Leo Venus Co., Ltd. A new collection event for the haute couture tiara brand “yuki ueyama” and the jewelry brand “Frele” starting from 20 million yen will be held for 3 days from Friday, December 9th.

Leo Venus Inc.
New collection event of haute couture tiara brand “yuki ueyama” and jewelry brand “Frele” from 20 million yen will be held for 3 days from December 9th (Friday)
Frele special collection using Shimizu precious stones made by a craftsman who received the Medal with Yellow Ribbon, along with new haute couture tiaras, will be held for the first time in Shibuya
Yuki Ueyama, who develops the only brand of haute couture tiaras in the world that connects both families and wishes for the prosperity of the bride and groom, will hold a solo exhibition to present a new tiara and a new collection from sister brand Frele from Friday, December 9th. held for 3 days
yuki ueyama, which develops haute couture tiara brands with over 20 million dollars, has announced a new collection.
yuki, the only haute couture tiara brand in the world, that binds the two families together and wishes for the prosperity of the bride and groom.
Ueyama presents a new tiara and a new collection from sister brand Frele. The new collection will feature Koshu Kiseki Kiriko gemstones patented by Shimizu Kiseki, a brand that has been in business for over half a century and has been handled by craftsmen who received the Medal with Yellow Ribbon.
yuki ueyama will deliver jewelry that emits a unique brilliance, made by carefully selecting stones one by one.
A solo exhibition presenting the new collection will be held for three days from Friday, December 9th.
[Image 1

Part of the new collection lineup
May 2023 shine as a year of leaps and bounds
It’s been 3 years since I’ve been in corona misfortune. This collection is a daily life that makes your heart dance and shine even a little in these troubled days.
It is filled with the hope that this year will be a year of recovery and another leap forward.
Comment from yuki ueyama
This year, it will be a jewelry collection featuring loose Koshu precious stone facets that I personally had in my collection. did.
There are not many opportunities to try on the new tiara directly, so please take this opportunity to see it.
In addition, yuki ueyama himself is in the gallery, so we can offer coordination suggestions, orders and remake consultations.
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Combi ring with aquamarine and diamonds
yuki ueyama special collection exhibition
・Scheduled date
12/9 (Fri) 13:00~20:00
12/10 (Sat) 13:00~19:00
12/11 (Sun) 13:00~18:00
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Tiara made by yuki ueyama
[Leo Venus Co., Ltd.]
Established in 2022 with jewelry artist yuki ueyama as the representative. Yuki Ueyama handles everything from purchasing to designing to manufacturing. Starting in 2022, the haute couture tiara brand, which produces only a few pairs per year.
[yuki ueyama / jewelry artist]
“Life begins to shine when I wear wonderful jewelry”
From an early age, he started making accessories and felt what suits the wearer. The motto is to create jewelry that is truly beautiful when worn and that shines like a person.
A jewelry artist who provides jewelry that makes the other person’s life and charm shine.
Precious metal accessories production 1st class skilled worker Graduated from Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry Osaka
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