Kyushu Railway Co., Ltd. That dream, together in Kyushu. Kyushu DREAM STATION “Nigiwai Partner” decided! !

Kyushu Railway Company
That dream, together in Kyushu. Kyushu DREAM STATION “Nigiwai Partner” decided! !

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(, which started in September 2021, received many applications and exchanged opinions with many people.
Among the applicants, we have decided to create a lively atmosphere starting from the station together with our company as a “Nigiwai Partner” in 2022 as follows in order to create a lively atmosphere in cooperation with our company. We will introduce you.
We will continue to work with those who have been selected as “Nigiwai Partners” to realize projects to “revitalize the region”. In the future, we will continue to operate “Kyushu DREAM STATION” with the aim of creating liveliness throughout Kyushu.
 Businesses who became “Nigiwai Partners” (in alphabetical order) [Image 3

[IFOO Co., Ltd.]
[Image 4

[Ofa Support Co., Ltd.]

[Image 5

[Sea Cruise Co., Ltd.]

[Image 6

[Social Welfare Corporation Nagayo Kosaikai]
Business start time (planned)
Aiming to start business from 2023
About the future
・Toward the realization of each business with “Nigiwai Partners”, we will continue to deepen our business content and aim to contribute to the creation and revitalization of the entire region through stations that are loved by everyone in the region.
・“Kyushu DREAM STATION” will continue to seek cooperation and exchange opinions with “Nigiwai Partners” other than the above in order to “revitalize the region”.
 Secretariat contact information
Kyushu Railway Company Railway Business Headquarters Sales Department Planning Section “Kyushu DREAM STATION Startup Secretariat”
Please contact us from “Contact Us” on the official website
About “Kyushu DREAM STATION”
JR Kyushu will launch the “Kyushu DREAM STATION” in September 2021 as a new initiative to create even more bustle, including the station and surrounding areas that are united with the region. office” was established. And from April 2022, we will start recruiting “Nigiwai Partners” who can collaborate with us to create liveliness.

Bustling partner companies (in alphabetical order)
(1) IFOO Co., Ltd.
Implementation station: Nippo Main Line Kirishima Jingu Station Business content: Renewal of Kirishima Jingu station building interior, maintenance of “tea room” (restaurant) in the station premises
Implementation period: Within fiscal 2023 (planned)
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Mr. Hideki Hachiman, President of IFOO Co., Ltd.
[Company profile of IFOO Co., Ltd.]
With the management philosophy of “[Onkoseishin] – Shining a light on the value buried in time -” A design company based in Kagoshima Prefecture that aims to reconvert and transmit the concept from planning to construction. In Kagoshima city, we operate “Hogetsu”, a luxury private lodging facility where you can stay while experiencing Kagoshima’s handicrafts and architectural culture with your five senses.

(2) Offer Support Co., Ltd.
Implementation station: Nichinan Line Aoshima Station
Business description: Tourism promotion project to the Aoshima area starting from Aoshima Station
Implementation period: Within fiscal 2023 (planned)
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Mr. Yukio Hattori, President of Offer Support Co., Ltd.
[Company Profile of Offer Support Co., Ltd.]
We are engaged in a wide range of businesses such as medical care, nursing care, welfare business, driving school service business, hotel business, taxi business, etc., mainly in Miyazaki Prefecture. With the management philosophy of “One For All”, “Employees and the company pursue the same vector”, and “Service that does not disappoint”, we always seek innovation in line with the times, and each business department We generate synergies and constantly think of new ideas that can only be done in a different industry.

(3) Sea Cruise Co., Ltd.
Implementation station: Misumi Line Misumi Station
Business content: Urban development of the entire area including Misumi East Port as well as Misumi Station
Implementation period: Within fiscal 2023 (planned)
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Mr. Kosuke Sezaki, President of Sea Cruise Co., Ltd.
[Company Profile of Sea Cruise Co., Ltd.]
A shipping company that operates the Hondo-Matsushima-Triangular regular liner “Amakusa Takarajima Line” and connects with our D&S train “Let’s go by A train”. Taking advantage of the location of Amakusa surrounded by the sea, in addition to the marina business and cruising business, in recent years he has been working on the town development business. We specialize in utilizing idle real estate in the region, and in 2019 we renovated a vacant building into a stay-type accommodation facility, Sea Cruise House Navio, and in 2021, we opened a glamping facility, Sea Cruise Glamping Kumamoto, which was a closed campsite. Amakusa” is also open as an accommodation business. In July 2021, the Hitoyoshi departure dock of Kumagawa Kudari Co., Ltd., a group company that was devastated by the Kumamoto torrential rains in July 2020, will be reopened as a tourist complex “HASSENBA”. It has received high praise as a symbol of the reconstruction of the disaster area.

(4) Social Welfare Corporation Nagayo Kosaikai
Implementation station: Nagasaki Main Line Nagayo Station
Business description: Partial outsourcing of station operations within Nagayo Station and planning and management of exhibitions, product sales events, etc. through employment support projects at community halls
Implementation period: Within fiscal 2023 (planned)
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Mr. Toru Sadamatsu, Chairman of Social Welfare Corporation Nagayo Kosaikai [Overview of Social Welfare Corporation Nagayo Kosaikai]
Keeping in mind “what we can do for the community and what we can do for society,” we will cooperate with special nursing homes for the elderly, medical institutions, and welfare facilities in Nagayo Town, Nagayo Prefecture, to support children from children. Developing a comprehensive life and culture business that cares for the thoughts, lives, and culture of each local resident, including the elderly.

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