LG Electronics Japan Co., Ltd. Community accelerator Azusa Kawahara has been appointed as the new leader of the official mobile laptop community “Hustle Hub by LG gram”!

LG Electronics Japan Co., Ltd.
Community accelerator Azusa Kawahara has been appointed as the new leader of the official mobile laptop community “Hustle Hub by LG gram”!
We will further enhance our activities, such as releasing an interview movie and distributing official stickers.

LG Electronics Japan Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Son Seong-ju; Head Office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo) has announced that Potage will be the second generation community leader of the official mobile laptop community “Hustle Hub by LG gram”. We will welcome Azusa Kawahara, the CEO of the company and community accelerator, to improve productivity and provide content and services that give hints to keep moving forward, and will continue to power up.
As the first step, we will regularly distribute interview videos to people who are active in the business industry. A video of a conversation with Ayumi Fujimoto, the representative director of the Startup Ecosystem Association, has been uploaded to the official Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/gramhustlehub.jp). Furthermore, Mr. Madoka Sawa, CEO of Enso Co., Ltd. and former executive officer of Microsoft Japan, will be the guest in December, and we will actively update the content.
In addition, we have created an official sticker that can be attached to your laptop so that all members can feel closer to “Hustle Hub by LG gram”.
This official sticker was selected in August 2022 in the “#Magic words to cheer you up” tweet campaign that recruited “Words to make you positive”, “It doesn’t have to be perfect” and “Tomorrow The design is based on the phrase, “The wind will blow tomorrow.” (* Some stores are not eligible)
Also, by December 31st (Sat), if you purchase “LG gram” + participate in the Facebook group, everyone will receive a limited T-shirt and laptop pouch as a set “Hustle Kit”. We will include an official sticker and give it away for free.
“Hustle Hub by LG gram” is an official community of “LG gram” that supports “those who keep moving forward”. We are actively working as a hub where people who “Hustle” gather. In the future, we are planning to enhance member-only services and hold real events, so please pay attention.
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■ What is “Hustle Hub by LG gram”?
As the official community of “LG gram” that supports “people who keep moving forward”, it is a hub where people who “hustle” every day to achieve their work and life goals gather together with the message “Be positive every day.” As a community that was launched on November 15, 2021 (Monday), the number of members has increased to about 1670 in about a year since the start. By joining the official Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/gramhustlehub.jp), you can become a community member and receive not only information to make the most of LG gram, but also business and In addition to sending out hacks that are useful for careers, members are planning to interact with each other within the community and various benefits such as gifts of limited goods.
As a membership campaign, if you purchase “LG gram” + participate in the Facebook group, all members will receive a limited T-shirt designed by lettering artist Stefan Kunz and a PLEATS MAMA laptop pouch with a limited design printed with the community logo. We are giving away a “Hustle Kit”, and we will also distribute official stickers to those who apply by Saturday, December 31st.
For details on “Hustle Kit”, please refer to the campaign page (https://www.lg.com/jp/lg-gram/community/hustlekit/index.html). [Image 3

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■ 2nd Generation Community Leader: Azusa Kawahara
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Potage Co., Ltd. Representative Director Community Accelerator After working at Fujitsu, in 2008 he became the event coordinator of the (at that time) event house-type restaurant “Tokyo Culture Culture” operated by Nifty.
Involved in managing over 200 events annually. From 2013 to 2016, he was stationed in San Francisco and engaged in new business
development. After returning to Japan, he has produced numerous community events for companies such as Itoen, Kokuyo, Omron
Healthcare, Suntory, and Tokyu.
In the spring of 2020, he became independent and launched a
guild-based team “Potage”, and as a community accelerator, he is involved in event planning, corporate communication design, human resource development, etc. LinkedIn Official Influencer, Nikkei Comemo Key Opinion Leader. His nickname is “Azu-san”.
Book: “Textbook for creating a ‘community’ that nurtures fans and grows businesses” (co-authored with Yuji Fujita/Diamond
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■November talk guest: Ayumi Fujimoto
Plug and Play Japan Co., Ltd. Executive Officer CMO
Representative Director, Startup Ecosystem Association
Joined Career Design Center in 2002, moved to Google in April 2007, and served as General Manager of Human Resources Industry. After working as a partner of the “Women Will Project”, she left the company and established the general incorporated association at Will Work in May 2016.
After that, he oversaw marketing/PR at Plug and Play Japan Co., Ltd. after working for MONEY DESIGN Co., Ltd.
Established the Startup Ecosystem Association in March 2022 and assumed the position of Representative Director.
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■December Talk Guest: Madoka Sawa
Representative Director of Enso Co., Ltd.
Former Microsoft Japan Executive Officer
Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Rikkyo University. Joined Microsoft Japan in 1997 after working at an IT subsidiary of a life insurance company. After building a career as an IT consultant and pre-sales engineer, he switched to management in 2006. In parallel with enlightenment activities in a wide range of technology areas, he also serves as the Japan satellite manager of the cybercrime response team. Retired at the end of August 2020.
From October 10, 2019, he assumed the position of Representative Director of Enso Co., Ltd. From February 2021, he will be a Hitachi Lumada Innovation Evangelist. In addition, he also serves as an advisor and advisor to many companies, focusing on technology enlightenment and human resource development. We are also actively collaborating with leading figures in the beauty and fashion industries across industries. Full-time faculty member of the Faculty of Entrepreneurship, Musashino University.
*All images are images
*Company names, product names, and technical names in this release are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. ■ Thoughts embodied in the brand slogan “Life’s Good”
LG Electronics’ brand slogan, “Life’s Good,” symbolically expresses its desire to “provide excitement and excitement to customers around the world” for a better life as consumer needs diversify. increase. Under this slogan, LG Electronics has a mission of “Innovation for a Better Life” through innovative smart solutions, and we aim to make our customers’ daily lives richer, healthier, and more creative. We will bring you the joy of doing it. In addition, we are starting to build a recycling-oriented society to realize a sustainable society. By 2030, we have pledged to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 50% (compared to 2017) and fully transition to renewable energy by 2050. We will fulfill our international responsibility through our products. Overview of LG Electronics Japan Co., Ltd.
Company name: LG Electronics Japan Inc.
Head office: 15th floor, Kyobashi Trust Tower, 2-1-3 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-8301
URL: https://www.lg.com/jp
Established: January 1981
Representative: Representative Director Sungju Son
Business description: Import and sales of LG Electronics products for Japan. Currently operating 4 businesses
[Home Appliances & Air Solutions]
Clothing refresh machine, etc.
[Home Entertainment]
TV, Blu-ray player, etc.
[Business Solutions]
Monitors, laptop computers, home projectors, digital signage, solar business, etc.
[Vehicle Component Solutions]
Automotive equipment, etc.
■ About LG Electronics
LG Electronics is a global innovator in consumer electronics and other technologies, with offices around the world and more than 75,000 employees.
With global sales of approximately $63 billion in 2021, the company operates four businesses: Home Appliances & Air Solutions, Home Entertainment, Vehicle Component Solutions, and Business Solutions. It is one of the world’s leading comprehensive consumer electronics brands that manufactures televisions, household appliances, air conditioners, monitors, service robots, and in-vehicle equipment. In addition, we continue to propose Life’s Goods every day by linking various home appliances as IoT home appliances. For more information, please visit www.lg.com.
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