, models, etc. belong to Theater Entertainment, At Production, Rui Production, etc., to expand the base of people who want to become actors. I think that it is also a big mission to expand the
“cultivation and expansion of the audience” and create a theater work. Asako Minamiya and Seiko Asai are fascinated by the theatrical space created by combining their experiences, and I am looking forward to seeing the staff and actors who want to participate from various fields. We are planning performances with a focus on nurturing. *Please see Minamiya’s article contributed to the Asahi Shimbun opinion site “Ronza” on September 30, 2021.
Inheriting the Words of Playwright Kunio Shimizu – Asako Nanya | Ronza – Asahi Shimbun’s speech site
https://webronza.asahi.com/culture/articles/2021092700007.html [ZOROMEHA project (established in 2017) Performance record]
June 2018 Vol.1 “Backstage” @Umegaoka BOX
June 2019 Vol.2 “We are like reborn leaves” @ Geki chika Liberty 2020 Vol.3 Postponed due to the declaration of a state of emergency October 2021 vol.3 “Rainy summer, 30 Juliets are back” @ Theater X ZOROMEHA Web = Home
ZOROMEHA project (https://rhythmcollection777.wixsite.com/zoromeha) Twitter = ZOROMEHA planning (@zoromeha)
member profile
Asako Minamitani x Starlight Asai
Asai Seiko Action Coordinator, Actor, Producer
BEAT PARADOX Producer. (Sengoku BASARA, action of Takarazuka Revue Moon Troupe, etc.)
2008 Sponsored by the Agency for Cultural Affairs “FY2008 Real Performing Arts Experience Project”
2009 Sponsored by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, 2009 Real Performing Arts Experience Project, Kyoto/Niigata
2010 Sponsored by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, 2010 Excellent Performing Arts Experience Project for Children
2011 Sponsored by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, 2011 Performing arts experience project for children who will lead the next generation 2015 “BIOHAZARD THE STAGE” Action coordination staging
2015 “Sengoku BASARA vs Devil May Cry” action coordination
2015 Osamu Tezuka Original Musical Drama “Faust ~The Last Holy War~” Action Coordinator
2016 “Sengoku BASARA 4 Emperor” Action coordination staging
2016 Zangeki “Sengoku BASARA 4 Emperors ~Honnoji Incident~”
2017 Takarazuka Tsukigumi Performance “All for One ~D’Artagnan and the Sun King~”
2018 Marigold (TACCS Theater)
2018 Stage play “Magia Record Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story” Action coordination
2019 Stage play “Karakuri Circus” action coordination
2019 Gentle Devil (Rokugyokai Hall)
2022 Movie “Phantom Pain” (appearance, action coordination)
Asako Nanya Actor/singer-songwriter
In the 1980s, he belonged to the theater company Kifuyusha (directed by Kunio Shimizu).
After leaving the group in 1994, Keiko Miyata, Nozomi Makino, Yoji Sakate, Kenji Azuma
Appeared in the works of Ai Nagai, etc., and is still active. http://minamitani.deko8.jp/
Appearance excerpt
“Hello” “Younger brother” “Dream away, Orphee” “Backstage”
“Tokyo Atomic Club” (Tokyo Forum Sumiotoshi Performance)
“My Tokyo Story” “Three Sisters of the Hagi Family” (Nitosha) “Furaibo Raijin Mansion” “Sea Cat Town” (Sajiki Doji)
“Flowing clouds” (Gekidan Atriedge)
“Daruma-san fell” “Utsumi whale” “Breathless” (Phosphorescent group) ■ Yukiko Takenaka (affiliated with Giotto) model/actor
In 1996, he started working as a model based in Nagoya.
Moved to Tokyo in 2006. In 2008, she was ranked 3rd in the number of CM contracted talent rankings (Sendenkaigi survey), and appeared in numerous national magazines as a beauty model.
After moving to Tokyo, he started working as an actor, and is also focusing on acting in movies, dramas, and theatrical performances. Taking advantage of the stage appearance of the wolf boy in 2017, he is currently active as a member of the wolf boy.
Nana Nagao Actor
In 2000, he entered Mumeijuku (directed by Tatsuya Nakadai). Main appearances “Macbeth” “Friends” (unnamed cram school), “Zatoichi” (Misonoza) “Destruction Runner” (Kitty Film), “Photography / Yokohama Ibun” (Minami Aoyama Mandala). Movie appearances are ‘Breathing’ (directed by Bunyo Kimura), ‘KOKORO’ (directed by Vanya Dalcantara), ‘Journey with Spring’ (directed by Masahiro Kobayashi), ‘Byakuyako’ (directed by Eihiro Fukagawa), ‘Sagiri no Kuni’ ”(directed by Daisuke Sato) and ”FISH IN WATER”(directed by Hinata Ishihara). From theater to video, he is active without borders.
■Torao Tanaka Actor. Director.
“In order not to run away from life, we ran away that day.”
“Samuraising”. Acting production supervision.
Young Director Competition 2021 “Excellence Award”
■ Kazuki Nakahara (director)
Director and director of the theater company Monmochi Project. Member of the Japan Theater Association.
Yamanashi Prefectural Citizens Culture Hall Artistic Advisor. With a face as a director, playwright, stage director, and acting coach, he continues to create stage productions that cross over various genres of expression while facing the performing arts from various angles and depths.
Special Project: Collaboration with Kodaira Town, Hokkaido
Built around 1903, it is the largest existing banya in Hokkaido, and is the herring banya of the former Hanada family, a large herring fisherman who employed more than 200 people at the time. The building is the northernmost nationally designated important cultural property, and in 2001 it was also certified as a Hokkaido heritage site. Former Hanada House Banya HP
https://www.town.obira.hokkaido.jp/kanko/detail/00002502.html ■Using existing equipment used for herring fishing at the time in the performance
With the cooperation of the Kodaira Town Board of Education, we will borrow the equipment displayed at the old Hanada family banya and use it in the performance.
The breath of the time, the temperature of life, the smell of herring… the authentic history accumulated in the tools supports the strength of this performance.
■ Streaming screening at Kodaira Town Cultural Exchange Center With the cooperation of the supporters club of the Kodaira-cho Cultural Exchange Center, the footage recorded from this performance will be distributed and screened at the local Kodaira-cho Cultural Exchange Center.
We are positioning this screening as an opportunity to advance the local cultural and artistic activities that have become difficult due to the corona disaster.
Shimizu’s work is an opportunity to connect herring banya as a lifestyle culture that has become a thing of the past, not to be buried in history, but to connect it to the present day as a thing that was definitely there.
Performance overview
ZOROMEHA project vol.4 “The night of youth that fills the night with screams and frizzy hair”
Performance period: December 7, 2022 (Wednesday) to December 11, 2022 (Sunday) Venue: Shimokitazawa Small Theater B1 (B1F, Kitazawa Town Hall, 2-8-18 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo)
Older brother: Torao Tanaka
Younger brother: Asako Minamitani, Seiko Asai
Yuki/Yukiko Takenaka, Nana Nagao
Katsuko/Kaoruko Nishida, Ryoko Inoue
Genju/Midori Otsuka, Masaaki Yasuhisa
Shika / Satoko Rakushi, Fumi Returning to the Mountains
Tamon/Yutori Mine, Sachio Hakomori
Yoko/Kaori Sakamoto Ririko Tsuboi
*Partially performed with a double cast of [Silver team◆] and [Blue team★] ■ Staff
Written by Kunio Shimizu
Directed by: Team ZOROMEHA
Music: Asako Nanya, Harlequins
Stage Director: Irikuratsu
Lighting: Kaori Sakura
Sound: Norihiro Okumura (ALLEX), Takenori Kitayama (ALLEX)
Art: Kazuki Nakahara
Arrangement: Harlequins
Action choreography: Asai Seiko
Dance choreography: Tomoko Ochitsukasa
Assistant Director: Tomoko Ochitsukasa
Leaflet design: Ryomi Tanaka, Yutori Mine
Cooperation: Kodaira Town Board of Education, Kodaira Town Cultural Exchange Center Supporters Club
Planning: ZOROMEHA Planning
Production: BEAT PARADOX, Chizuko Yoshihara, Hiroshi Ichihara, Ryomi Tanaka, Miyu Ishii
Producer: Seiko Asai
Organizer: Theater Academy
■ Performance schedule
Performer [silver] [blue]
Wednesday, December 7, 19:00 ◆
Thursday, December 8, 19:00 ★
December 9th (Friday) 14:00 / 19:00 ◆
December 10 (Sat) 13:00 / 18:00 ★
December 11 (Sun) 13:00 / 17:00 ◆
*Doors open 30 minutes before the start of the performance
■ Ticket price
Advance: 4,800 yen, support 500 ticket: 5,300 yen, with DVD: 8,800 yen On the day: 5500 yen, support 500 ticket: 6000 yen, with DVD: 9500 yen (All seats reserved, tax included)
-Canfeti limited-
Advance ticket: 4,800 yen → confetti seat 3,800 yen!
Support 500 ticket: 5300 yen → Confetti seat (support 500 ticket): 4300 yen! With DVD: 8800 yen → Confeti seat (with DVD): 7800 yen!
(All seats reserved, tax included)

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