laboratory Co., Ltd. Evolutionary skin care project “AGILE COSMETICS PROJECT” Collaboration POP UP event w ith Asano Twisting “Perfec10” The first Christmas limited collaboration kit will be released at the same time

laboratory Co., Ltd.
Evolutionary skin care project “AGILE COSMETICS PROJECT” Collaboration POP UP event with Asano Twisting “Perfec10” The first Christmas limited collaboration kit will be released at the same time

The brand “AGILE COSMETICS PROJECT” (Agile Cosmetics Project Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as “Agile Cosmetics”) pursues effects rather than images and updates quickly (agile) based on customer feedback. A POP UP event is being held at “Ms. Aoyama” for a limited time (November 26th to December 13th) in collaboration with Asano Twisting Co., Ltd.’s towel “Perfec10”, which prepares the skin beautifully. In addition, the Agile Cosmetics x Perfec10 Christmas limited set will be released from Saturday, November 26, 2022. In addition, on Saturday, December 3rd, a product experience talk show commemorating the collaboration will be held, making it a rich event.
A limited kit that includes skin care essential for moisturizing care in winter and a beauty towel that supports daily care is recommended as a reward for yourself or as a Christmas gift.
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■ Agile cosmetics x Perfec10 Christmas limited set
[Image 2

[Release date] Available in limited quantities from Saturday, November 26 [Price] 5,980 yen (tax included)
【set content】
White oil ver. 1.49 mini size
Clock Gene Essence ver. 2.04 mini size
Perfec10 for Face
Perfec10 hair band
Agile Cosmetics’ popular beauty essences, “White Oil” and “Clock Genetic Essence,” provide 360-degree omnidirectional care for numerous skin concerns, and “Perfec10” towels, which are soft to the touch and less burdensome to the skin. A set of special kits.
-Agile Cosmetics Project White Oil ver. 1.49-
Highly moisturizing oil serum that represents the brand. With a two-layer formula consisting of an oil layer and a water layer, it thoroughly moisturizes the skin from the inside*1, yet has a smooth feel that can be used in the morning and evening, regardless of the season. Provides both moisture and brightness*2.
*1) Up to stratum corneum *2) By moisturizing
-Agile Cosmetics Project Clock Gene Serum ver. 2.04-
A high-performance beauty essence that leads to healthy skin as if you had a good night’s sleep. During the day, it increases the moisture content of the skin to protect it from UV rays and environmental damage, and at night, it draws out the skin’s natural health and intensively treats the damage received during the day.
-Perfect 10 for Face-
A towel that was born as a new beauty tool for skin care, hair care, and body care at the same time. By applying the world’s first special twisting method “Super ZERO”, it is soft to the touch and light, and has excellent water absorption, quick drying, and durability. There is little burden on the skin, and it is close to the troubles of sensitive skin. Towel manufacturing was jointly developed with Imabari’s prestigious “Masaoka Towel” founded in 1921.
Official website:
■ Collaboration POP UP event for a limited time
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[Holding period] November 26th (Sat)-December 13th (Tue)
[Venue] Ms. Aoyama
1F, Akutagawa Aoyama Building, 5-7-21 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo [Business period] 11: 00-19: 00 (closed on Mondays)
A POP UP event will be held at Ms. Aoyama, where various towels such as the beauty towel “Perfec10” and the long-selling luxury towel “Air Kaoru” will be selected. You can pick up and try all items of agile cosmetics, including a limited Christmas collaboration kit.
In addition, a product experience talk show will be held to
commemorate the collaboration.
-Product experience talk show-
Agile Cosmetics and Perfec10 will give you a chance to hear about skin care tips using a collaboration kit, how to choose a towel, and other unique talks and product experiences.
[Date and time] Saturday, December 3, 14:00~
■ Asano Twisted Yarn
Founded in 1967, we are a twisted yarn processing company with the world’s highest level of twisted yarn processing technology and know-how. The high-performance towel “Air Kaoru”, which has excellent water absorption and a unique fluffy feeling, has shipped more than 14 million sheets * 1, and has been the top seller in the bath and toiletry category for 13 consecutive years.
*1) As of the end of June 2022
Official website:
The Agile Cosmetics Project is an evolutionary skin care project that pursues effects rather than image, and continues to update your skin aiming for the ultimate skin. Carefully selected natural ingredients with abundant usefulness, simple and easy to use, power item design that brings a certain response to the skin, quickly (agile) while incorporating customer feedback, and responding to the needs of the time. Updated to fit.
In this era where beauty standards are diversifying beyond gender, age and nationality, we are sincerely working to face every customer’s skin one-on-one without being bound by stereotypes, and even use this every day. If you use it, you don’t have to think about your skin, and it will give you a natural and comfortable skin.
■Company Profile
Company name: laboratory Co., Ltd.
Location: Hillside Terrace F-201, 18-8 Sarugakucho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0033 Official website:
Instagram: Twitter:
Details about this release:


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