Kyoto Ichijoji Brewery Co., Ltd. With the slogan “Craft beer that creates uniqueness”, Kyoto Ichijoji Bre wery, which is working on brewing, has created 5 types of Terroir KYOTO series that express the beauty of life rooted in Kyoto with beer. Sal

Kyoto Ichijoji Brewery Co., Ltd.
With the slogan of “Craft beer that creates uniqueness”, Ichijoji Brewery in Kyoto, which is working on brewing, has started selling 5 types of [Terroir KYOTO] series that express the beauty of life rooted in Kyoto with beer!

Kyoto Ichijoji Brewery is a Kyoto craft beer brand with an interesting philosophy that says, “Everyone is funny when you get close.” The owners are Shunsuke Takagi, a psychiatrist who was the first in Japan to provide psychiatric home care (ACT Comprehensive Community Life Support), and Katsunobu Ban, a restaurant owner. We value the overlap between welfare and the food manufacturing industry, and aim for a world where diverse people can get closer to each other and enjoy diversity through the craft of beer.
“Terroir KYOTO” expresses the beauty of life rooted in the land of Kyoto in beer with gentle and unique products created by brewers. series has been added. To commemorate the release of all products, we will sell a limited set of 5 types of 5 pieces.
Terroir It is the bustle of life rooted in the land.
Kyoto, which surrounds the ancient capital and has various climates in the north, south, east, and west, and the unique flavors nurtured in each land.
Individuality and diversity, tradition and novelty, nature and technology meet and ferment here.
The Terroir KYOTO series explores old and new Kyoto terroir through craft beer. This is a new challenge for Ichijoji Brewery in Kyoto.
[Image 1

Kyoto Ichijoji Brewery Logo
The landscape of Kyoto is known both domestically and internationally as an ancient city surrounded by mountains on all sides, but the hometown is much larger than that impression. It is blessed with a wide variety of climates and natural features, such as the Maizuru and Yosano areas, Kameoka, the city of mist and water, which has the largest area of ​​agricultural land in Kyoto Prefecture, and the riverbeds of the Kamogawa, Ujigawa, and Katsura Rivers, which continue to Osaka, the kitchen of the world. Kyoto Ichijoji Brewery has a regular product lineup centered on limited agricultural landscapes that will become increasingly valuable amidst global climate change, and products that use domestically produced Kyoto agricultural products as main or secondary ingredients. was renewed and new products were developed. Starting with domestically produced fresh hops, wheat and fruits, and collaborating with related farmers, various agricultural products from all over the prefecture are used to create an old and new Kyoto terroir where the beauty of life rooted in this land can be seen through. I created a fragrant craft beer. [Image 2

Terroir series 5 types 5 bottles
In 2022, five types of terroir series will be available, and all current terroir types will be on sale from November 18th. At the same time, we will start accepting orders for the year-end gift set in collaboration with Ichinan, a smoked charcuterie that is very popular in the neighborhood of the Ichijoji area.
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[About Kyoto Ichijoji Brewery terroir series]
1: Terroir premium: A beer that uses two or more agricultural products from Kyoto as the main and secondary ingredients of the beer. 2: Terroir original: Beer that uses one or more agricultural products produced in Kyoto as the main or secondary ingredient of the beer. ***Product Details***
[Two types of terroir premium from Kyoto [Yosano/Kameoka] both malt and hops] [Image 3

2 bottles of Terroir Premium
vol.1: “Terroir KYOTO Golden Ale” Alc.5.0% IBU32 terroirpremium We used malt made from Kameoka barley and Yosano Columbus hops to create a refreshing black pepper and lemon flavor, and we used plenty of fresh hops. It is a craft beer that allows you to enjoy the aroma and richness of malt, but it also has a refreshing taste and the scent of Kyoto terroir.
vol.2: “Terroir KYOTO Kameoka Harvest” Alc. 5.0% IBU32 terroir premium This beer is brewed with malt (100%) made from wheat grown in Kameoka City, Kyoto Prefecture, and IBUKI hops (90%), which are also produced in Kameoka. It is characterized by the gentle and rich scent of barley and the flavor of soft and sweet white grapes of the IBUKI variety. Both barley and hops are grown in the same area, and by using a simple and classic material composition, we express the terroir of Kameoka, Kyoto in an easy-to-understand manner.
[Three kinds of terroir fruit beers using fruits from Kyoto (Mizunoo yuzu, Fushimi lemon, Aoya plum)]
[Image 4

Three types of terroir fruit
vol.3: “Terroir KYOTO Yuzu Vice” Alc. 5.5% IBU 10
Yuzu from Mizuo, Kyoto is combined with Weizen yeast, which has a banana-like aroma. Please enjoy the unique and mellow flavor that makes you feel the fun of crafts.
vol.4: “Terroir KYOTO Lemon Ale” Alc. 5.0% IBU 20
Made using whole pesticide-free lemons from Fushimi, Kyoto. Please enjoy the gentle and refreshing sourness of domestic lemons and the deep and rich aroma of whole lemons.
vol.5: “Terroir KYOTO Aoya Ume Brew” Alc. 5.0% IBU 28
Made using the phantom large plum “Joshu White” that has been handed down in Aoya, Joyo City, Kyoto since the Edo period. It is exquisitely refreshing with a subtle and elegant plum flavor that lingers in your throat.
Through craft beer making, we will continue to support the potential and possibilities of domestic ingredients, expand the options for the taste of domestic beer, respect differences, and aim for a better relationship where we can find each other interesting.
We will continue our activities with the slogan “Craft beer that creates uniqueness”.
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Kameoka Harvest/Terroir Golden
[Image 6

Three types of terroir fruit
The premium line bottle is designed by Kameoka Harvest, which expresses the scenery of Kameoka (satoyama and foggy night), and the illustration of the scenery of Yosano by Golden Ale (sun and sea, peninsula of the gods). You can see the scenery of Kyoto, which is connected by mountains and Kyoto by the sea, all around.
The three types of fruit series are mainly based on the main agricultural products, such as “Lemons can be harvested in winter”, and the colors and scenery of each agricultural product’s original harvest season are illustrated in the background. .
The label was designed by Ikugo Tanaka of Suitosha Inc.
The illustration is by Studio-takeuma.

[Kyoto Ichijoji Brewery x Smoked Koubou Yakinikuya Ichinan 2022 original year-end gift set is now available for same-day applications! ]
[Image 7

All kinds of terroir series
In 2022, a year-end gift set from Ichijoji Brewery in Kyoto with a new Terroir series. This year, we asked Ichinan, a very popular smoked studio yakiniku restaurant, to make homemade bacon and sausages, which are closely related to Ichijoji. From the series, we have prepared a craft beer gift set that combines the premium line Golden Ale and 3 kinds of fruit series.
[Image 8

Ichinan gift set
This gift set is perfect for year-end parties and presents.
[Image 9

~Kyoto Ichijoji Brewery
    We support the K100 project that uses raw materials from Kyoto. ~ [Image 11d111171-1-e4b80ca9f1de52ad8beb-12.jpg&s3=111171-1-48a921e4e70bc59877e479707682a230-1125x1500.jpg
Kamogawa and Terroir Beer
In the Terroir KYOTO project, we will mainly handle limited
agricultural landscapes that are becoming more and more valuable amid global trends and climate change, and products that use domestically produced Kyoto agricultural products as main or secondary ingredients. In collaboration with farmers involved in wheat, fruits, domestic fresh hops, etc., we produce craft beer with the scent of Kyoto’s terroir, which is rooted in this land and where the beauty of life can be seen through, through agricultural products from all over the prefecture. increase.
【Company Profile】
Company name: Kyoto Ichijoji Brewery Co., Ltd.
Representative: Shunsuke Takagi Katsunobu Ban
Brewing Manager: Shingo Hayashi
Address: 10-1 Ichijoji Exit-cho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture Phone: 075-702-2002

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