Kyuen Clinic Start of introduction of new treatment POTENZA has been introduced at the Kyuen Clinic.

Kyuen Clinic
[Start of introduction of new treatment] POTENZA has been introduced at Kyuen Clinic.

Kyuen Clinic, a cosmetic dermatology clinic in Omotesando,
Minami-Aoyama, has introduced the topical latest treatment Potenza. This time, we will introduce the courses we handle at our clinic and the unique commitment of our clinic.

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What is Potenza
Potenza is the latest treatment that can respond to various chief complaints such as pores, acne scars, redness, melasma, and tightening by changing the tip of the tip.
At our hospital,
・Drug delivery course (with drug introduction)
・Red skin quality improvement course (without drug introduction) ・ We are waiting for you with 3 courses of tightening (slackness) course. What is a drug delivery course?

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The treatment is performed using a Potenza-specific pumping tip. The pumping tip can deliver the drug evenly into the skin to the dermis layer by pushing out the air when the needle at the tip is pulled out. [Drugs that can be introduced by drug delivery]
・Makumoo (crater for pores and acne scars) 1 time for all face ¥85,000 ・PDRN+ (whitening/glossy) whole face ¥80,000
・Cytopro MD (rough skin/redness) 1 time for all face ¥75,000 ・BENEV+ (pores/craters) once for all face ¥70,000
*In the drug delivery course, it is also possible to mix and introduce two types of drugs. Please check our website for prices when mixing. (
* It is also possible to decide on the drug to be introduced on the day. What is Redness & Skin Quality Improvement Course?

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Redness (rosacea) is a symptom caused by the proliferation of new blood vessels. Potenza is a treatment method that directly applies RF energy to the dermal layer where capillaries exist, suppresses new blood vessels that cause redness, and improves telangiectasia. In addition, by applying RF heat directly to the deep dermis layer of the skin, the skin’s natural healing ability is activated. Through the wound healing process, heat-affected fibroblasts rebuild collagen and improve skin quality.
Redness & skin quality improvement course 1 time for all face ¥50,500

Tightening (sagging) course
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Unlike other courses, the tightening course uses a needleless diamond tip for treatment. The diamond tip can deliver heat from the fat layer to the surface layer by emitting two types of RF (high frequency), a bipolar that transfers heat sideways and a monopolar that transfers heat in one direction.
[2 number of shots that can be selected according to the purpose] ・Full face 800 shots ¥80,000
・Subchin face line 500 shots ¥45,000

Commitment of Kyuen Clinic
1. Pricing that includes anesthetic cream and post-treatment growth factor pack Our prices include everything you need in advance.
Potenza (other than the tightening course) is painful and requires an anesthetic cream. In addition, since it is a highly invasive treatment, we will finish it with a pureage mask that contains a high concentration of growth factors.
2. Large amount of irradiation with an upper limit of 2,000 shots At our clinic, in order for our customers to feel the effect as high as possible, we will shoot a maximum of 2,000 shots within the time limit.
Since its introduction, please try Potenza, which is so popular that even our clinic is fully booked.

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