Lean on Me Co., Ltd. Exceeded 1,000 contents of e-learning “Special Learning” dedicated to welfare for peo ple with disabilities

Lean on Me Co., Ltd.
The number of e-learning “Special Learning” content for welfare for persons with disabilities exceeds 1,000

“Lean on Me Co., Ltd.” (Lean on Me, Headquarters: Takatsuki City, Osaka Prefecture, CEO: Shunsuke Shimura), which solves social issues with Inkuru Tech*, is a welfare service for people with disabilities that provides The number of contents in the dedicated e-learning “Special Learning” has exceeded 1,000.
* Inklu Tech is a coined word that combines inclusion and technology, and means technology that realizes inclusion of diversity among social issues now that interest in SDGs is increasing.
Since the launch of the service, many people who are leading the front line of the disability welfare industry have appeared as lecturers, including Toshio Matsugami, chairman of Hokusetsu Suginokokai, and Seiji Nakayama, representative of the autism e-service.
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What we have provided is the philosophy and history that you should know about working in welfare for people with disabilities, as well as specific skills and considerations that are useful for on-site support based on an understanding of the characteristics of disabilities. We have delivered over 1,000 pieces of content to help with human resource development and team management.
Aiming for the vision of “creating a city friendly to people with disabilities”, we will continue to work closely with our supporters to provide content that meets the needs of the field.
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■ List of contents so far
Below are the titles of the content.
If you haven’t seen it yet, or if you are interested, please search for it on Special Learning.
We also provide samples of past videos on our YouTube channel. If you are thinking of introducing a service, please see this as well. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJdlQ7qmmmyAEScQ52qHkZg
SL1 Basic etiquette training for disabled welfare
SL2 What is the autism “spectrum”?
How to prevent injuries and accidents at SL3 facilities?
SL4 Go to the hospital for medication for infection… Protect the health of users
SL5 Disability rights and work environment
SL6 Attitude and responses to people with disabilities
SL7 Site management and site management
SL8 Roles and Services of Social Welfare Corporations
SL9 Think again Advocacy and Abuse
SL10 Don’t view it as taboo Sex and support for people with disabilities SL11 Employment program for persons with disabilities to keep in mind SL12 SP My Brother with Down Syndrome – His Daily Life and Considerations SL13 Employment support course 1. Attitude and precautions
SL14 Employment support course 2. Work style according to disability characteristics
SL15 Employment support course 3. What is mental disability employment? SL16 Employment support course 4. Employment troubles and points to note SL17 Necessary for Reiwa! ICT utilization method for welfare for persons with disabilities
SL18 How group homes work and how to use them
SL19 Disabled Welfare Issues and Recommendations for the Future SL20 Severe Severe Impairment in Autism Cases and Understanding SL21 SP Handicapped Brothers – Troubles of Another Person
SL22 Practice Now! New corona countermeasures at offices
SL23 Roles of residential facilities and on-site support
SL24 Life care troubles and support 1.
SL25 Life care troubles and support 2.
SL26 Support for people with autism in group homes
SL27 Preparation and mindset for “after parental loss” to think about while parents are still alive
SL28 Welcome content for new employees
SL29 Developmental disability support supervisor training training SL30 Children’s growth and the importance of “rehabilitation” from a parent’s perspective
SL31 Help Together, Live Together ~Role of disability insurance~ SL32 Group homes are “homes for each individual”
SL33 Leisure activities when going out…Smooth movement support Basic course SL34 Disabled welfare system and required understanding
SL35 Focusing on Job Satisfaction ~Support Guidelines for Type B Businesses~ SL36 From the field of after-school day service -Understanding and support for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities- SL37 Necessity of employment assessment and how to make a concrete plan SL38 Let’s walk in Osaka with people with Down syndrome Buddy Walk Kansai 2021 ~Kizuna~
SL39 Abuse Prevention Becomes “Mandatory” – Asking an Abuse Prevention Specialist Who Was Participated in the Establishment of “Systems and Significance”
SL40 Abuse prevention becomes mandatory
SL41 Buddy Walk Tokyo 2022 Talk Session~
SL42 Role of supporters learned from “laws and systems”
SL43 The Role of Supporters Learned from “Laws and Systems”
SL44 Medicine course for people with disabilities
SL45 Disabled Welfare Current Events Input Monthly Inclu Tech News! April issue SL46 Supporters also want to know Epilepsy measures and
characteristics of seizures
SL47 One-day close contact with a young man with Down syndrome SL48 Disabled Welfare Current Events Input Monthly Inkru Tech News! April issue SL49 Employment Support x Medical Cooperation Manual – Aim! Employment rate/retention rate doubled~
SL50 Tell me, Mr. Nakayama! Collection of cases of behavioral disorders and improvement techniques (1)
SL51 User Round-table Discussion (1) – Special Learning How do you see it? How can I help you? ~
SL52 Disabled Welfare News Topics Input Monthly Inclu Tech News! June issue SL53 Manners and Rules for “Participants” Working at Companies and Special Subsidiaries (Persons with Intellectual Disabilities Edition) SL54 Six years after the “Yamayuri En Incident”…Abuse and facilities with the victim’s family
I went to SL55 ~Coffee roasting workshop where people with higher brain dysfunction work~
SL56 “Invisible sequelae”…Characteristics and causes of higher brain dysfunction SL57 Disabled welfare current affairs material Input Monthly Inclu Tech News! July issue
SL58 Highly recommended work facility! Special product ~ Lara Chocolat SL59 What about theme parks? What about meals? Close coverage of the movement support site!
SL60 It’s tough in your 30s! ? Challenges and Future as a Supporter/Leader SL61 Disabled Welfare Current Events Input Monthly Inclu Tech News! August issue SL62 “Unnoticed symptoms”…Employment and rehabilitation of higher brain dysfunction
SL63 Our facility is amazing here! “Machida Ikuseikai”
SL64 Tell me, Nakayama-san! Case studies of problems at support sites 2. (Part 1)
SL65 [Part 1] “Sexual troubles and how to deal with them”
SL66 Disabled Welfare News Topics Input Monthly Inclu Tech News! September issue SL67 Can be used on site! Helpful! Low back pain prevention measures SL68 Risk management of welfare facilities and the role of insurance in the corona crisis
SL69 [Part 2] “Sexual troubles and how to deal with them” that occur at the site of “Hodai”
SL70 I understand so far! Latest Corona measures 2022 for disabled welfare facilities
◆ About “Special Learning”
This is an online training service where employees of social welfare corporations and employees of general companies that actively employ people with disabilities can learn the knowledge necessary to support people with disabilities through Internet videos. .
By selecting and learning (watching) the knowledge (content) that you need now when you stumble in your daily support, we will support you so that you can actually provide appropriate support.
◆ About Lean On Me Co., Ltd.
Company name: Lean on Me Co., Ltd.
Location: (Headquarters) 5-1-1-502 Haginosho, Takatsuki City, Osaka Prefecture 569-0093
(Osaka branch office) GH, 8th floor, Shin-Nakajima Building, 1-9-20 Nishinakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 532-0011
TEL: 072-648-4438
Established: April 1, 2014
Capital: 291.8 million yen (including reserves)
Representative: Shunsuke Shimura
URL: https://leanonme.co.jp
Business content: e-learning for welfare for people with disabilities “Special Learning”

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