Level Infinite “Byakuya Gokukou”, event “Trails of the Returning Stars” held! In addition to the appearance of Shinkou Rei and the appearance of new outfits, the new main story chapters 13 and 14 have been released!

Level Infinite
“Byakuya Gokuko”, event [Trails of the Returning Stars] held! In addition to the appearance of Shinkou Rei and the appearance of new outfits, the new main story chapters 13 and 14 have been released!
“Byakuya Kyokko” became a hot topic for its fantastic and unique story, beautiful graphics, and unique characters by gorgeous voice actors. [Trails of the Returning Stars] will be held from November 17th (Thursday)! In this update, the new main story Chapters 13 and 14 have been lifted, as well as the appearance of Shinkou Rei, the trial stage, Tenku no Niwa Gaiden [Haten no Ichito], login bonuses, and more! “What kind of trials will the light spirits face?”
[Image 1

Official website: https://www.alchemystars.jp/
Download: https://alchemystars.onelink.me/I77I/cura6gh9
■[Trails of the returning stars] held!
The event [Trails of the Returning Stars] will be held from November 17th (Thursday). This time, by capturing the target stage, you can get event items [discarded parts] and exchange them for items at the store, the appearance of new light spirits Axelia and Berta, new outfits ★6 light spirits [Paloma] – [black rose] We will deliver a lot of content such as the start of sales, Tenku no Niwa Gaiden [One Throw of the Heaven] where you can enjoy light spirits and fishing tournaments, addition of [Hot Sand Battle] to the event recollection system, login bonuses, etc. Above all, the highlight of this time is the release of Chapters 13 and 14, which are the new main stories! A new page is about to be written in “Byakuya Gokuko”. Now let’s get started with the update.
■ Unlock Chapters 13 and 14 of the main story!
After this update, Chapter 13 [Return of the Stars] and Chapter 14 [Knight of the Expedition] will be released as the second part of the main story. Chapter 13 is the battlefield of ancient times in the battle simulator / the phantom world of the sky, and in the following chapter 14
You can enjoy a new story set in a shelter jointly controlled by Keiko & Byakuya Castle. And when you clear the final BOSS stage of Chapter 14 for the first time, you can get the heart of ★ 6 Light Spirit [Vice, Sora no Hitomi].
【way to participate】:
Game Main Screen – Exploration – Part 2 [World Resonance]
[Participation conditions]:
Clear all stages of Chapter 12 of the main story
[Main story release time]:
Thursday, November 17, 18:00-
■ New light spirits that color [Trails of the Returning Stars] In this update, two new light spirits, Axelia and Bertha, have appeared! In addition, it is also possible to obtain it through the limited-time convocation [Magical Swing].
[Limited Recruitment [Supernatural Wings]]
November 17th 18:00-December 15th 13:00
*Axelia’s emission rate is 50% of all 6 light spirits, and Bertha’s emission rate is 25% of all 5 light spirits.
[Image 2

Axelia, woman, thunder ★6 (CV: Misaki Kuno)
[Image 3

Bertha, woman, water ★5 (CV: Reina Maeda)
■ New coordination release! ★ 6 Light Spirit [Paloma (Black Rose)] Appears! One type of coordination will be sold for a limited time. If you are interested, please stop by the shop. The details are as follows. ● 6 Light Spirit [Paloma] – [Black Rose]
[Image 4

[Coordinate purchase method]:
★ 6 Light Spirit [Paloma]’s new outfit will be bundled with [Special Convocation Star × 10] and will be sold at a discount for a limited time. If you are interested, please purchase it.
[Black Rose Pack]: A bargain pack containing Heidi’s new outfit [Black Rose] x 1 and special summon star x 10. Purchases can be made only once during the period.
[Pack sales period]:
November 17th 18:00-November 24th 18:00
This pack is on sale for a limited time. After the pack is sold out, the new outfit [Black Rose] can be purchased at the outfit store for 1588 crystals or directly. Purchases can be made only once during the period.
[Coordination sales period]:
November 24th 18:00-December 15th 13:00
■ Other updates!
[Attribute limited summon update: Thunder attribute limited summon] November 17th (Thursday) 18:00 to November 24th (Thursday) 18:00 Except for the limited light spirit, [Don’t stop the horror! ] All light spirits in [Normal Normal Summon] up to the version are eligible. Reinhato, Kanna, Queen and [Magical Swirl Wing] accessories are not included.
[Event Item [Discarded Parts]]:
November 17th (Thursday) to December 12th (Monday)
During the event period, if you clear the designated stage (main stage or resource stage) by consuming [Prism], you can additionally acquire the event item [Discarded Parts]. [Discarded Parts] can be exchanged for various rewards such as Light Haku, Wooden Beads, Event Furniture [Colossus Wall Clock], [Spoon Knight], Epic Light Spirit Breakthrough Materials, etc. at the event store [Test Data Collection].
【Fate Hourglass】:
November 17th (Thursday) 18:00 to December 15th (Thursday) 13:00 During the event period, if you clear the main stage (Chapter 2-14, inter-chapter) for the first time, you can get the Hourglass of Fate. When the cumulative number of hourglasses reaches a certain number, you can get rewards such as light circles, charge boxes (medium), white night coins, and training materials. You have up to 10 chances to win rewards.
[Unowned light spirit summon]
November 24th (Thursday) 18:00 to December 15th (Thursday) 13:00 The first ★6 Light Spirit to be acquired will always be one of the unacquired ★6 characters among the characters that appear in the [Normal Normal Summon] event up to the event version [Sayonara, my “Paradise”] version.
[Coordination resale]
November 24th (Thursday) 13:00 to January 12th, 2023 (Thursday) 13:00 ★6 Light Spirit [Clarin] – [Race Queen], ★6 Light Spirit [Nasiris] – [Mirror and Lake] will be resold.
[Tenku no Niwa Gaiden [One Throw of Breaking Heaven]]
Thursday, November 24, 18:00-
Let’s hold a fishing tournament with the light spirits and compete with each other! “After the event is released, one story mission will be released each day, for a total of 6 missions.” Every story mission includes dialogue and a fishing contest with the Light Spirit. If you complete a fishing mission, you can get a maximum of Light x180. [Hot sand battle] added!
December 8th (Thursday) ~
[Battle of Hot Sands] will be added to [Reminiscence of Travel]. If you clear all the stages, you can get rewards such as the 5 event light spirit [Alura] and its heart, light x480, and training materials.
In addition, in this update, login bonuses, benefits for all navigators, gifts for all [Tenku no Niwa supplies], 6 types of store limited-time sales pack sales, 11th special case file, etc. We will deliver the contents, so please see the official website and official Twitter for details.
“Byakuya Gokuko” is preparing various events and projects in the future. Please check the game announcements and official SNS (https://twitter.com/AlchemyStarsJP) for future developments! ■ What is “Byakuya Gokuko”?
Byakuya Gokuko is a line strategy RPG from Level Infinite. Set in the fantasy continent of Astra, where science and magic interweave, this work depicts the battle against the biological weapon “Akuma”. As a survivor of the “descendants of the sky” who were destroyed by the dark demons, you lead the “light spirit tribe” and throw yourself into the battle against the dark demons in order to restore light to the future…
The biggest feature of this work is the line battle where you trace the squares of the same attribute and connect them with a single stroke. In addition, unique visuals by over 150 well-known artists and enthusiastic performances by gorgeous voice actors bring the characters to life! Various variations are available for character development! You can enjoy training according to the taste of the player.
[Image 5d84685-57-f8790425b4db5da3642e-4.png&s3=84685-57-ff7e00d2f08db1f08759c5430efefcd2-2002x1124.png
Title: “Midnight Aurora”
Release: June 17, 2021
Genre: Line strategy RPG
Official website: https://www.alchemystars.jp
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlchemyStarsJP
Price: Free (with in-app purchase)
Supported platforms: iOS / Android
Copyright: (C) Proxima Beta Pte. Ltd. (C) TourDogStudio
The company names and product/service names mentioned are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.
About Level Infinite
Level Infinite is a global gaming brand created with the purpose of delivering high-quality, engaging interactive entertainment to users around the world, whenever and wherever they want. Level Infinite is headquartered in Amsterdam and Singapore, with staff scattered around the world. For more information on Level Infinite, please visit the official website www.levelinfinite.com.
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