KURKKU FIELDS Co., Ltd. A new accommodation facility “cocoon” will finally open in KURKKU FIELDS on Novemb er 24th! Information on November events and recommended content

A new accommodation facility “cocoon” will finally open in KURKKU FIELDS on November 24th! Information on November events and
recommended content

KURKKU FIELDS Co., Ltd. (located in Kisarazu City, Chiba Prefecture) will inform you about the November event and recommended content of the sustainable farm & park “KURKKU FILEDS (hereinafter referred to as Crook Fields)”.
Crook Fields has been developing the site step by step as a place where people can feel the “comfort and joy of living essentially” such as “raising, making, eating, and circulating”. This autumn, “cocoon,” a villa where you can experience the life you create, will finally open. We will also deliver information on the outdoor event “AUTUMN HARVEST 2022” where you can enjoy the taste of autumn, and the KURKKU FIELDS MEMBERSHIP (Crook Fields Membership), which will start in earnest in line with the opening of the second phase of the new facility.
“AUTUMN HARVEST 2022” to enjoy the taste of autumn!
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The Crook Fields event “HARVEST” is held regularly with the theme of “a harvest festival where you can enjoy the blessings of nature with all five senses”. Autumn HARVEST will be held on Wednesday, November 23rd.
Food is born from the earth, such as a food menu using sweet potatoes, a taste of autumn, a food stall area that appears on the lawn that makes use of the harvest of the farm, and a participatory baked potato making that can be enjoyed with children. We will prepare content that allows you to experience that our food is supported on that blessing. In addition, a music performance using a music base with seats on the lawn will also be held. You can enjoy the soothing piano tones and singing voice by Kana Matsumoto, a singer-songwriter from Kisarazu. In addition, on this day when the second stage of Crook Fields is about to open, we will hold the “KURKKU FIELDS Tour” from time to time to visit the farm with the staff so that many customers can learn about the efforts of Crook Fields.
Details of the event will be announced on the official website from time to time.
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[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/67264/table/29_1_1bac5e8146b28205a596da0d5b87224a.jpg ]
Notice regarding KURKKU FIELDS MEMBERSHIP system and maintenance fee [Image 3d67264-29-9b8c7fa9156ee87a9650-2.jpg&s3=67264-29-0f89d7363ab32d8d8c42a396f86c7196-1046x934.jpg
We started the Crookfields Membership System in August 2021 in order to find better ideas and mechanisms through various practices and activities and create a future that grows together with our customers. And from November 24, 2022, we will start this system in earnest. Now that climate change has begun to have a serious impact on the earth, and the words “SDGs” and “sustainability” are being heard frequently, together with our members, we will discuss sustainability, agriculture, food, and the relationship between nature and humans. In order to think about relationships, lifestyles, etc. and build a better future, we would like to use Crookfields as a platform to create opportunities for learning and awareness for all members. At the same time, we have decided to receive a maintenance fee so that we can create and maintain a pleasant scenery and sustainable system within the venue, and allow visitors to enjoy the richness of this richness. We will continue to protect the rich natural environment and create a comfortable environment.
We look forward to welcoming you to our membership.
Experiences of active enjoyment and time to think for new pleasures The accommodation facility “cocoon” is now open!
[Image 4d67264-29-c6b6511498af613e2975-3.jpg&s3=67264-29-547cf9f82aed61fb053867dcce1ed2d1-1200x822.jpg
photo Kohei Omachi/Yuka Yanazume
On November 24, 2022 (Thursday), a new accommodation facility cocoon will open on the hill of Crookfields, next to Chiffon. Until now, only small huts were available for accommodation, but cocoon has seven guest rooms, a kitchen lounge, a restaurant, and a sauna. More people will be able to enjoy the attractive expressions of Crook Fields morning, noon, and night.
Produced by Takeshi Kobayashi, a musician and general producer of Crookfields, fashion designer Akira Minagawa is in charge of overall direction, including concept design, planning, and design supervision, as the director of the “cocoon” project. The architecture and design was handled by Takato Yoshida of Kyoto-based architecture and furniture design and production unit ikken.
[Image 5d67264-29-25d36061ea6b678c9ce8-4.jpg&s3=67264-29-c120dbe0e8bc7356cbc27dad7f69b276-2835x822.jpg
Using the ingredients harvested from the farm and the mountains, we have a “takka” plan that allows customers to enjoy cooking themselves, and a restaurant that values ​​”sustainable food and its
deliciousness”. We have a course plan <d67264-29-e6dc5a6f9582ed980c5e-8.jpg&s3=67264-29-56c3fb8d36a6690c3d5e22d7f397e7f6-1000x667.jpg
At Crook Fields Bakery, we use ingredients such as wheat that we grow ourselves, and in order to make bread that starts with the blessings of nature in a healthier way, we will renew our bread recipe and enjoy your meal in the store. We also renovated the store in early November so that you can enjoy it. The renewed bread is lined up at the store from Saturday, November 12th, so please try it.

We deliver the blessings of nature that begin with the sun.
A new product gift set is now available in the online shop!
[Image 7d67264-29-1ec8109a8b1b8a7135b5-10.jpg&s3=67264-29-a4195864ce47bbdf28c4a62d013f31a1-1200x319.jpg
Crook Fields, including three types of frozen pasta sauces and soups that were pre-released at “Salon de Agri Japon 2022” in Shinjuku Isetan, and bone broth noodles that are taken from boar bones without missing the umami and nutrients. We have made a gift set of our proud products. It will be on sale at Crookfields Online Shop from November 24th (Thursday).
Click here for the Crookfields online shop
[Image 8d67264-29-60df99a130846737d828-7.jpg&s3=67264-29-77362999bf60de989b74e447552c577a-2000x1887.jpg
In 2010, he established “Agricultural Production Corporation Cultivate” in Kisarazu City, Chiba Prefecture and opened “Cultivated Kisarazu Farm”. I have been growing organic vegetables and free-range poultry farming for over 10 years.
In November 2019, as a sustainable farm and park “KURKKU FIELDS”, we propose the way of consumption and food cultivated by Klook centered on the three contents of “agriculture”, “food” and “art”. The first stage will open on the 2nd (Sat).
Business hours: 10:00-17:00 (Dining restaurant: 11:00-16:00 L.O.) Closed: Tuesdays and Wednesdays (except holidays)
Address: 2503 Yana, Kisarazu City, Chiba Prefecture 292-0812 -Official website/SNS account-
Official site: https://kurkkufields.jp
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kurkkufields/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KURKKUFIELDS.FB
twitter: https://twitter.com/kurkku_fields
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