Kurokawa Kaban Co., Ltd. Kurokawa Kaban Koubou New presentation of randoseru for students enrolled in April 2024

Kurokawa Bag Co., Ltd.
[Kurokawa Kaban Koubou] New school bag presentation held for students enrolled in April 2024

Kurokawa Kaban Co., Ltd., a full-fledged leather workshop founded in 1893 (Headquarters: Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture, President: Yoshiro Kurokawa) has prepared a new color for school bags for April 2024. A new product presentation will be held on November 19, 2022 as the first place for everyone to see the new randoseru in beautiful and elegant colors.
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Introducing exciting new colors for 2024 school bags
“Habataku(R)︎ Randoseru” delivered by Kurokawa Kaban Koubou is a masterpiece delivered by a historic Randoseru Koubou. “Let’s get close to the mind and body*” We have seriously considered the health and safety of children through making school bags.
Kurokawa Kaban Kobo, which has boasted the largest color variation of the workshop series, will introduce 10 new colors for the 2024 admission model. The new work will be released along with the entire lineup at the recital on November 19th, and will be available to customers who have made reservations.
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* Let’s get closer to the mind and body: By carrying the Kurokawa Kaban Kobo’s Happaku (R) school bag, which has a structure that fits tightly on your back and makes you feel lighter, you can spend your elementary school days in a healthy and healthy way. thing
October is the start of the run activity for the school year after next Hand-sewn randsel by craftsmen are limited in number, so the sales period is short, and the start of running activities for households who are looking for workshop-style randsel is getting earlier and earlier each year. October is the time when each company will start requesting catalogs for school bags for the year after next. Running activities that start from here tend to go through three stages. ・Step 1: Get to know the randoseru
Randoseru information for children who are about to enter school two years later will be sent out by each company from around October. This year (as of November 2022), the latest information on school bags for children entering school in 2024 is coming out. From September 1, 2022, Kurokawa Kaban Kobo has started accepting catalog requests for school bags for 2024 admission.
[Catalog request] https://www.kurokawa-kaban.com/randoseru/catalog/index.html ・Step 2: Look at the randoseru
From December to January onwards, it is time for you to actually see and touch the randoseru and choose your favorite items for your child and family. At Kurokawa Kaban Koubou, after the release of new products on November 19th, we will open business trip stores in major cities nationwide from December. You can pick up the real thing, carry it on your back, and experience it outside the showroom in Ginza, Tokyo.
・Step 3: Order a school bag
Randoseru makers called Kobo-kei start selling them as early as the end of January, and most of them have their main sales period from February to June. Kurokawa Kaban Koubou has stopped accepting orders between late March and mid-May for the past few years, so we recommend purchasing early.
*As of November 1, 2022, the sales date for the 2024 entrance model of Kurokawa Kaban Kobo is undecided.
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[Thank you for full house] Fully booked in a few days from reservation start! About the very popular new work presentation
・ Date: November 19, 2022 (Sat)
・Time: 10:00-14:00 (excluding 12:00-13:00)
・Venue: Tokyo Ginza Pulp and Paper Hall 2F, Phoenix Hall
・Reservation required: full house (waitlist not accepted)
[Lineup presentation (fully booked)]
https://www.kurokawa-kaban.com/randoseru/event/lineup221119.html At the new product presentation, which was fully booked in a few days from the start of reservations, we will try on randoseru and take a commemorative photo. This is an event where you can see the entire lineup of Kurokawa Kaban Kobo’s “Habataku (R) Randoseru”, pick up the real thing, carry it on your back, and experience it.
Hand-stitched, handcrafted, and made from natural materials “Kurokawa Kaban Koubou”
[Image 4d74662-11-a7a01518f89c8183c242-3.jpg&s3=74662-11-88afa6e6585e3bb3b64bf7e76a103b3a-3900x2600.jpg
“Kurokawa Kaban Koubou” randoseru made by craftsmen who are genuine craftsmen. A traditional craftsmanship technique that uses two needles and alternately sews together to prevent the threads from fraying and create a durable randoseru. Strong and beautiful tailoring is proof that the thread is tightened for each stitch.
The unique warmth of hand-stitching is created because the craftsman spends a long time sewing on his knees while grasping the
peculiarities and expressions of each natural leather. The size of the seams is also changed to match the material and design to the size that looks best. Kurokawa Kaban Kobo’s randoseru are hand-sewn, handcrafted, and made from natural materials. It is a luxury of limited production in small quantities that takes time and effort. ■Company Profile
・Company name: Kurokawa Kaban Co., Ltd.
・President and Representative Director: Yoshiro Kurokawa
・Foundation: Meiji 28 (1895 AD)
・Business description: Planning, production, and sales of randoseru, bags, accessories, etc., centered on original brand leather products with unique and unique advantages.
・ Location: 3-6-15-8 Sogawa, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture 930-0083 ・ Contact: TEL.076-421-3679 / FAX.076-493-3613 support@kurokawa-kaban.com ・Kurokawa Kaban Koubou Randsel Building:
・Kurokawa Kaban Koubou Men’s Bag Shop https://www.kurokawa-kaban.com/mens/ ・Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kurokawakaban/ ・ Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/kurokawakaban

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