Kyushu Railway Co., Ltd. The waiting booth design for 7 stations on the BRT Hikoboshi Line has been decided!

Kyushu Railway Company
The waiting booth design for 7 stations on the BRT Hikoboshi Line has been decided!

JR Kyushu has decided on the design of the waiting booths to be installed at seven stations on the BRT Hikoboshi Line (official name: Hitahikosan Line BRT), which will open in the summer of 2023, as follows.
 Waiting booths that express the characteristics of the region by using wood at each station provide a warm and friendly space for customers waiting for the arrival of the BRT.
The design is handled by a team composed mainly of young employees who are engaged in architectural work in-house. Each station has been created with passion so that it will continue to be loved as a symbol of the region. We will continue to prepare for the opening in the summer of 2023 while cooperating with local governments and related organizations.
Stations with waiting booths
[Soeda Town]
Soeda Station, Hikoyama Station
[Higashimine village]
Chikuzen Iwaya Station, Daigyoji Station, Mt. Hoju Station
[Hita City]
Otsuru Station, Imayama Station
At BRT stations other than the above, original station signs of the BRT Hikoboshi Line will be set up with the image of Soeda Town, Toho Village, and Hita City to create a sense of unity along the line. design
〇Soeda Station
Design concept: “Yamanami”
At Soeda Station, which is the starting and ending point of the BRT Hikoboshi Line, we will express the rich “yamanami” curve along the line with wood.
The combination of woods of different lengths and thicknesses creates a rhythmic landscape of overlapping mountains.
[Image 1d37933-333-ee517e6093eadd4d1e71-4.jpg&s3=37933-333-b7695c74498a2498a39c42b69c3cdfa9-1193x621.jpg
* We plan to install it under the roof of the Soeda Station platform. 〇Hikosan Station
Design concept: “Kin”
At Hikosan Station, which is located at the foot of Mt. Hiko, one of the three major Shugendo practices, the “tokin” that the monks wear on their heads is expressed in wood. This striking design conveys the history and culture of the area.
[Image 2d37933-333-5aff37039f5e39e030c8-6.jpg&s3=37933-333-05afc07c70063c0b020ab1beeaa735e0-1135x591.jpg
〇Chikuzen Iwaya Station
Design concept: “Meganebashi”
At Chikuzen Iwaya Station, the symbol of the BRT Hikoboshi Line, the “Megane Bridge”, will be expressed in wood.
It depicts the beauty and power of multiple arch bridges that connect regions. [Image 3d37933-333-7663976cb0c64def55f5-5.jpg&s3=37933-333-3627c8021cc2d9f0dba23b4934d0bca3-1110x578.jpg
〇Daigyōji Station
Design concept: “Koishiwarayaki”
At Daigyoji Station, the Koishiwara-yaki “tobi-kanna” pattern is expressed in wood.
The regular slits represent Tobikanna’s delicate and advanced technique. [Image 4d37933-333-2a245a935cc77668714f-2.jpg&s3=37933-333-a56f6155a74900c0b2943bd60a2e75ac-1219x634.jpg
〇Hoshuyama Station
Design concept: “Sakura”
At Houshuyama Station, the beautiful rows of cherry trees will be expressed with wood.
A cherry-colored transparent panel combined with wood expresses cherry blossom petals.
[Image 5d37933-333-a1736cc740639c249f5b-1.jpg&s3=37933-333-5342f74920b3989c1a3bb2230ef3d45f-1081x562.jpg
〇Otsuru Station
Design concept: “Sake masu”
At Otsuru Station, wood is used to represent the “sake masu”. The design is based on the image of stacked sake troughs and appeals to the region’s delicious sake.
[Image 6d37933-333-a14d0bb7fdc419a3976a-3.jpg&s3=37933-333-f2638f47f7d4e25192ffc4834b2e31cb-1471x767.jpg
〇Imayama Station
Design concept: “Taihi River / Mt. Crescent”
At Imayama Station, wood expresses the rich nature of the region. The beautiful curves of the Taihi River and Mt. Crescent are drawn by combining lumber with different lengths and thicknesses.
[Image 7d37933-333-32a5c3895b327a40e526-0.jpg&s3=37933-333-4a4ca74c2fd2d172bc2fe8e97d7d2056-1097x571.jpg
*All designs are images. Subject to change.
Future announcement items
We will inform you about the schedule, required time, fares, etc. as soon as they are decided.
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