Lead Edge Consulting Co., Ltd. Lead Edge Consulting focuses on the “increase in related population” using NFT and declares that it will work on regional revitalization.

Lead Edge Consulting Co., Ltd.
Lead Edge Consulting focuses on “increase in related population” using NFT and declares that it will work on regional revitalization -Regional revitalization x Becoming a leading NFT company-

Lead Edge Consulting Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Takayuki Shoji) has started efforts to increase the population of local governments concerned.

In response to the depopulation of rural areas becoming more serious due to the declining birthrate, aging population, and population outflow to the city center, Lead Edge Consulting focuses on the “increase in related population” using Web3 and NFT, and is working on regional revitalization. I declare that I will go.
We believe that the realization and revitalization of economic circulation is indispensable to solve the current local problems such as the decrease in population, industry and resources. In order to realize more active economic circulation and revitalize the region, it is necessary to increase the number of people involved. Unfortunately, there are still not many examples, and there are considerable hurdles to implementing measures that directly lead to population growth. Therefore, “Increase in the related population” is attracting attention as an initiative that utilizes NFT in the industry and world view called Web3.
To briefly explain some of the features of NFT, there is an aspect that it is like a membership card that cannot be duplicated and can be rented, borrowed, and traded. By utilizing these technologies, it will be possible to digitally issue membership cards, coupons, discount tickets, visit certificates, purchase/tax payment certificates, etc. that can only be used locally at a low cost online.
As an example, by issuing this certificate as a digital resident card and giving the purchaser or holder the rights, benefits, and obligations of being a resident, even those who do not live in the local area can strongly support the local government. Increased chances of continued interest and interest. In other words, this means an increase in the related population.
One of the features is that it is possible to adopt a free method for issuing certificates, such as limited issuance, auction format, and distribution as a return gift for hometown tax.
By increasing the number of people who obtain NFT certificates, we will increase the number of people involved by attracting interest, build a unique community (ecosystem), and eventually lead to an increase in the directly involved population through visits and immigration. This is the first step in our proposed approach to regional revitalization.
[From NFT Division Sales Manager Ota]
At our company, which has many people from rural areas, we believe that being involved in regional revitalization in the main business of Web3 and NFT, and being able to help revitalize the region with the skills and know-how we have cultivated, is the greatest joy. increase. In regional revitalization efforts, which have few examples of great success, we will sincerely face the project as a bridge to create new signs.
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https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdf58hQ3cl2rE0REDN3FdF-nN8NxlT0NdkHQ5bnvGe9exPgrA/viewform [About Lead Edge Consulting Co., Ltd.]
“Transform all ‘things’ into ‘assets'”
Lead Edge Consulting is developing multiple businesses centered on the three Web areas with the aim of delivering the value of “everything” in the world to the world through the power of digital.
We are working on the development and provision of products and solutions, including NFT’s mass adoption SaaS “NFT Distribution-kun (provisional)” and NFT marketplace “LEADEDGE”.
■ Achievements
Selected as one of the “High-Growth Companies Asia-Pacific 2022” by Financial Times (UK) & Statista (Germany)
Numerous media publications such as Nikkei and Toyo Keizai
Accompanying many corporate and enterprise Web3 projects
Operate multiple dApps centered on the NFT marketplace
Develop business in various fields such as Web3/Fitness/D2C/IP
[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/29349/table/45_1_4c302a25040cf7cc89b424f5a548e07c.jpg ]

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