Lancome Delivered by Mika and Momoko Kawakami! Insta live “How to make your own best skin with Lancôme Absolu e” will be delivered

Delivered by Mika & Momoko Kawakami! Insta live “How to make your own best skin with Lancôme Absolue” will be delivered
November 24th (Thursday) 20:00- Delivery start

[Image 1d12459-176-ed8feb263cea2192e31a-0.jpg&s3=12459-176-3ba268432c234c507482c65061ec3c3b-2365x1773.jpg
Japan L’Oreal Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Jean-Pierre Chariton), a Japanese subsidiary of the world’s largest cosmetics company L’Oreal Group, will launch Lancome, a luxury cosmetics brand, on November 24, 2022 (Thursday). From 20:00, Instagram LIVE will be held by Mika, a model who is supported by many women, and Momoko Kawakami, who is widely active as a beauty writer! Mika & Momoko Kawakami will be streamed simultaneously from their respective Instagram accounts. (details below)
In this live show, which fully conveys the charm of the Absolue series, which is the supreme premium line of Lancome, we will talk about “How to make your own best skin with Lancome Absolue” under the theme of “Blissful Reward (Heart) Beauty”. I’ll enjoy having this. In addition, we will also introduce the benefits and charms of “Absolut Christmas Coffret”, which is on sale in limited quantities from November 2nd. In addition, as a live viewing privilege, we will carry out a special campaign to present “Absolu Soft Cream” to two people selected by two performers from among those who commented during the live.
■ Insta Live Implementation Overview
・ Delivery date and time: November 24, 2022 (Thursday) 20: 00-20: 50 ・Distribution account: We will distribute from the following 2 accounts at the same time.
1. Mika’s Instagram (@mikaofficial99)
2. Momoko Kawakami Instagram (@ momoko.kawakami.29)
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model. Born September 9, from Hokkaido. Type O.
She is also active on the covers of many women’s magazines such as “Bijin Momoka”, “Bi ST”, “and GIRL”, and “STORY”. In addition to being an image model for advertisements, he also collaborates with apparel brands and talk shows, and has published seven books.
Next spring, the book will be published for the first time in 10 years.

[Image 3d12459-176-a2e11e2d8e19b545e5e0-2.jpg&s3=12459-176-b5b0961b0ccf80efdcae6261b057b743-883x1220.jpg
Momoko Kawakami
Born in 1974. At the age of 37, he became a writer after applying for the magazine “STORY”. Focusing on women’s magazines, she deals with genres such as fashion, beauty, and entertainment. The Instagram live that started in 2018 has become popular, and now it is expanding its activities such as product development and event appearances.

Live limited campaign: Two people selected by Mika and Kawakami from those who commented during the live will receive “Absolu Soft Cream”. During the LIVE, one person will be selected from each account of Mika and Kawakami. The secretariat will contact the winners via DM. ■ A Twitter campaign where you can get “Absolu Soft Cream” is also held! Lancôme official Twitter will hold a retweet campaign. Follow the official Lancome Twitter account and retweet the target campaign post to complete the application.
We will present “Absolu Soft Cream” to one person by lottery. Furthermore, if you post a quote retweet about “the blissful reward beauty that you want to challenge yourself”, the probability of winning will increase.
Campaign implementation period: November 22, 2022 (Tuesday) 20:00 to November 30, 2022 (Wednesday) 23:59
Recruitment details: Follow the Lancome official Twitter account (@Lancome_JP) and complete the application by retweeting the target campaign tweet.
Number of winners: 1 person
way to participate:
1. Follow Lancome official Twitter account (@Lancome_JP)
2. Retweet the target campaign tweet and complete the application If you post a quote retweet about “the blissful reward beauty that you want to challenge yourself”, the winning rate will increase. 3. Winners will be contacted by direct message from Lancome official Twitter account (@Lancome_JP)
About the Absolue Series ( The Absolue series, the supreme premium line of Lancôme, was launched in 1965 by focusing on the beauty power of rose and combining it with the power of the latest science. Contains carefully selected ingredients such as the special rose “Lancome Rose * 1”, which was selected from among 20,000 varieties for its beauty and vitality, and the supreme texture such as Absolue soft cream, which is popular for its blissful texture. Premium line. This series is full of commitment to uncompromising beauty realized through repeated research. *1 Skin conditioning ingredient: Hybrid rose flower extract, except for some products.
■ About “Absolu Christmas Coffret”
(Absolu Soft Cream Christmas Coffret/Absolu Rich Cream Christmas Coffret) [Image 5d12459-176-2207aeb65fc3313304d7-3.jpg&s3=12459-176-4dc9801130704a00001f3dd7bed1bf5a-2048x2048.jpg
A limited number of kits that allow you to purchase “Absolu Soft Cream” or “Absolu Rich Cream” (regular package) and try Lancôme’s top-notch skin care line “Absolu” will be on sale. A blissful treatment experience at home. Please try it on your skin for a sweet feeling that resonates with your skin. For this special season, evoke a breathtaking beauty with Absolue.
【Product information】
・ Absolue Soft Cream Christmas Coffret (Price including tax: 42,020 yen) ・ Absolue Rich Cream Christmas Coffret (Price including tax: 42,020 yen) 【Product details】
・Absolu Soft Cream Christmas Coffret
[Image 5d12459-176-2207aeb65fc3313304d7-3.jpg&s3=12459-176-4dc9801130704a00001f3dd7bed1bf5a-2048x2048.jpg
Absolue soft cream 60mL (cream/item item)
Absolue Soft Cream 15mL (Cream/Sample)
Absolue Rich Cream 15mL (Cream/Sample)
Absolue Eye Cream 5mL (eye cream/sample)
Absolue Eye Serum 5mL (eye serum/sample)
* Depending on the purchase channel, the presence or absence of a gift box and the design will differ.
・ Absolue Rich Cream Christmas Coffret
[Image 6d12459-176-7c00445ab14c549ce513-4.jpg&s3=12459-176-374d7780c5d38d987166281ab5dbbfa4-800x800.jpg
Absolue Rich Cream 60mL (cream/item item)
Absolue Soft Cream 15mL (Cream/Sample)
Absolue Rich Cream 15mL (Cream/Sample)
Absolue Eye Cream 5mL (eye cream/sample)
Absolue Eye Serum 5mL (eye serum/sample)
■ About Lancome (
A popular luxury brand owned by Japan L’Oreal.
Founded in 1935 by the visionary pioneer Armand Petitjean, Lancome quickly became the epitome of beauty, with the aim of sharing the spirit and taste of French elegance with the world. I grew up. Now, more than ever, Lancôme hopes that all women, regardless of age or skin color, will be able to flourish and maximize their beauty and femininity.
Lancôme operates in 135 countries and employs approximately 20,000 Beauty Advisors in retail outlets around the world to deliver sophisticated service and signature products. Combining scientific expertise with a desire to meet women’s needs, Lancôme continues to create unique innovations where skincare, makeup and fragrance complement each other. Lancôme encourages all women to shine with confidence and open up a happier future. To spread this idea, Lancôme has enlisted the following charismatic and highly successful women to represent the brand: Julia Roberts, Penélope Cruz, Lupita Nyong’o, Lily Collins, Isabella Rossellini, Zendaya Coleman, Amanda Seyfried. In partnership with the non-governmental organization Care, Lancôme has launched the global support program Write Her Future. This initiative aims to improve the literacy rate of women in countries around the world, and in Japan, a project aimed at improving digital literacy was launched in September 2021 and is continuing its activities.
■About Japan L’Oreal (
L’Oréal has been operating in Japan since 1963, and Japan L’Oréal Co., Ltd. was established in 1996. As of the end of 2021, we have 2,270 employees, and as of June 2022, we handle 18 brands. We import, manufacture, sell and market cosmetics.
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