Lawson Bank, Ltd. About the start of “smartphone ATM” service at Lawson Bank ATM of Shimane Bank

Lawson Bank, Ltd.
Shimane Bank Launches Smartphone ATM Service at Lawson Bank ATMs
Shimane Bank, Ltd. (Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture, President: Yoshio Suzuki, hereinafter “Shimane Bank”) and the Bank will use Shimane Bank’s smartphone app (hereinafter “Shimagin App”) to make payments at Lawson Bank ATMs without using a card. The “Smartphone ATM” service, which allows deposits and withdrawals, has started on November 21, 2022 (Monday).
This service uses our “smartphone ATM (QR deposit/withdrawal)”*1 service. Shimane Bank customers need to set up smartphone ATM transactions in advance using the Shimagin app, then use their cards. Instead, you can deposit and withdraw by using the Shimagin app and scanning the QR code*2 displayed at Lawson Bank ATMs. This time, more than 13,500 Lawson Bank ATMs nationwide will be able to use smartphone ATM transactions, further improving convenience for customers. Based on our corporate philosophy of “We create a happy community where everyone lives together,” the Bank will focus on providing services that contribute to the improvement of customer convenience. *1 “Smartphone ATM” is a registered trademark of Seven Bank, Ltd. *2 QR code is a trademark or registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED. ■How to use
Customers of Shimane Bank can deposit and withdraw money by reading the QR code displayed on the Lawson Bank ATM with the Shimagin app and entering the displayed company number and PIN.
Please also refer to this video for how to use the “Smartphone ATM” service. For withdrawal:
For deposit:
[For withdrawals]

[For withdrawals]
that’s all
Details about this release:


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