Kyushu Railway Co., Ltd. JR Kyushu Sub-Sook begins. ~JR Kyushu Group’s Subscription Service Demonstration Experiment~

Kyushu Railway Company
JR Kyushu Sub-Sook, starting. ~JR Kyushu Group’s Subscription Service Demonstration Experiment~

JR Kyushu, in collaboration with Toypo Co., Ltd., which provides an app platform that increases the number of repeat customers at restaurants and other stores, will start December 1, 2022 ( From Thursday), we will start demonstration experiments of subscription services and discounts that can be used in Hakata Station and the Fukuoka metropolitan area.
 Neuet Co., Ltd., JR Hakata City Co., Ltd., JR Kyushu Food Service Co., Ltd., JR Kyushu Fast Foods Co., Ltd., and Nurubon Co., Ltd. will participate in this initiative.
1 Service name
JR Kyushu subscription
[Image 1d37933-330-b5c8977e6db847058b9f-2.jpg&s3=37933-330-3a5a2c5d87df22737bc3f5d8baffe91d-800x450.jpg

2 Target customers
Customers who have a SUGOCA commuter pass
*You need to pay the monthly fee for this service separately from the commuter pass.
[Image 2d37933-330-b5cedf517cb052160558-1.jpg&s3=37933-330-73572ad4c3df48430bb08dde5d4bf2d5-2000x1292.jpg
3 Demonstration experiment period
Sales period: December 1, 2022 (Thursday) to March 31, 2023 (Friday) Service period: December 1, 2022 (Thursday) to April 30, 2023 (Sunday) *Available for purchase from Thursday, December 1, 2022.
* Payment will be automatically made one month after the date of purchase, and you can continue to use it after that.
*Products may be added, prices changed, or the offer may be discontinued. [Image 3d37933-330-d161b37921f2bf587241-3.png&s3=37933-330-11b437add68433ef2aeaa87dc13b41ed-1242x2208.png
4 How to use
1. Download “toypo” from the poster of this service or the dedicated QR code on the JR Kyushu website
2. Member registration: Enter the ID number (17-digit number starting with JK) etc. written on the back of the SUGOCA commuter pass 3. Start using after selecting and purchasing the desired product [Image 4d37933-330-5fcca46eda344808564c-5.png&s3=37933-330-33dce423f9731298c9c7a12d2fab5808-400x400.png
5 Product details
It can be used at JR Hakata Station and stores in the Fukuoka metropolitan area. * Products may be added, prices may be changed, or the offer may be discontinued.
[Image 5d37933-330-da157c973d687cdb200d-6.png&s3=37933-330-6a74cdea7ee1ed397225fc92f952e6f2-625x1033.png
[Image 6d37933-330-855c37ab3a19891b2b16-4.png&s3=37933-330-be1893aa21c8591257bf9c65058936e7-319x340.png
6 Others
Please see below for details.

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