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Brand’s first Hi-Fi portable speaker with adaptive cross stereo
For the first time, Devialet’s dedicated engineering team brings its cutting-edge technology into a top-of-the-range portable speaker. Realizes 360° omnidirectional stereo sound that adapts to any location [Image 1d41252-6-53fa36c2ee4f5eb94e1e-0.png&s3=41252-6-576cbdc08302cb4259f68e6b632eae8e-2526x1786.png
[Image 2d41252-6-b7b7076ac16c0adbc0b2-11.png&s3=41252-6-e7530be87b550da6ef7125afef523aaf-1930x1086.png
On November 16, 2022, Devialet announced the appearance of a new product “Devialet Mania”.
Sales will start on December 8, 2022.
Devialet Mania, Devialet’s first portable speaker, delivers stunning stereo sound through a luxurious design.
With Devialet Mania, Devialet Mania combines Devialet’s suite of cutting-edge technologies in an intelligent design, breaking barriers in portable audio. Designed with innovation and existing technology, Devialet Mania adapts sound to the space in which the speaker is placed for a truly unleashed sound.
Devialet CEO Franck Lebouchard said:
“Devialet Mania is an important step towards this goal, bringing our proprietary technology to a portable speaker for the first time. I’m using it.The best sound has been released.”
Master in Metamorphose: Pioneering Techniques to Create Personalized Sounds Equipped with two unique technologies, the Devialet Mania delivers 360° omnidirectional sound in a compact, portable style. It creates a truly unrivaled sound experience.
[Image 3d41252-6-9cdbaad061be8d19705d-10.jpg&s3=41252-6-f7294919f01a018dd82e320f3a50d7c9-3900x3900.jpg

ASC (Active Stereo Calibration) uses four microphones and built-in intelligence, allowing Devialet Mania to automatically adapt its audio rendering to its surroundings.
Place the Devialet Mania in the center of the room and it will automatically activate 360 ​​degree stereo mode.
When placed near a wall, the two rear full-range speakers work to seamlessly reinforce the two front speakers, creating an open and powerful soundstage for the ultimate portable listening experience. . [Image 4d41252-6-0f5d03f590dafcb23e2b-3.jpg&s3=41252-6-57683b054d433e4f531a39c5e04a2c98-2160x2428.jpg
Equipped with four full-range drivers and two push-push subwoofers equipped with SAM(R) (Speaker Active Matching), the Devialet Mania has a frequency range ranging from 30Hz to 20,000Hz. It delivers powerful stereo sound. Again, this is a feat of audio engineering by Devialet’s world-class team.
[Image 5d41252-6-48456d4f5a2d629fca7c-4.jpg&s3=41252-6-a5af9e2fa57380893d5fecb64c88ec14-2160x2428.jpg
Devialet Mania is currently the only product in the portable speaker market that offers both stereo rendering and real-time acoustic mapping. Combined with echo cancellation and cross-stereo
architecture, this delivers a truly superior listening experience anytime, anywhere.
[Image 6d41252-6-f4ddbe45dedfe817df9f-2.jpg&s3=41252-6-f2d9fdce7f49ee272c77f7759d38640c-3900x2925.jpg
elegant anywhere
Devialet Mania pays homage to Devialet’s iconic Phantom series with its distinctive architecture. Its sophisticated spherical design and fine fabrics reflect our desire to bridge the gap between luxury and innovation. At just 170mm high and weighing 2.3kg, the Devialet Mania comes in black and gray with a stylish handle for easy portability. It has been meticulously designed to blend in perfectly with its surroundings, indoors and out.
[Image 7d41252-6-d8eb2825ea11fdd58260-5.jpg&s3=41252-6-87dd411e8faef8f94ea7cf20257eba31-1080x1350.jpg
Expanding on its long-standing partnership with the Opéra National de Paris, the Devialet Mania range also includes an Opera model clad in 24 carat moon gold and comes with a charging station for convenient docking.
[Image 8d41252-6-43ee243f035b34f73d7b-6.jpg&s3=41252-6-1de71511522124b7daf29f1eeb1c81ee-2730x1536.jpg
The charging station is also available separately for Devialet Manias other than Opera models. 11,900 yen (tax included)
[Image 9d41252-6-60f80767cd62140805e2-7.jpg&s3=41252-6-660a048cbed6d7756ecc7df4667039a6-1875x1407.jpg
seamless streaming
Devialet Mania features dual streaming capabilities (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth 5.0). It supports Spotify Connect and Airplay 2 and runs (via the Devialet app) on DOS2, the same software ecosystem as the Devialet Phantom and Devialet Dione.
With IPX4 water resistance, 10 hours of battery life at moderate volume, and electrostatic buttons, Devialet Mania brings a smooth user experience you can share with whoever you are with, wherever you go. Starting today, we will be accepting pre-orders for Devialet Mania. Price 139,000 yen (tax included) Deep Black / Deep Black
179,000 yen (tax included) Opera de Paris
Reservations and purchases can be made on the Devialet official website, directly managed stores, and retail stores listed in the store list (
Directly managed store
Devialet Ginza Six store |
Devialet Isetan Shinjuku Store |
[Image 10d41252-6-ff4b7e5626ea0f00f8d1-9.png&s3=41252-6-8d811a86d6c20d7bf2a8b89007a8e6ec-3900x598.png
Founded in 2007, Devialet is an audio technology company that seeks to combine luxury with cutting-edge technology.
Its mission is to raise the position of sound in our lives.
Award-winning products such as the Expert Pro amplifier and the Phantom connected speaker incorporate numerous patented technologies. Typical examples of proprietary patents include ADH(R) (first pioneer patent filed in 2004) and SAM(R), a number of acoustic and
microelectronic technologies. ADH(R) (Analog Digital Hybrid) is a technology that works by simultaneously providing the sophistication and linearity of analog (Class A) and the power and compactness of digital (Class D). SAM(R) (Speaker Active Matching) optimizes speaker operation by measuring and converting the operation of speaker units into data.
World-class Devialet engineers use their own innovations to create an outstanding sound experience by combining unparalleled sound quality with sleek modern design. While continuing to develop its own products, Devialet has also stepped up its licensing since 2017, leveraging its know-how and technology to provide its partners with custom-made acoustic solutions.

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