Life on Products, which gave birth to the big hit product PRISMATE “Salad Chicken Maker” that has attracted the attention of many media, and the secret story behind the development of the further evolved “Salad Chicken Maker Grande”.

Life on Products Co., Ltd.
Life on Products, which gave birth to the big hit product PRISMATE “Salad Chicken Maker” that has attracted the attention of many media, and the secret story behind the development of the further evolved “Salad Chicken Maker Grande”.
Released on November 25, 2022 (Friday), the product planner of PRISMATE’s new work “Salad Chicken Maker Grande with Fun Web Recipes” introduces the appeal of the product, its particular design, how to use it, and development secrets.

Developed by Life On Products Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, CEO: Yuichi Ikeda), which provides products and services that create color and plus value in your life, make your daily life a little special. PRISMATE is a lifestyle brand that proposes items for daily living.
PRISMATE will start selling the 2022 new product “Salad Chicken Maker Grande with fun web recipes” from December 12, 2022 (Monday). Prior to the release, we released an interview video “Development Story” of the product MD who was in charge of product planning.
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“Salad chicken maker Grande with fun-to-use WEB recipes” will be on sale from December 12, 2022 (Monday).
This is a new product with a larger capacity than the conventional salad chicken maker and with enhanced functions.
Regarding “Salad Chicken Maker Grande”, which has been greatly upgraded from the previous work, the product MD who was actually in charge of product planning talks about the thoughts put into the product.
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――What is the biggest feature of “Salad Chicken Maker Grande”? It has a large capacity that can cook two chicken breasts at once, and has three functions of salad chicken, steam, and rice cooking, making it very easy to use and convenient.
――What has changed from the previous Salad Chicken Maker?
The Salad Chicken Maker Grande (PR-SK044) can cook 2 chicken breasts (approximately 600g) at once, and has double the capacity of the previous Salad Chicken Maker (PR-SK023).
Furthermore, in addition to the salad chicken mode, the steam function that can cook steamed vegetables and boiled eggs using the attached tray at the same time, and the rice cooker function that can cook up to 2 cups of rice. is.
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Left: Salad Chicken Maker (PR-SK023) Right: Salad Chicken Maker Grande (PR-SK044)
――How did Salad Chicken Maker Grande come about?
When the previous work, Salad Chicken Maker, released in 2020, became a big hit, it was found that those who like to eat salad chicken are highly conscious of building their body, such as dieting and muscle training.
Therefore, I wanted to create a new product that would provide a more nutritious, low-sugar, high-protein diet.
For example, is it possible to make three healthy menus at the same time, such as salad chicken, steamed vegetables, and boiled eggs? Inspired by that, this new work “Salad Chicken Maker Grande” was born. [Image 3

――What did you struggle with in product development?
I have two. The first is to make all menus delicious by simultaneous cooking. Therefore, it took time to adjust the time when cooking salad chicken, vegetables, eggs, etc. at the same time.
We have conducted many tests of steaming vegetables and eggs with the steam of boiled salad chicken. I had a really hard time with that. Salad Chicken Maker Grande was finally equipped with 9 modes, but we repeated the test more than 100 times until all modes reached the passing line.
For steam cooking, I also tweaked the size of the hole in the lid. If the hole is too small, the steam will turn into water droplets and form a film, preventing the steam from escaping. Conversely, if the hole is made too large, too much steam escapes and the steam does not work. I made adjustments here as well.
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――Did you have any troubles with the salad chicken?
I agree. The second thing I struggled with was that I had to adjust the cooking time of the salad chicken because of the large capacity. The cooking time and the degree of cooking are different for 1 chicken breast and 2 chicken breasts. In order to ensure that the inside of the chicken breast is well cooked and soft, the final cooking time is divided into 20 minutes for 1 chicken breast and 30 minutes for 2 chicken breasts, so that it can be completed quickly. Did.
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――Are there any other points that reflected customer feedback? After the release of our previous product, Salad Chicken Maker, we received feedback from customers saying, “I don’t know how long it will take to be ready, and I’m worried about how the food is cooked.” The alarm will notify you 3 times at the timing of 30 minutes remaining until the completion of cooking, 2 times at 20 minutes, and 1 time at 10 minutes.
Even if you are doing other work in a remote place, you can cook with confidence because you can know the approximate time by the sound. In addition, the rice cooking function allows you to cook 1 cup of rice in 20 minutes and 2 cups of rice in 30 minutes so that people who live alone and do not have a rice cooker or who do not need a large rice cooker can easily use it.
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―― What are the benefits of cooking at the same time?
There are two benefits. The first is that it is steamed rather than boiled, so the nutritional value of the ingredients is not lost. Boiling vegetables tends to lose their nutritional value, such as vitamin C, but steaming reduces that disadvantage.
The second is that it is quick and easy to use. With the Salad Chicken Maker Grande, you can easily make steamed vegetables and boiled eggs at once without using the stove, such as when you are busy in the morning or when you use the stove for other cooking.
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――How have the color variations and safety specifications changed? In addition to red and light beige, which were popular in the previous work, black is now available for the first time in PRISMATE kitchen appliances. We conducted an in-house questionnaire on multiple colors, and found that black received a lot of support from a wide range of age groups, from young people to the elderly. Therefore, as a new challenge, we adopted a matte black color.
In terms of safety, a new lock function has been added to prevent malfunction. It is designed to lock after about 5 seconds of cooking settings so that the mode will not switch in the middle even if you accidentally touch another button.
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――What is a web recipe that allows you to enjoy 50 different arrangements? Since it can be steamed, the web recipes have been enhanced compared to the previous Salad Chicken Maker.
For example, you can make sweets such as “egg steamed bread” as well as side dishes such as “Pork Belly Roll with Chinese Chives”. In addition, recipes for 3-piece breakfast sets such as salad chicken, steamed vegetables, and boiled eggs using the simultaneous cooking function are also posted. We would like you to use the Salad Chicken Maker Grande in a variety of situations.
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■ “Chef de PRISMATE”, a recipe site made with PRISMATE cooking appliances WEB recipes Product information
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“Salad chicken maker Grande with fun web recipes” PR-SK044
Price: 8,250 yen (tax included)
Product page: 【press release】
Add new functions to the popular kitchen appliances that have attracted the attention of many media! “Salad chicken maker Grande with fun web recipes”, new release from PRISMATE in response to fan expectations.
PR TIMES: Product specifications
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From left: light beige, red, black
Product name: Salad chicken maker Grande With web recipe that can be used happily
Product number・・・・・・・・・・・・PR-SK044
Color・・・・・・・・Light beige, red, black
Contents of the set: Main body, pot, steaming tray, lid, instruction manual (guarantee included)
Material・・・・・・・・・・・Main body: PP, PF, galvanized, copper, steaming tray: PP                Lid: PP/Silicone rubber, Pot: Aluminum alloy (fluorine resin coating)/PF
Power supply・・・・・・・・・・・AC100V 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 550W
Power cord (approx.) 1.4m
Full water capacity (approx.) 1.7L
Heat-resistant temperature (approximately): Pot (fluorine resin coating): 260°C, steaming tray, body: 110°C
Pot inner dimensions (approx.) 187 x 127 x 70mm
Electricity bill per hour (approximately): 17.1 yen
Remarks・・・・・・・・・・・・Recipe site made with PRISMATE cooking appliances                Over 50 types of web recipes are posted on “Chef de PRISMATE”
      Sales information
Reservations will be accepted at the Life on Products official store from November 18th (Friday)
From December 12th (Monday), sales will start at general stores, mass retailers, and online shops nationwide.
Brand overview
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Irodori and excitement in hand
Lifestyle items that change your daily life into something special. It’s like a colorful and fun gift that fell from a rainbow.
[Official site] Company Profile
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[Company name] Life On Products Co., Ltd.
[Representative] Representative Director Yuichi Ikeda
[Established] July 29, 2003
[Headquarters] Yotsubashi Star Building 2F, 1-12-19 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
[Business description] Provide products and services that can create positive and positive value for your life
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