Kurimoto Gakuen Educational Corporation Held a ceremony to certify late-term scholarship students, and adopted a total of 494 scholarship students in fiscal 2022

Kurimoto Gakuen School Corporation
2022 Scholarship Recognition Ceremony Held, A total of 494 Scholarship Students Selected

Nagoya University of Commerce offers a wide range of scholarship programs to financially support ambitious students, and also provides scholarships to students who have achieved results through hard work. Each scholarship is not limited to Japanese students, but includes regular international students and Global BBA students.Evaluate the attitude and results of daily learning, students who can be a role model for others, continuously engage in extracurricular activities and practice both literary and athletics. Approved for students. Scholarships provided are used for study and personal growth. Second-term Scholarship Approval Ceremony Held
On November 7, 2022 (Monday), the 2022 Second Semester Scholarship Certification Ceremony was held at the Nisshin Campus. The late-stage scholarship students will receive 20 Founder Scholarships (100,000 yen per half year), 22 Presidential Scholarships (50,000 yen per half year), 6 International Baccalaureate (IB) Scholarships (300,000 yen per year), and 34 International Dormitory Scholarships. A total of 82 people were recruited. Combined with the first-year scholarship students, the total number of scholarship students in fiscal 2022 is 494, far exceeding last year’s 409.
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Scholarships provided to students with excellent academic performance The Founder’s Scholarship and the President’s Scholarship are systems that provide scholarships to students with excellent grades in the previous semester (first semester of 2022). In 2022, 40 Founder Scholarships (20 first semester, 20 second semester), 45 presidential scholarships (23 first semester, 22 second semester), totaling 85 students were adopted. Among them, 6 Global BBA students (3 in the first semester and 3 in the second semester) have been adopted. [Image 2

Providing generous support to students from overseas
Nagoya University of Commerce, the first in Japan to acquire three international accreditations (Triple Crown), accepts students from all over the world. Currently, 270 international students from 55 countries around the world are studying at our university.
International Baccalaureate (IB) scholarship students are selected for entrance exams before enrollment for students from all over the world. We provide generous support. Of course, the Founders’ Scholarship and the President’s Scholarship are provided to those who excel in their studies. In 2022, 9 International Baccalaureate (IB) Scholarships, 60 International Dormitory Scholarships, 4 Founders Scholarships, 7 President Scholarships, and a total of 87 international students were accepted.
FY 2022 Scholarship Recruitment Results [Total 494 people]
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About Nagoya University of Commerce
Since its opening in 1953, it has pursued world-class management education. Acquired three international certifications (Triple Crown) for the first time in Japan. Currently, it has 5 faculties, 10 departments, and 2 graduate schools, and actively conducts exchange programs and international volunteer activities with 154 affiliated schools in 61 countries around the world. The business school (management graduate school) has been ranked first in Japan in the world QS ranking for five consecutive years (2022). In the 2022 Japanese version of “THE (Times Higher Education ranking)”, we are ranked 1st in the Tokai Hokuriku region and 16th in Japan in terms of internationality.

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