Kyushu Railway Co., Ltd. About “Fukuhoku Yutaka Line Festa 2022 in Nogata”

Kyushu Railway Company
About holding “Fukuhoku Yutaka Line Festa 2022in Nogata”

 We will hold the “Fukuhoku Yutaka Line Festa 2022 in Nogata” to express our gratitude for your patronage and to bring energy and smiles to everyone in the area.
Last year, from the perspective of preventing the spread of the new coronavirus infection, we limited the number of people by applying in advance. increase. We look forward to welcoming you.
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1 Event overview
(1) Date: December 3, 2022 (Sat) 10:00-16:00 *Last admission 15:00 (2) Venue: JR Kyushu Nogata Rolling Stock Center (nearest station: Nogata Station)
〒822-0034 278 Yamabe, Nogata City, Fukuoka Prefecture
(3) Entrance fee: 100 yen (for visitors aged 4 and over)
*Wristbands will be distributed.
(4) Event details
・Vehicle exhibition 885 series
・Experience-based event
Track survey (aluminum cart) experience, mini Shinkansen experience, driving simulator experience, railroad crossing course, departure sign commemorative photo,
 Head mark creation/shooting experience, pendulum experience/operating room tour ・Goods sales
 Railway Parts Auction, JR Kyushu Goods, Heisei Chikuho Railway Co., Ltd., Chikuho Electric Railway Co., Ltd.,
 JR Kyushu Farm Co., Ltd., Kyushu Tourism Organization, Hojuzan Furusatomura Co., Ltd.,
 Kataoka Sake Brewery, Michi-no-Eki Kanyusha Hikosan Exhibitor Cooperative (5) About experiential events
To participate in each event, a ticket (paid) is required in addition to the admission fee. Tickets (1,000 yen) will be sold at the venue reception, so please purchase in advance. In addition, the number of tickets used differs for each event.
*Tickets can only be paid in cash. In addition, payment in cash at each event booth is not possible.
*Additional tickets (100 yen per ticket) will be sold at the venue reception only for customers who have purchased one or more sets of tickets.
(6) Holding related events
With the cooperation of Nogata City and local residents, lunch boxes, baked sweet potatoes, takoyaki, curry-yaki, and other food and beverages are sold at Kurumayose in front of Nogata Station and Susakicho Park. We will hold related events such as There is no eating and drinking space in the Nogata Vehicle Center, so please come and visit us.
2 About the operation of special trains
A special train using the 885 series that will be on display on the day will run one round trip between Hakata Station and Nogata Station. (1) Operation time
Inbound Limited Express “Kaio No. 4” Departs Hakata Station at 08:17 ⇒ Arrives at Nogata Station at 09:18
Outbound Limited Express “Kaio No. 5” Departs Nogata Station at 16:00 ⇒ Arrives at Hakata Station at 17:14
(2) Stop station
Hakata Station, Yoshizuka Station, Katsuragawa Station, Iizuka Station, Shin-Iizuka Station, Nogata Station
(3) Seat type Example: Adult one-way travel from Hakata Station to Nogata Station
Green seat (Car No. 1) Bus ticket + Green seat limited express ticket 1,770 yen Non-reserved seat (cars 4-6) ticket + non-reserved seat limited express ticket 1,450 yen
(4) Release date
Sales will start from 14:00 on Tuesday, November 22, 2022.
3 About the sale of special tours
We will be selling special tours departing from and arriving at Hakata Station, so we are looking forward to your application.
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[Image 3d37933-329-e5df5cf1e1086ec1b536-2.jpg&s3=37933-329-b7b2e881fdd078fa92190aa3dec65899-1653x2339.jpg
4 About infection prevention measures
(1) Thorough wearing of masks (participating customers and staff) (2) Implementation of temperature measurement at reception and entrance (3) Hand disinfection and thorough disinfection of places that customers touch (4) Secure distance between people by installing foot markers, assigning guides, etc.
5 Others
(1) From the perspective of preventing the spread of the new coronavirus, eating and drinking are not permitted in the venue. (2) We are coordinating with companies around Nogata Station to hold related events.
(3) The event may be canceled or the content of the event may be changed due to the infection status of the new coronavirus or the influence of stormy weather.
[Image 4d37933-329-3f180a47d9f24c235a56-0.jpg&s3=37933-329-6bd425c04bde22120b2e603314ae5584-1654x2339.jpg
[Image 5d37933-329-7a21f2cddf05e3e22116-1.jpg&s3=37933-329-1a5a70d4f11645d3c3076063c0eacfd2-1653x2339.jpg
[Image 6d37933-329-2e7fe9558496c3e629b3-3.jpg&s3=37933-329-c3a6514a77a0f2126901c3d0373e9f2e-1654x2339.jpg

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