Liberty Japan Co., Ltd. Liberty Japan’s first upcycle collection appears

Liberty Japan Co., Ltd.
Liberty Japan’s first upcycle collection appears
Appointed Naoko Hamashima as a project supporter

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Liberty is a premium lifestyle brand created by British Liberty founded in 1875. Liberty Japan was established in 1988 to quickly deliver fabrics to Liberty print fans in Japan. About 35 years later, the Liberty Fabrics, manufactured and sold by Liberty Japan, have been loved by many fans, with unique Japanese color schemes and collaborative designs. In order to add new value to the fabric, which can be said to be Liberty’s legacy, Liberty Japan’s first original apparel range “Upcycle Collection” will be released.
Naoko Hamashima, a model popular for her natural fashion and lifestyle, has been appointed as a project supporter. Naoko
Hamashima’s charming smile, which makes viewers feel happy, further enhances the free and creative worldview of Liberty.
Liberty Fabrics, which continues to be loved over time, becomes a special piece and creates new value. Enjoy your encounter with the “Upcycled Collection”, just like a treasure hunt.
Upcycle Collection Overview
-Release date-Friday, November 18, 2022-
-Sales store-
Liberty Coredo Nihonbashi store (Coredo Nihonbashi 2nd floor, 1-4-1 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Tel: 03-6262-3115)
Liberty Japan Official Online -Collection example-
Women’s shirt jacket 36,300 yen
Women’s Tops ¥30,800
Women’s skirt, pants ¥31,900
Men’s shirt 36,300 yen
*All listed prices include tax
Upcycled collection items
Jessica women’s jacket ¥36,300 (ONE SIZE)
A wide-sleeved shirt jacket that can be enjoyed by folding the sleeves and changing the length. The loose silhouette makes it easy to coordinate with a stylish and clean style, as well as a feminine look when paired with a skirt. It features a lining that uses Tana Lawn. The pants with the same pattern have strings with the same pattern as the lining, so we recommend coordinating them as a set up.
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[Image 3

-Tree Tops-
[Image 4

Frankie Women’s Pants ¥31,900 (S/M/L)
Tapered pants with a moderate thickness that is easy to balance and a slightly loose feeling. The design has an elastic waist, making it extremely comfortable to wear.
[Image 5

[Image 6

[Image 7

Nancy women’s skirt ¥31,900 (S/M/L)
A skirt with a feminine impression with a fluffy silhouette created by plenty of gathers at the waist. A versatile item that is easy to match with any top and can be used daily. We recommend pairing the corduroy material with a shirt jacket with the same pattern.
[Image 8

-Mary Jean-
[Image 9

-Tree Tops-
Florence Tunic Blouse ¥30,800 (S/M/L)
An impressive tunic blouse with frills. The trendy long length and plenty of volume are designed to look great in one piece. The hemline is longer from the front to the back, giving it a stylish look from the side. We also recommend wearing it with the cuff folded back. [Image 10

-Heidi Maria-
Eleanor volume sleeve blouse ¥30,800 (S/M/L)
A pullover blouse with eye-catching voluminous sleeves. The exquisite sleeve switching position is not too sweet, and the shoulder area is delicately designed to make you look like a single piece.
[Image 12d98269-2-e0d579b5a7057d91d60c-11.jpg&s3=98269-2-480914ab87fac6aed6d7ac8cdce0345b-2250x2700.jpg
-Small Painter’s Meadow-
[Image 13d98269-2-99d4ed3acef731b7e1d9-12.jpg&s3=98269-2-47b779df1fad1c3254e8e7b15304835a-2250x2700.jpg
Amy Back Flare Blouse ¥30,800 (S/M/L)
A blouse with a relaxed silhouette while the neck is neatly finished. The back flare design adds an elegant look, giving you a beautiful 360 degree look.
[Image 14d98269-2-33865998e285509e97cf-13.jpg&s3=98269-2-6ee8aa9cf476c7fd2f772d3b82178875-2250x2700.jpg
-Rogged Robin・Front-
[Image 15d98269-2-bcd0b62fdb13aba8b088-14.jpg&s3=98269-2-7b46bae2541814ef1230860e03cd1e20-2250x2700.jpg
-Rogged Robin・Back-
[Image 16d98269-2-7b419c949eb0e88177a7-15.jpg&s3=98269-2-3c583d7b78706736f00334c5b44b9d5f-2250x2700.jpg
-Wild Perennial・Front-
[Image 17d98269-2-b2c15bfc7003e1718bf4-16.jpg&s3=98269-2-2a93bbe32d61e148e3f528de59198754-2250x2700.jpg
-Wild Perennial・Back-
Profile of Naoko Hamashima
[Image 18d98269-2-2fee1dd62ce7f10cc635-17.jpg&s3=98269-2-924004d7de128f40a9d92cbb9099d75f-839x1280.jpg
Naoko Hamashima model/picture book author @hamaji_0912
Born September 12, 1976 Nickname: Hamaji Hometown: Sapporo, Hokkaido #Debuting as a model at age 18 #Mother of one child #Protective dog Shih Tzu: Pipi-chan #Picture book author
In 2014, she gave birth to a boy. Even now, after becoming a mother, her tasteful lifestyle is supported, and she is active in various fields such as women’s magazines, TV, and radio. An Instagram that cuts out everyday life without hiding it is also available. She is the author of the picture book “Nebushiro” (Millbooks), which she co-authored with her husband, Mr. Abe Kazuhiro. In September 2020, he published his first essay collection “Butterfly Powder” and is still challenging new things in his 40s.
About Liberty
Since its founding in 1875, Liberty UK has always been ahead of the curve with collections that combine cutting-edge artistry, visionary design and human sensibility. Founder Arthur Lasenby Liberty worked to bring art into life by collaborating with avant-garde artists and having craftsmen learn Eastern techniques, reorganizing the British textile industry. We have created an artistic and innovative fabric. After that, Liberty’s representative silk-like cotton “Tana Lawn” was born, and people freely designed clothes and obtained a means of self-expression. Liberty’s achievements are highly regarded, such as the Liberty Print Archive being housed in the Westminster Archive Center.
The premium lifestyle brand – Liberty – continues its graceful design heritage through bags, silk scarves, sleepwear, cushions and throws. We continue to make proposals ahead of the times, such as collections that combine original print designs, precision manufacturing processes, and ever-evolving technologies.
Liberty Japan Official Online: Liberty Japan Official Instagram: Details about this release:


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