Levius Co., Ltd. / Developed the world’s first X to Earn platform “Anicana” that can be realized with legal currency

Levius Co., Ltd.
Levius Co., Ltd. / Developed the world’s first X to Earn platform “Anicana” that can be realized with legal currency
The world’s first Web 3.0 that digitizes all user experiences and creates new economic value

Levius Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Keiko Tanaka, Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as “our company”) is the world’s first company that allows anyone to convert their experiences and actions into economic value. We have developed the Web3.0 platform “Anikana”.
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[What is Anikana]
Anicana is a general term for services and products that can be converted into new economic value by digitizing various experiences of people using Web3.0 blockchain or related systems. .
Anikana introduction PV 30 seconds
In today’s world, the concept of “X to Earn” is spreading, meaning that various actions and experiences are exchanged for economic value. Specifically, X is a new project that includes words such as “play,” “move,” and “learn,” and anyone can acquire crypto assets through their own various actions and experiences. Born. It is expected that the trend of acquiring economic value by utilizing such “X to Earn” will develop as a new economic activity in Japan in the future. However, the current reality is that “X to Earn” is rarely used as a service for general consumers in Japan. One of the major reasons for this is that for general users, it is necessary to go through complicated procedures with extremely high hurdles to use services that utilize “X to Earn”. For example, first download a crypto-asset wallet called Metamask, then open an account on an overseas
crypto-asset exchange, and then convert the crypto-assets obtained through the service into crypto-assets such as Bitcoin that can be exchanged for Japanese yen. It is no longer possible to fully use services that utilize “X to Earn” unless you are familiar with crypto assets, such as trading. On the other hand, there are many big obstacles such as the Funds Settlement Act, gambling crimes, socially accepted decency, etc. when implementing services that perform economic conversion with cash or credit cards instead of crypto assets. Due to the existence of these barriers, the current situation is that services using “X to Earn” cannot or are difficult to spread. Anicana is the world’s first Web3.0 platform that solves such “X to Earn” issues.
By using Anicana, it is possible to realize “X to Earn” using fiat currency under the framework of current Japanese law by using the world’s first algorithm that has never existed before, and various services and products that have been difficult until now can be realized. It will be possible.
[Anicana’s Economic Cycle Structure]
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[Main functions enabled by using Anicana]
・Use of ANICANA Chain (consortium type blockchain)
・Construction and operation of ANICANA Nodes
・Development and use of ANICANA Wallet
・Development and operation of original platform using ANICANA API ・Development and use of original smart contracts using ANICANA ・Development and use of unique tokens (NFT, etc.) utilizing ANICANA ・Acquisition and use of Gas tokens on ANICANA
As a Web 3.0 consortium-type project, Anikana collaborates with multiple technology companies, law firms, public institutions, and other experts to work toward the sound development of new industries and the realization of a future society. , we aim to contribute to Japanese society and international society.
[About Levius Co., Ltd.]
We provide total solutions from system design and development, ICT strategy planning, environment construction, operation and maintenance management mainly related to information communication processing using blockchain, AI, etc., and economic and social value from arrangements according to various needs. We design innovation through the creation of
LEVIAS Corporate Profile PV
【Company Profile】
Company name: Levias Co., Ltd.
Location: 4F, ​​2-7-7 Shibadaimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Established: February 2018
Representative Director: Keiko Tanaka
HP: https://levias.co.jp/
[Inquiries regarding this content]
Levius Co., Ltd.
Administration Department: In charge Kish Gergei
TEL: 03-6402-3330
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