Lenzing Aims to Improve Convenience for Value Chain Users by Upgrading Lenzing E-Branding Service

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Lenzing Aims to Improve Convenience for Value Chain Users by Upgrading Lenzing E-Branding Service

・ “Lenzing E-Branding Service” has been upgraded with the aim of improving convenience for value chain partners and brands, and multiple online services have been added.
・With this upgrade, Artwork Approval, Fiber Blending Quick Check Tool, Onboarding Tool, E-Branding Master Class , and new features such as E-Branding Helpdesk.
Lenzing, November 8, 2022 – The Lenzing Group (Headquarters: Austria, CEO: Stephan Sielaff, hereinafter Lenzing), a global supplier of specialty fibers made from wood-derived raw materials, today announced the certification and licensing of The “Lenzing E-Branding Service” that provides the service is the Tencel (TM) and Lenzing (TM) ECOVERO (TM) brands, and the non-woven fabric brand Veocel (TM). (VEOCEL (TM)) and announced that new functions have been added
(https://brandingservice.lenzing.com/en/login). The added services are Artwork Approval, Fiber Blending Quick Check Tool, Onboarding Tool and E-Branding Master Class. , and E-Branding Helpdesk. The new features will provide a smoother experience and convenience, and enable greater transparency across the value chain. In addition, it complements existing services such as textile certification, product license application and branding support.
Harold Weghorst, Vice President Global Marketing & Branding at Lenzing, said: “Since the introduction of Lenzing E-Branding Service in 2018, our mission has been to pioneer the digitalization of value chain management. We are committed to providing unprecedented traceability across the entire industry value chain. While continuing, ensuring a better user experience remains an important foundation of Lenzing E-branding services.”
“With our latest upgrade, users can leverage a new process of artwork approval, access licensed marketing and co-branding materials with just a few clicks, and access our suite of services through
comprehensive materials. Material verification during the
manufacturing process is also important, but we also aim to extend such verification services to finished products and improve
traceability throughout the value chain. increase”
Artwork approval process provides additional efficiencies for brand partners and retailers
As consumer awareness of greenwashing grows, there is a growing need for brand partners and retailers to provide more information about the sustainability aspects of their products. Since 2017, the number of applications for textile certification, product licenses, and swing tickets on the e-branding service platform has increased dramatically by about 1.5 times each year. To meet the growing demand for co-branded marketing content, we have initiated a process that allows us to expedite the certification of artwork. By using a structured online collection of approved artwork, users can access the collection of artwork anytime, anywhere and apply selected artwork to multiple license applications.
Easy fiber blend inspection tool for effective labeling
To ensure accurate product ingredient labeling, textile manufacturers can take advantage of the Fiber Blend Quick Inspection Tool to easily verify that the blend of fibers they plan to use in a particular fabric complies with Lenzing’s certification standards. will be In addition, the tool can identify the corresponding Lenzing fiber brand for each fiber type, greatly contributing to the retailer’s appeal of the final product to the consumer. The Fiber Blend Quick Inspection Tool is featured on the E-Branding Service landing page. No
registration is required and anyone using the platform can access it. Onboarding tools, e-branding masterclasses and help desks double the speed of knowledge transfer
E-Branding Services onboarding tools have been newly introduced to accommodate the growing number of users in each region, providing users with a series of instructions on how to use the platform’s features. The recently announced E-Branding Masterclass will expand knowledge on the certification and licensing methods of the Lenzing Tencel™, Veocel™ and Lenzing Ecovelo™ branded platforms through live webinars and recorded lectures. You can also The recorded course will be released in English and available with subtitles in 10 languages. The E-Branding Masterclass is complemented by the services of the E-Branding Helpdesk, providing users with live support from a dedicated team and a platform for comprehensive knowledge sharing. Access the Lenzing E-Branding Service Platform here:
Tencel(TM) is the Lenzing Group’s flagship brand of fibers for textile products. Since 1992, the TENCEL(TM) brand has driven the evolution of textile solutions in the apparel and home textile sectors through industry-first innovations and environmentally conscious production processes. Tencel(TM) brands include Tencel(TM) Active, Tencel(TM) Denim, Tencel(TM) Home, Tencel(TM) Intimate, Tencel(TM) Luxe and Tencel(TM) For Footwear. increase. TENCEL(TM) brand modal and lyocell fibers are plant-based, highly biodegradable, gentle on the skin, smooth and long-lasting softness, color vibrancy and color retention. Veocel(TM) is Lenzing Group’s flagship specialty nonwoven brand. Made from renewable raw material wood, Veocel(TM) offers natural care every day. Lenzing is committed to setting the industry standard for sustainability and comfort in the nonwovens industry. The Veocel(TM) brand is divided into four branded products: Veocel(TM) Beauty, Veocel(TM) Body, Veocel(TM) Intimate and Veocel(TM) Surface. Veocel(TM)’s product portfolio includes Veocel(TM) Lyocell and specialty viscose fibers, which are tailored for a sustainable lifestyle. It supports the maintenance of environmental balance by being fully integrated into nature’s cycles. All Velocell(TM) brand fibers are produced in an environmentally responsible manufacturing process and are certified to be clean, safe and biodegradable. All standard Veocel(TM) fibers are certified compostable and biodegradable under industrial, domestic, soil, freshwater and marine conditions and can be safely broken down into raw materials and fully returned to nature. I can.
Lenzing(TM) ECOVERO(TM) brand viscose fibers are the industry’s new standard for eco-friendly viscose. LENZING(TM) ECOVERO(TM) fibers are sourced from certified renewable wood, meet high environmental standards and undergo an environmentally friendly production process. A fiber that contributes to a cleaner environment for a sustainable lifestyle.
About Lenzing Group
The Lenzing Group is committed to the production of specialty fibers from environmentally friendly and renewable wood raw materials. As a leader in technological innovation, we have partnered with the world’s textile and nonwoven fabric manufacturers and are driving the development of numerous new technologies.
Our high-quality fibers are widely used as the main material in a wide variety of textile applications, from elegant women’s clothing to versatile denim fabrics and high-performance sportswear. Lenzing fibers are of consistently high quality, biodegradable and
compostable, making them very suitable for hygiene and agricultural applications.
Our business model goes far beyond the framework of traditional textile manufacturers. Together with our customers and partners, we develop innovative products along the value chain to create added value for consumers. The Lenzing Group pursues efficiencies in the use and processing of all raw materials and offers solutions that facilitate the transition of the textile industry to a closed-loop economy, a circular economy. To slow down global warming and reach the targets of the Paris Agreement and the European Union’s “European Green Deal Investment Plan”, Lenzing has a clear vision. That is to say, to realize a zero-carbon future.
Lenzing Group Corporate Data for 2021
Sales: 2.19 billion euros
Nominal production: 1,145,000 tons
Number of employees: 7,958
Details about this release:


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