Kyoto City Recruitment of business operators for utilization of historical buildings in Gion Shinbashi

Kyoto City
Recruitment of business operators for utilization of Gion Shimbashi historic buildings

The Kyoto City Landscape and Urban Development Center (hereinafter referred to as the “Foundation”) has decided to borrow from Kyoto City in order to further develop Kyoto City’s urban characteristics, such as the preservation and creation of Kyoto-like landscapes, which is the purpose of the Foundation. A subleasing business will be carried out utilizing the historical building in Gion Shimbashi. Therefore, we will inform you that we will recruit the utilization companies by open call for participants type proposal method.
This building was donated by a benefactor to the city of Kyoto, and has been used to make the most of the characteristics and appearance of the historic Gion Shinbashi. Our basic concept is to “preserve the townscape and atmosphere of Gion Shinbashi”, “create a new attraction for Gion Shinbashi”, and “disseminate the culture of Kyoto to the world”. We are looking for businesses that make use of the appearance. In addition, we will lend the building to the selected business operator, carry out the necessary renovation of the building by the business operator, and actually develop the business. We look forward to receiving applications from business operators who can revitalize the historical Gion Shinbashi together with the local community and communicate its charm.
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1 About this building
(1) Location
77-6, 103-2 Sueyoshi-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi
3 minutes on foot from Keihan Main Line “Gion-Shijo Station” 5-minute walk from Municipal Subway Tozai Line “Sanjo Keihan Station” 7 minutes on foot from Hankyu Kyoto Line “Kyoto Kawaramachi Station” [Image 2

(2) Overview
Land: 171.20 square meters
Building: Two-story wooden structure with a total floor area of ​​225.45 square meters
(1st floor 115.37 square meters, 2nd floor 110.08 square meters) * Built in the early Meiji period (according to word of mouth) * Remaining items such as air conditioners and sanitary equipment can be used (3) Progress
FY2013 Donation Acceptance
FY2015 Seismic retrofitting and roof repair work
Start of use by pre-utilization businesses (April 2015-June 2022) 2 About the business overview
(1) Business scheme
[Image 3

(2) Contract form
 It will be a fixed-term building lease contract, and the loan period will be 10 years.
However, this period includes repair work and the restoration work period due to the expiration of the contract.
The minimum loan fee is 800,000 yen (monthly, tax excluded), and the amount presented by the borrower selected from among the applicants. The security deposit shall be equivalent to 6 months of the loan fee. 3 Regarding the selection of utilization business operators
(1) Selection method
 It will be an open call for proposal type. Funds that can sustainably operate the business with the basic concepts of “preserving the townscape and atmosphere of Gion Shimbashi,” “creating new attractions in Gion Shimbashi,” and “transmitting Kyoto’s culture to the world” as the main evaluation items. A business selection committee established within the Foundation selects business operators who have the power, planning ability, technical ability and management ability.
Also, please see the special web page for application requirements, formats, etc.
[Table 4: ]
(2) Schedule
[Table 5: ]
4 Reception desk
If you have any questions regarding the recruitment, please fill out the prescribed questionnaire and send it by email. Questions and answers will be announced on the special web page. Please refrain from contacting us at the counter, by mail, by phone, or by fax.
In addition, inquiries regarding coverage, publicity, etc. will be handled by email, telephone, and fax.
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