Let’s put the garbage we put out in POY and take it home! Portable trash can POY new product is now on sale!

Super Planning Co., Ltd.
Let’s put the garbage we put out in [POY] and take it home! Portable trash can [POY] new product is now on sale!

Small garbage such as tissues used while out, shopping receipts, and snack wrappers. With the removal of garbage bins progressing, there are fewer places to throw them away, so don’t you ever find yourself putting things in your bag or pocket and taking them home?
Hemmings Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo/Representative Director Hiroyuki Mizuno) is selling a portable mini trash can [POY] that is convenient for such scenes. New patterns that are perfect for autumn outings will be on sale from late October.
Don’t forget to bring [POY] with you when you go out!
Instead of putting your garbage in your bag, put it in [POY] and take it home with you!
URL: https://www.hemings.co.jp/information/release/poy_2022aw.html

[Image 1

[POY] is a portable trash can that can be easily opened and closed with a spring mouth.
Although it is a trash can, it is a flat pouch type. It has a small and compact design that can be put in the gap of the bag because it is dedicated to small garbage that is generated on the go.
[Image 2

[Image 3

You can also attach it directly to the handle of the bag with the attached carabiner.
[Image 4

POY using Tyvek material with a paper-like texture. It’s a stylish design that doesn’t look like something to put garbage in.
[Easy to open and close with a spring mouth]
The mouth for putting in and taking out trash has a spring opening that can be opened with one hand. It is also a point that you can open and close with one hand when you go out with a bag or luggage. You don’t have to worry about the garbage inside when it is closed tightly.
[Image 5

Easy to open with one hand.
[Image 6

If you attach it not only to the handle of the bag, but also to the key chain inside the bag, you can take it out quickly.
[Can be used cleanly with wipeable material]
In the unlikely event that sticky stains from candy or gum or chocolate stains get on the inside, we use a material that can be wiped off.
You can also put the wet garbage of the wet tissue that was in trouble for the time being.
[Image 7

The inside is made of material that can hold wet items. Wipe off after each use to keep it clean.

[With a convenient pocket]
There is a pocket on the back of the main unit for storing wet wipes and pocket tissues.
If you always have a set, you can go out without forgetting either one. [Image 8

A pocket tissue and a wet tissue of the small size enter. It is also recommended to have a small bottle of disinfectant spray as a set. [Image 9

Don’t forget [POY] as one of the necessities for going out every day! Trash cans that used to be installed in stations and parks are now becoming commonplace.
When I go out, I often use wet wipes, and I’m hesitant to put wet garbage in my pocket or in my bag. [POY] eliminates the stress of throwing away trash outside.
[Image 10

[Image 11

[Image 12

If the bag has a narrow handle, you can also hang it directly from the handle with the attached carabiner.
When you go to work, go out on holidays, or travel.
Don’t forget to bring [POY] with you when you go out!

Product information
・Product name: POY SYMBOL
(8 types: sign white, sign gray, sign black, message pink, message khaki, Trash (craft), MULL (yellow), DETRITUS (mint green)
・Price: 1,650 yen (tax included)
・Size: W10 × H16
・Material: Polyethylene
・A country of origin: China
・Specifications: Spring mouth, back pocket x1, with carabiner ・ Release date: November 8, 2022
・ Product page: https://hemings-store.com/collections/newarrival/products/44958 [Image 13

[Image 15

・Product name: POY WEEKENDER PE
(5 colors: white, yellow, gray, green, navy)
・Price: 1,650 yen (tax included)
・Size: W 10 × H 16 cm
・Material: Polyethylene
・A country of origin: China
・Specifications: Spring mouth, back pocket x1, with carabiner ・ Release date: On sale October 25, 2022
・ Product page: https://hemings-store.com/collections/newarrival/products/78510 [Image 16

[Image 18d21774-303-21dbfcd9559e96708c94-19.jpg&s3=21774-303-b4979c00767b5da01afbec768838a514-1000x1000.jpg
[Image 19d21774-303-2d3fa693f2ba7149d675-20.jpg&s3=21774-303-7611207f6bccecbe6cab08a9b2bc83eb-1000x1000.jpg

Inquiries about product requests
CONCIERGE Rakuten Ichiba
Please contact Hemmings Co., Ltd. for other stores.
By giving shape to what everyone thinks of as “kawaii” and giving shape to what we think of as “cool,” we will create a world that is a little more fun than it is today.
HP https://www.hemings.co.jp/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/hemings.inc/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/HEMINGS.inc
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hemings_inc
Official online shop: https://hemings-store.com/
Hemmings Co., Ltd. is a group company of Super Planning Co., Ltd.

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