Kyash Co., Ltd. Digital wallet app “Kyash” and “MAURICIO STUDIO CARD” for Brazilians living in Japan w ill be issued from the end of November

Kyash Co., Ltd.
Digital wallet app “Kyash” and “MAURICIO STUDIO CARD” for Brazilians living in Japan will be issued from the end of November
Pre-registration at the Brazil Festival @ Yoyogi Park on November 19th (Sat) and 20th (Sun)

The digital wallet app “Kyash” provided by Kyash Co., Ltd.
(Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Shinichi Takatori) is now available from Mauricio de Souza Productions Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Mauricio Araujo de Souza) and will issue an original chargeable Visa prepaid card “MAURICIO STUDIO CARD” from the end of November.
Mainly aimed at Brazilians living in Japan, the cards feature characters from the masterpiece “Monica And Friends” by Mauricio de Souza, a manga artist who represents Brazil. As one of the solutions to problems such as opening a bank account and issuing credit cards, which are often cited as problems for foreigners who come to Japan for work or immigration, we will provide a new cashless payment option through Kyash.
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Realization through “MAURICIO STUDIO CARD”
Through the newly issued chargeable Visa prepaid card “MAURICIO STUDIO CARD”, we will eliminate the “inconvenience” and “dissatisfaction” of money and increase various “possible”.
● You can easily issue a Visa prepaid card that can be used online or at physical stores from the app.
● You can charge money using a convenience store or Seven Bank ATM without opening a bank account.
● After confirming your identity, you can receive rewards through the corporate remittance service provided by Kyash.
Kyash will continue to support the creation of a more comfortable working environment and easier living for foreigners living in Japan through these efforts, and we would like to work on the innovation of Japan’s money culture.
Who is Mauricio de Souza?
Mauricio de Souza is a Brazilian cartoonist. His representative work “Monica & Friends” has been loved by five generations in Brazil, and many people say that they learned letters from this work, and it is a work that has been familiar to them since childhood. It has also been published and broadcast in over 110 countries.
In Japan, Fuji TV is broadcasting the popular content “Monica Toy” based on “Monica & Friends” on “Charadachi Museum ~MoCA~” (every Sunday from 5:10 / Kanto Local). Mauricio has a close relationship with Japan, and in 2013 he was awarded the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon by the Cabinet Office of Japan in recognition of his achievements in cultural exchanges between Japan and Brazil.
● Issue start date: Issued from the end of November 2022 (planned) ● Annual membership fee: Free
 ● Issuance fee: 500 yen (tax included)
● Brand: Visa
● Others: 3D Secure compatible, QUICPay+ compatible
● Privilege service: Plans to offer original benefits (discounts on e-books and goods, etc.) at the Mauricio Studio Store (online shop) * A special code is required to issue the “MAURICIO STUDIO CARD”. If you would like to have it issued, please check the Mauricio website (
* “MAURICIO STUDIO CARD” has the same card specifications as Kyash Card Lite. If you already have a Kyash Card, it cannot be issued. Decided to open a store at Festival Brasil 2022!
Cards will be accepted in advance at the Mauricio Studio store booth at Festival Brasil 2022, which will be held in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo on November 19th (Sat) and 20th (Sun), 2022. On the day of the event, you can actually experience making payments using Kyash. Please stop by when you come to the venue!
About the digital wallet app “Kyash” ( The digital wallet app “Kyash” that allows settlement, remittance, withdrawal, and deferred payment,
●Anyone can issue a free Visa prepaid card immediately just by downloading the app.
●You don’t have to worry about overspending because you can pay in advance from a bank account, convenience store, credit card, etc. ● Can be used at online shopping, usual convenience stores,
supermarkets, and other Visa affiliated stores
Contactless payment is possible because it supports QUICPay+ (Apple Pay / Google Pay)
* A special code is required to issue the “MAURICIO STUDIO CARD”. [Image 2

[App name] Kyash (cash)
[App distribution] App Store / Google Play
[Supported OS] iOS (iOS 14.0 or higher) / Android (Android 7.0 or higher) *If you cannot update, close the “App Store app” and “Google Play store app” and try again. It may take a few days for it to be reflected in the store.
Kyash Co., Ltd.
Kyash is a technology company whose mission is to create
infrastructure for value transfer. Through the provision of the digital wallet app “Kyash”, we aim to create a “new money culture” where diverse values ​​and thoughts can be freely delivered. Company Profile
[Company name] Kyash Co., Ltd. (English: Kyash Inc.)
[Location] 12th floor, Aoyama Building, 1-2-3 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061
[Representative] Shinichi Takatori, President and Representative Director [Established] January 23, 2015
[Capital] 13,223,050,000 yen (including capital reserve)
[Major shareholders] StepStone Group, Goodwater Capital, Greyhound Capital, Altos Ventures, Block, Partech, JAFCO Group, SBI Investment, JP Investment, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, SMBC Venture Capital, Mitsubishi UFJ Capital, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Capital, AG Capital, Shinsei Corporate Investment, Toppan Printing, SMBC Nikko Securities, Itochu Corporation, Dentsu Innovation Partners, Mizuho Capital, etc.
[Business content] Operation of the digital wallet application “Kyash” [Registration License] Prepaid Payment Instruments (Third Party Type) Issuer Kanto Local Finance Bureau No. 00698
Funds Transfer Service Director Kanto Local Finance Bureau No. 00082 [URL]

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