Kunitachi Conservatory Co., Ltd. You can see the repairman’s work up close! ≪Guitar Craft/Repair Workshop≫ of Kunitachi Conservatory

Kunitachi Conservatory Co., Ltd.
You can see the repairman’s work up close! ≪Guitar Craft/Repair Workshop≫ of Kunitachi Conservatory

At the Kunitachi Conservatory Nanbu School (Nanbu Town, Tottori Prefecture), under the theme of “using music as a lifelong career,” we are promoting initiatives that allow students to take advantage of the characteristics of each department while they are still in school. Among them, this time, we would like to introduce the ≪Guitar Craft Repair Studio≫, which is established in the school along with the Guitar Craft Repair Department.
Three years of learning the reliable skills and knowledge of craftsmen The guitar craft/repair course at the Southern School of the Kunitachi Music Academy has a full curriculum to nurture first-class craftsmen, from basic setup techniques to repairs and the creation of original musical instruments.
We have renewed the curriculum content so that we can produce immediate fighting potential based on the actual field sense. Rather than simply cramming in knowledge, we emphasize “living learning” that can actually be used in music settings such as live performances and recordings.
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And further boosting “living learning” is the ≪Guitar Craft / Repair Studio≫ attached to the school premises.
An environment where professional workplaces are located within the school A repairman is stationed at the guitar craft repair workshop at the Southern School of the Kunitachi Conservatory of Music, and students can observe up close how the repairman actually consults with a customer who has come to ask for a repair, and how the repair work is performed. You can do it.
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We mainly repair electric guitars and basses, including basic overall adjustments such as rods, string heights, and octaves, replacement of parts that wear out such as nuts and frets, and processing of cavities associated with pickup replacements. We handle a wide range of repairs, including broken head repair and paint refinishing, as well as repairs for acoustic and classical guitars.
In addition, these are also the tasks that graduate students in the guitar craft and repair department actually learn in class.
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[Image 4d82452-15-78656d287859f7dc3202-3.jpg&s3=82452-15-3de69fdd050abcccdf6cf08ab5d127d8-640x426.jpg
[Image 5d82452-15-e4b33b89b7a3f4a0ea02-4.jpg&s3=82452-15-346dee62724119c707ea1bc2151a1187-640x479.jpg
By learning the details of the professional repairman’s work, you can get a first-hand experience of the current state of instrument manufacturing and repair.
The elements that make up a guitar/bass are extremely diverse, and each craftsman has a different goal.
At the Kunitachi Conservatory Nanbu School, there are many graduate students who find their own direction during their studies by coming into close contact with actual working professionals. In order to extend the potential of such graduate students as much as time permits, we will provide guidance according to their wishes. We are accepting school tours and trial classes at any time
Kunitachi Music Academy Nanbu School welcomes those who want to study music and apply music to their work, regardless of age or musical experience.
If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.
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