Lecle Co., Ltd. Experience “construction photography 3.0” that has evolved from “records” to “big da ta”! Exhibited at the 2nd Construction DX Exhibition Tokyo where you can see the site “Kuraemon”

Lucre Co., Ltd.
Experience “Construction Photography 3.0”, which has evolved from “recording” to “big data”! Exhibited at the 2nd Construction DX Exhibition [Tokyo] where you can see the site “Kuraemon”

Lucre Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Lucre), whose mission is “to bring everyone to the next world with design x ideas x IT”, will be held in Tokyo for three days from December 5th (Monday) to 7th (Wednesday), 2022. We will exhibit at the “2nd Construction DX Exhibition” held at Tokyo Big Sight. “Kuraemon Cloud” and “Kuraemon Purveyor” based on “Construction Photo 3.0” that drives construction DX, construction tablet “Kuraemon Pad”, MR technology that combines blueprints and the real world using big data, Hitachi Solutions Co., Ltd.’s rebar finished shape automatic inspection technology, which is scheduled to be linked with the Kuraemon Pad next spring, will be exhibited. At the in-booth seminar, we will welcome guests from various industries and company sizes every day to introduce successful cases of construction DX.
“Kuraemon” brand top page where you can see the site: https://www.kuraemon.com/ Inquiries from customers “Kuraemon☆Online”: 03-4500-6702
[Image 1

[Exhibited products]
You can experience the site sharing service “Kuraemon Cloud” that allows you to start construction DX from construction photography work for free. It is also possible to experience (touch and try) actual tablets made specifically for construction sites such as “Kuraemon Pad DX”, “Kuraemon Pad Tough DX” and “Kuraemon Pix”. In addition, the MR system “Kuraemon Virtual Blackboard” that allows even inexperienced people to take construction photos, and the “GeoMation Rebar Finished Shape Inspection System” that reduces the work of rebar finished shape inspection to 1/3 by 3D shooting with a depth camera. Introducing the new technology of
● On-site sharing app “Kuraemon Cloud”
Not only construction photos but also drawing management and talk function are enriched. We propose a site sharing system that anyone can use.
-Construction tablet [Kuraemon Pad] series
You can experience taking pictures and carrying drawings using an electronic small board with a tablet specialized for the site. – Construction photo ledger creation software [Kuraemon purveyor DX] Achieved automatic arrangement of construction photos by AI. You can check the workflow for creating a ledger linked to the cloud. [Image 2

[Basic technology “Construction Photo 3.0” that strongly supports construction DX]
“Construction Photo 3.0” is a third-generation construction photo that is taken with smart devices such as smartphones and tablets and used as big data.
The purpose of construction photos taken with film cameras (1st generation) and digital cameras (2nd generation) was limited to “construction records”. On the other hand, 3rd generation construction photos are taken with a smart device and given location and
photographer information. By analyzing this “big data” with AI, it becomes possible to link all kinds of on-site information, reducing work hours and realizing remote work support.
[Image 3

“Kuraemon” will hold a seminar for companies that are considering introducing construction DX services, and companies that have introduced but have problems. We will introduce successful examples of on-site supervision in various industries and company sizes, how to solve the introduction issues at the construction site.
Seminars are held 20 times a day. Please check the schedule at the booth on the day.
Seminar example
・Introduction company guest presentation! Daily introduction of successful cases of DX on-site with “Kuraemon Cloud”
・What is “Construction Photo 3.0”? Realize work efficiency with next-generation construction photos
・ DX talk with a craftsman! ! On-site DX situation / What is DX that can be started nearby?
[Event overview]
The Construction DX Exhibition is an event for the construction industry that expects 30,000 visitors specializing in construction DX, organized by RX Japan Co., Ltd., the largest exhibition organizer in Japan.
● Event name: 2nd Construction DX Exhibition [Tokyo]
Date: December 5th (Monday) to 7th (Wednesday), 2022
●Venue: Tokyo Big Sight
● Exhibition HP: https://www.japan-build.jp/tokyo/ja-jp/visit/kdx.html *Pre-registration (free) is required to visit.
-Lucre Co., Ltd.-
With the mission of “Bringing everyone to the next world with design, ideas, and IT,” Leclerc Co., Ltd. understands existing ideas, methods, and habits (user reality = UR) in various scenes such as life and business, We provide services that lightly take users to the next world.
Representative Director: Hironobu Arima
Company Established: September 20, 1995
Official website: https://lecre.jp
* “Kuraemon” is a registered trademark of Lucre Co., Ltd.
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