KURITA×KIMURA SHAKESPEARE Vol.0 Stage “King Lear ~Smartphone VS King Lear~” Ryunosuke Kimura x Yoshihiro Kurita Special talk released!

Ginza Performing Arts Festival
KURITA×KIMURA SHAKESPEARE Vol.0 Stage “King Lear ~Smartphone VS King Lear~” Ryunosuke Kimura x Yoshihiro Kurita Special talk released! Date: November 23 (Wednesday) to November 27 (Sunday), 2022 Venue: Theater Fushikaden

At the Ginza Performing Arts Festival (Representative Director Chiaki Ishimoto), the KURITA x KIMURA SHAKESPEARE Vol.0 stage “King Lear ~Smartphone VS King Lear~” will be staged from November 23rd (Wednesday). We are pleased to inform you that we have decided to publish a special interview between Ryunosuke Kimura and Yoshihiro Kurita, the lead actor.
“King Lear ~ Smartphone VS King Lear ~”
[KURITA x KIMURA Special Talk]
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――This is the first time you two are working together, what are your impressions of each other?
Kimura: When I was still dreaming of becoming a director, I saw several of Mr. Kurita’s Shakespeare plays at the Noh theater. At that time, I was shocked, thinking, “How can humans create such a condensed world?!” After that, I started working as a director, and when I was with Mr. Kurita’s disciple, I was even more interested in thinking, “This person is also amazing, but how many people do you consider Mr. Kurita to be your master?” In my mind, Mr. Kurita has transformed into a polar star that shines in a place that is always visible to the naked eye, but out of reach.
In April of this year, when Mr. Kurita performed “Fortinbrass” in Tokyo, I was finally able to visit him and talk to him directly. , I felt two conflicting sensations, like a fire burning around me. From there, my interest in Mr. Kurita deepened and led to this offer. Kurita : I met Mr. Kimura for the first time on the day he came to see “Fortinbrass,” and my first impression was, “You do a lot of research on Shakespeare.”
I’m a director who usually doesn’t trust actors very much, and I’m the type of person who unilaterally gives detailed instructions on my own thoughts, movements, and words. It’s very stimulating in the rehearsal room where we test the potential of various actors. Mr. Kimura’s ability to select and put it together is also wonderful.
In my case, the only choices I have are in my head, so every day I have more choices, such as, “How is the world of the actors created? And how will Mr. Kimura put it together in the end?” And I’m really looking forward to seeing more of Kimura’s world in the future. ――― Is there anything you want to convey to the world today through Shakespeare’s “King Lear”?
Kimura: I believe that Shakespeare’s works depict such multifaceted aspects as “human beings themselves can be both deadly poison and good medicine.” Even with the same event or words, depending on who receives it, it can be a plus or a minus. It’s the same with theatrical productions, and it’s not just funny, some people get a shock like an electric shock after watching a play and get severely hurt, while others are so impressed that their lives will be enriched in the future. there is
It’s not easy for anyone to deliver the core part that humans and Shakespeare’s works have like that. This time, with the help of Mr. Kurita and other wonderful cast members, it’s a chance to deliver the core part of it, so I’m really looking forward to it.
Kurita : “King Lear” was one of the four tragedies that wasn’t very popular at first. However, after the Second World War, partly because it was linked to the real lives of people in Europe, it became popular, and the work also gained a reputation for its high degree of perfection. I think that the audience who watch the work, especially the young people, will face a lot of problems in their lives from now on, but I think it would be nice if they could enjoy it while linking it to their own problems.
Since I’m participating as an actor this time, I’ll leave it up to Mr. Kimura to decide how to convey the message of the work as a whole, and I’m seriously facing “how to live as Leah.” I’m in the middle of facing a man named Leah while being full as an actor, so I hope I can convey the result of that way of life.
――― The 4th year of Reiwa is coming to an end soon, but what do you think about updating Shakespeare’s long-loved classics for Reiwa? Kimura: Just like the people around us wandering around watching King Lear die at the age of 80, we spend our lives fiddling with
smartphones while waiting for the earth to perish. What if I try to capture the present age like that, or try to link it with King Lear? I’m planning.
For King Lear, who makes you think, “This is what a human being is!” it might be.
I would like to deliver the 2020 edition of “King Lear”, which shocks those of us who play with smartphones while waiting for destruction and loss, while having the actors perform Shakespeare’s deep things in a head-to-head competition.
Kurita : The important thing for humans is not “information” but “conversation”, but in Reiwa, conversation itself has been lost in the first place, and we spend our days having very meaningless
conversations. .
Like Mr. Kimura’s story of poison and medicine, words have the power to hurt various people, the power to heal, and the power to change the correct answer.
While the audience can easily transmit information via smartphones with such multifaceted “words,” the actors create conversations with their emotions on stage. I’m already very excited about that showdown. Through Shakespeare’s works, I would like to make it an opportunity for viewers to think about “how much power do words have?”
――― This was a topic, but this time there is a new attempt to be able to watch the play while operating a smartphone during the performance. what about that?
Kimura: It’s “what I want to try.” In contrast to Kurita-san’s and Shakespeare’s works of human dreadfulness, this time there is a dreadfulness in the advancement of science and technology called smartphones. I would like to create a situation in which they coexist, repel, and be influenced by each other in the theater, so please open your smartphone! But all the actors, please close your smartphone with the heat of acting! ! !
As the title says “Smartphone VS King Lear”, I will do my best to make it a theater space like a duel.
Kurita: In the past, when I performed Hamlet with the entire audience surrounded by cameras, the shutter sound was loud and I acted very violently. So this time I want to make sure it doesn’t happen. It wasn’t intentional at the time, but this time I’m looking forward to being able to confidently fight smartphones with the stance of “I’m coming!”
Kimura: In the case of King Lear, that frustration might actually be effective (laughs). If the audience irritates Mr. Kurita, it’s a win, or rather, I’d like to create an atmosphere of “I’m looking for a challenger to King Lear!”.
Depending on the customer, Leah’s mood may change that day, and no matter what happens, she may never waver. I would like you to look forward not only as a theatrical work, but also for that part. Kurita : At the rehearsal stage, we have no idea how the audience will react, so that’s one of the reasons why I’m so excited!
――― Finally, please give a message to the audience who will be watching the play at the venue or via streaming.
Kimura: Shake and spear… I want to create works that will touch and pierce the hearts of our customers. It’s a question! I think. This time, we have gathered a cast who can do them to their heart’s content, so please pay attention to Full Swing Kimura’s work in the theater space and distribution! thank you!
Kurita : How do you express the sounds of eight big emotions, four intense emotions in the first half and four quiet emotions in the second half? Isn’t that what actors who play Leah suffer from? I would be happy if I could convey to the audience, even a little, that Shakespeare is trying to challenge the actors to do amazing things, while putting the rear in myself and feeling the present. is. I have always professed that “King Lear” will be the last work I will retire from acting, and I kept it as the last performance in my lifetime, but when I met Mr. Kimura, I decided to play Lear. It’s early!?” I’m nervous. However, Kurita will not retire yet! that’s all. (smile)
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