Lana Router Co., Ltd. Free hair removal in three places “# Hair removal gram” Shibuya, Yotsuya 3-chome, Musashi Kosugi, Hiratsuka store “ Carrying Gen with hair removal! Transfer Discount Campaign”

Ranaluta Co., Ltd.
[Free hair removal in three places] “# Hair removal gram” Shibuya, Yotsuya 3-chome, Musashi Kosugi, Hiratsuka store “-Rooster city-hair removal! Transfer Discount Campaign” -Transfer Discount-

(Currently free for the first time)
#hair removal gram Yotsuya store
#hair removal gram shibuya store
#Hair Removal Gram Utsunomiya
#Hair Removal Gram Nagano City Store
#hair removal gram Naha Shintoshin Omoromachi store
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#Hair removal gram, which is currently conducting a free hair removal campaign at three locations for the first time, will carry out a special project in November.
Hair removal salons are becoming more and more popular with the times. Which salon do you prefer? ? I think it’s a lot of people who are worried about it. That’s why the campaign! In honor of the Rooster Market, hair removal is the way to go! “Autumn Transfer Discount Campaign”” is held for a limited number of 10 people! We will start accepting LINE reservations on the official website.
The campaign period starts at 10:00 on November 6th! Please take advantage of this opportunity.
-Tori no Ichi-Hair loss! What is the content of the “Autumn Transfer Discount Campaign”? ?
The hair removal salon I go to doesn’t get rid of unwanted hair… Difficult to book…
I don’t want to go because of the pain…
Poor access to shops
It takes too much time, don’t take it lightly
I don’t like the store staff…
I often hear that there are many people who are dissatisfied with the hair removal salon they go to.
Therefore! Only for those who are currently going to other hair removal salons “Transfer discount! I will pay half price for hair removal! ]-Guidance at half price for the whole body course-
Also, as a special gift for visiting the store, you can get free hair removal for 3 parts of your choice!
The half-price campaign can be used in conjunction with the “first 3 free hair removal campaigns”, and to qualify for the campaign, just tell us about this at the time of booking. It is a combination campaign with the lowest price nationwide!
Features of #hair removal gram
#Hair removal gram incorporates a hair removal method using the latest NPL hair removal device.
It is effective not only for black hair, but also for downy hair, soft hair, gray hair, and blond hair, and there is no need to worry about pain or burns.
Since it approaches the bulge area, which is closer to the skin than the hair root, with a gentler light than before, hair can be removed once every two weeks regardless of the hair cycle, so hair removal can be completed in as little as half a year, which is 1/3 of the visit period of other salons. Completion is the biggest feature!
Click here for the atmosphere of each store
#hair removal gram shibuya store
[Image 2d69555-1083-3046aa03a63fa5acdcdd-1.jpg&s3=69555-1083-5805e433a2e0871f8f68ffff12d4093c-750x562.jpg
#hair removal gram Yotsuya 3-chome store
[Image 3d69555-1083-c8054b766ff3fc71a330-0.jpg&s3=69555-1083-385053257b8943a01f3f99cd6dba17cb-1478x1108.jpg
#Hair Removal Gram Musashi Kosugi
[Image 4d69555-1083-c333960da8125b7d4563-2.jpg&s3=69555-1083-de3ea147cc6a2b5dd06ea2cfef24f58f-1478x1108.jpg
#hair removal gram hiratsuka store
[Image 5d69555-1083-8fc0e8d72e661b0209cf-3.jpg&s3=69555-1083-7ce170ecd0cfb5f98d47d130ff80e903-1706x960.jpg
If you’re aiming for perfect smooth skin without skin trouble, I recommend #hair removal gram!
This hair removal salon is recommended not only for those who are new to hair removal, but also for those who have not been able to get satisfactory results even after going to other salons, or for those who have gone bankrupt. !
Introducing the latest equipment! Almost painless!
Overwhelming speed! 30 minutes for the whole body!
Completed with 1/3 the number of visits compared to other salons! No unreasonable solicitations!
The ease of making a reservation is the best!
Reservations and inquiries are easy on LINE
Those who are new to hair removal, those who are worried about unwanted hair that does not disappear, those who have strong pain, and those who do not want to take time
Leave it to the #hair removal gram! We will support you with any worries, so please contact us first ������‍♀️
First time free #hair removal gram
[Image 6d69555-1083-7b91d8d8e9d3ddb424d0-6.jpg&s3=69555-1083-1d2b95fe723c02130cf8f6acef278f3d-1000x500.jpg
#hair removal gram shibuya store
#hair removal gram Yotsuya 3-chome store
#hair removal gram kashiwa store
#hair removal gram Naha Shintoshin Omoromachi store
#Hair Removal Gram Nagano City Store
Click here for men (currently 1000 yen for the first time)
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#Men’s hair removal gram Shibuya store
#Men’s hair removal gram Ginza store
#Men’s hair removal gram Shin-Kawasaki/Kashimada store
#Men’s hair removal gram Hiratsuka store
#Men’s hair removal gram Musashi Kosugi
#Men’s hair removal gram Utsunomiya store
#Men’s hair removal gram Nagano city store
#Men’s hair removal gram Ota City, Gunma Prefecture
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