Leave all New Year’s card printing to the post office We have many designs from standard to unique!

General printing service secretariat of post office
[Leave all New Year’s card printing to the post office] We have many designs from standard to unique!
-Early registration is still advantageous! Up to 25% off printing fee until December 7, 2020 (Wednesday) ~

Started ordering New Year’s card printing in 2023 on the New Year’s card printing site “Post Office Comprehensive Printing Service”. More than 750 types of New Year’s card designs.
We have a large number of popular characters and specially processed designs that cannot be expressed with normal printing.
We also carry out campaigns that offer up to 25% discounts when using membership discounts and multiple discounts.
In addition, new services have been added for members from this year, making it possible to place orders more quickly and easily.
* “Post office comprehensive printing service”
Official website: https://jppostshop.page.link/nenga
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A popular character that is attracting attention now appears in New Year’s card printing at the post office!
We have developed a wide variety of designs such as New Year’s cards of the character “Chikawa” currently being broadcast on TV and long-selling biscuits “Tabekko Animal” in the shape of cute animals. We have both illustration type and photo type, so you can choose according to your purpose.
[Image 2

[Image 3

Click here for a list of character New Year’s cards such as Chikawa https://jppostshop.page.link/character
Click here for details of Tabekko Animal New Year’s cards
Win a gift of your choice! We are carrying out photo New Year’s card campaign At the post office New Year’s card printing, 450 people who ordered photo New Year’s cards during the period will be given a “selectable gift (e-Gift)” by lottery.
The campaign period is from September 1, 2022 (Thursday) to January 6, 2023 (Friday).
The campaign is for photo New Year’s cards and data manuscript New Year’s cards that are created by uploading a customer’s photo. For details such as how to apply, please check the campaign page of “Post Office Comprehensive Printing Service”.
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Click here for campaign details: https://jppostshop.page.link/special9 2023 Year of the Rabbit New Year’s card starts with a first laugh! First smile New Year’s card of New Year collaboration
This New Year’s card is a New Year’s collaboration between Rakugo artist Kikusen Hayashiya, who is popular in TV and vaudeville, and Kamikiri master Shoraku Hayashiya, who is active in koza and lectures. This is a New Year’s card created for this day with the theme of the New Year and the Year of the Rabbit by the former master Shoraku and master Kikusen, who are brother disciples and have a very close relationship as members of the Hayashi family.
You can also see the production scenes of the two on the special page of the site.
[Image 5

Click here for details on Hatsumi New Year’s cards:
Easy to use by adding convenient services that can be used by registering as a member!
If you have an ID for the website “Post Office Online Shop”, you can easily register as a new member using your registration information. You can now order quickly without entering basic information with the quick order function that guides you to this year’s recommended New Year’s cards from the content.
Please check the membership registration page for other convenient services that can be obtained by registering as a member.
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Click here for details on members-only functions:

Operating company: My Print Co., Ltd.
[Customer inquiries]
Post office general printing service Internet-only inquiry
Phone: (toll-free) 0120-910-985
Until December 31st (Friday) 9:00-20:00 (open all year round) From January 9:00-18:00 (January 1st-3rd, excluding weekends and holidays)

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