Kyoto Seika University Kyoto Seika University Diversity Promotion Center Hosted Lecture “Thinking about Elde r Maasai and Leadership”

Kyoto Seika University
Hosted by Kyoto Seika University Diversity Promotion Center, Lecture “Thinking about ‘Leadership’ with Maasai Elders” held

Kyoto Seika University (President: Masato Sawada) will hold a lecture, “Thinking about Masai Elders and ‘Leadership’.”
In this event, Mr. Emmanuel Mankura, who lives in Kenya as a Maasai elder, will be invited as a guest lecturer to talk about Mr. Emmanuel’s upbringing and past experiences, the values ​​and traditions that are important to the Maasai, and the leadership necessary for sustainable community development. I would like to introduce you to Together with our students and other participants, we will think about the leadership that will be required in the coming era from a new perspective.
Non-members can attend the lectures online. This is a valuable opportunity to learn about the way of life and values ​​of the far-flung Maasai. Please join us.

[Lecture hosted by Kyoto Seika University Diversity Promotion Center] “Thinking about Elder Maasai and Leadership”
◆ Lecturer: Mr. Emmanuel Mancula
◆ Date and time: Friday, December 2, 2022, 16:30-
◆ Venue: Non-members can only attend online.
Pre-registration is required to attend (free viewing)
◆ Application:
◆ Language: Japanese
◆ Lecturer Profile: Emmanuel Mancula
Elder Maasai. Founder of community organizations OSOTUA and EYIEUNOTO NABAYA. Born in Esenorua village in Kajiat prefecture in southern Kenya, he became a warrior at the age of 14 and now serves as a community leader as an elder. Working with other elders to develop young people who are proud of their identity and who can use knowledge from the outside world, and to support women who face challenges, with the aim of making the community sustainable. is doing. In addition, young people and business leaders from all over the world are invited to the village to learn from each other, and actively disseminate the traditional culture, wisdom, and values ​​of the Maasai.
Organizer: Kyoto Seika University Diversity Promotion Center Cooperation: SEKAI Education
Sponsored by Kyoto Seika University African and Asian Contemporary Culture Research Center
◆Kyoto Seika University Diversity Promotion Center
The Diversity Promotion Center was established in April 2017 as an organization for faculty and staff members to conduct analysis and research on diversity promotion issues for the entire university beyond departments and affiliations, and to consider and formulate policies and measures. We also plan and manage various events. ◆ University information
[Name] Kyoto Seika University
[President] Masato Sawada
[Address] 137 Iwakura Kinomachi, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City
[Faculty] Faculty of International Culture, Faculty of Media Expression, Faculty of Art, Faculty of Design, Faculty of Manga [Graduate School] Graduate School of Art, Graduate School of Design, Graduate School of Manga, Graduate School of Humanities

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