Let’s play the movement of space exploration, “Infinite Lagrange” theme music, nominated for Hollywood Media Music Award

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Let’s play the movement of space exploration, “Infinite Lagrange” theme music, nominated for Hollywood Media Music Award

NetEase Games’ popular SLG “Infinite Lagrange” in-game music “Starlight Festival Song” has been nominated for the 2022 Hollywood Media Music Awards.
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Magnificent original festival draws endless exploration
The annual Hollywood Media Music Awards is one of the music industry’s most important awards each year, and is considered the benchmark for the Ballon d’Or and the Academy Awards for Music Awards. I believe that receiving such an honor this time affirmed the musical level of “Infinite Lagrange”.
“Starlight Festival Song” is a custom-made song by renowned game composer Jason Wang for the in-game holiday “Starlight Festival” of “Infinite Lagrange”. The melody, which symbolizes imagination, expresses a magnificent galactic romance through a combination of an orchestra and a children’s chorus.
As a space sci-fi strategy game, “Infinite Lagrange” not only created a realistic and vast universe in the game, but also created various original holidays. Users participate in various events, immerse themselves in the tradition of humanism, and become immersed in the story.
Focus on the music and create the viewing experience itself
Overall, the reason why “Song of the Starlight Festival” is nominated for a world-famous music award is that “Infinite Lagrange”‘s goal is not just a good game, but a sprawling space sci-fi title. Isn’t it about building a
Periodically release songs according to the theme, such as the theme song “Call to 4 Light Years Ahead” released at the 2021 Twin Festival and the new theme song “Prelude to Spring” released at this year’s Earth Day event. I’ve been
The 2021 Starlight Festival Song of the Starlight Festival also tells a compelling game story. The author of the song is a doctor named “John” who created “Starlight Festival Song” based on the memories of his mother and son in order to treat his mother who suffered from “Visuospatial Hallucination Syndrome”. This song also became a healing medicine, creating miracles with the power of music.
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As for the arrangement, in order to match the world view, I chose the theme of quiet children’s voices, and layered the piano with spatial tones to slowly express the loneliness of the universe. With undulating string instruments and magnificent wind instruments, the finale reproduces variations on the theme, gradually returning to silence. It expresses the pursuit of human civilization and the professionalism of wanting to draw a vibrant universe.
Perfect sci-fi quality comes from constant exploration
The success in the music field is due to Infinite Lagrange’s pursuit of excellence in every aspect of its content.
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Being nominated for the Hollywood Media Music Award proves the high quality of the music content of “Infinite Lagrange”. However, “Infinite Lagrange” is more than that, we hope to evoke a strong sympathy from users through an immersive viewing experience. About “Infinite Lagrange”
A NetEase Games original space strategy mobile game. You can explore unknown star systems, enjoy movie-level high-definition fleet battles, and exciting large-scale battles that span hundreds of astronomical units. Countless relics, ruins and stories await your discovery in a galaxy full of history and romance.
Official website: https://www.infinitelagrange.com/jp
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVTmvMsNGJHXZ06vNgSAk8g Twitter official account (Japanese): https://twitter.com/LagrangeJP1 Download now: https://infinitelagrange.onelink.me/7PMX/4b342305 About NetEase Games:
NetEase Games is an online game division established by NetEase, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTES / HKEX: 9999). We develop and operate popular smartphone and PC games in overseas markets, including mainland China and Japan. As one of the world’s largest game makers of high quality online game content, NetEase Games supports the growth of studios around the world, increasing its profile and presence in the process. In order to improve our own development capabilities and world-class research capabilities, we have partnered with world-famous game makers such as Blizzard Entertainment and Mojang AB (a subsidiary of Microsoft) to develop popular global online games. I am also involved in the operation of

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