Leiblits Co., Ltd. Provides member management and EC systems to Leiblits Urayasu D-Rocks

Livelits Co., Ltd.
Provided member management and EC system to Leiblits Urayasu D-Rocks – ID integration for fan clubs, e-commerce, and ticket purchases in 4 months from the start of the team –

Livelits Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Kiyoaki Murasawa; hereafter Livelits) has provided a management support cloud for sports teams to Urayasu D-Rocks, which will newly participate in JAPAN RUGBY LEAGUE ONE (League One) Division 2. The service “Fast Biz” was provided, and two months after the team was launched in July 2022, the academy was released in September, the fan club in October, and the EC function on November 25th. Since it can be used with the common ID “D-Rockers ID”, including external ticket services, it will be possible to provide fan services that are smoother and more satisfying. Urayasu D-Rocks are aiming to be promoted to Division 1 in the new season of League One starting in December. .
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Leiblits provides services that support professional and amateur sports teams and companies and organizations that operate sports businesses to strengthen teams and support team management using the latest technologies such as AI and IoT. “Fast Biz” is a management support service specialized for sports teams, and is ideal for teams aiming to expand team business and strengthen communication with fans. Yomiuri Giants, a professional baseball team, Shimizu S-Pulse, who belongs to the first division of the Japan Professional Soccer League (J League), and Sieg Star Tokyo, who belongs to the Japan Handball League *1, etc., and NTT Docomo Red Hurricanes Osaka in League One. It is the introduction of the second team.
For Urayasu D-Rocks, which aims to provide seamless fan service to new and old fans, it is appropriate for the name of the fan club “club D-Rockers”, which has the origin of “I want to fight together like a monolith”. In the future, we plan to promote cooperation with d points and d account, and expand fan services for paying members.
■Features of the customer management and EC operation system “Fast Biz” It is a condensed form of know-how on increasing membership, improving profitability, and improving fan satisfaction cultivated by
professional baseball teams.
・In addition to member management and EC operation, we provide complete support from ticket sales to local business management applications!
You can choose from a wide range of functions as needed.
・Condensed know-how of member service management!
It has been introduced to various competitive teams, and has a track record of increasing membership, improving profitability, and improving fan satisfaction.
・Customized according to business and service and built in a short delivery time!
We will build a system that is flexibly customized according to the type of business and operations.
[Image 4d32744-48-30e075555fc78cfbbb8b-3.png&s3=32744-48-0f40b5372c5e2a38ac134e9b0baaad2c-548x261.png
Leiblits will utilize the know-how and technical capabilities it has cultivated through its contributions to the sports world, and will continue to evolve and expand its services centered on “Fast Biz.” I will continue.
■ Urayasu D-Rocks fan club site
Building a membership management system that realizes the Yomiuri Giants’ fan service strategy with the latest IT (February 2019)  https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000007.000032744.html
Leiblits Shimizu S-Pulse supporter association management system built DX support (September 2022)
Libritz collaborates with NTT Docomo Red Hurricanes Osaka to realize DX in the rugby world (October 2021)
■ Libritz Co., Ltd.
Representative: Kiyoaki Murasawa, Representative Director
Established: October 2011
Business: Realization of digital innovation in sports and regional revitalization
URL: https://www.laiblitz.co.jp/

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