Lifestyle brand “Foo Tokyo” aggressively expands globally with the aim of attracting overseas users offline and online

Next Branders Co., Ltd.
Lifestyle brand “Foo Tokyo” Aggressively expanding globally with the aim of attracting overseas users offline and online
Global EC launch and test marketing in Taiwan

Lifestyle brand “Foo Tokyo” (Managed by Next Branders, Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Masaaki Kuwabara), which proposes a relaxing home time until “I’m coming from now”, is aimed at more people. We will actively implement global expansion so that you can enjoy the brand.
Until now, we have been selling home miscellaneous items through the operation of pop-up shops that coincide with the gift season, mainly through the operation of online stores. In the future, we will enter the global market in earnest and actively create a brand that will take root in the lifestyles of overseas customers as a lifestyle brand made in Japan.
Our efforts in global expansion
The Foo Tokyo global shop (store URL: was released on November 17, 2022, and sales have started for more than 200 countries and regions.
In addition, as the first step in offline development, we aim to open a flagship shop in Taiwan, where Japanese-made high-priced products are easily accepted and there are plenty of commercial facilities produced by Japanese companies. Going forward, Foo Tokyo will actively pursue both offline and online initiatives with the aim of expanding globally.
Efforts and plans for expansion in Taiwan
・Operation of pop-up shops
Test sales have already been conducted, and from October 3, 2022 to November 30, 2022, a pop-up will be held at “Shin Kong Mitsukoshi (Taipei Xinyi New World A9 Building 2)” located in Taipei’s most representative commercial area. We have opened a shop and started selling to customers in Taipei.
・Opening a store in Taiwan’s largest EC mall “MOMO”
We opened a store on October 20, 2022 at the EC mall “MOMO”, which has a wide range of ladies’ items.
We will strengthen operations with the aim of raising awareness of the Foo Tokyo brand through opening stores in EC malls that Taiwanese customers use on a daily basis.
・Collaboration accommodation plan with “Hotel Metropolitan Premier Taipei” [Imaged32761-24-3f66b4232e4fd6ba882f-0.jpg&s3=32761-24-bc864677814fd42eda80c5632670dde7-2438x1436.jpg
We are planning to launch a collaboration accommodation plan with Hotel Metropolitan Premier Taipei, the first overseas hotel affiliated with Hotel Metropolitan. (*Implementation date undecided)
I was given the opportunity to collaborate with this facility because the brand concepts of both companies have many common axes. The facility is a place where peace and brilliance meet. ‘ is the brand concept, and because the days are busy in the modern age of
information overload, we felt an affinity with the brand message that our company has been sending since its founding, ‘I want to deliver a moment of peace and affirmation’. is a big reason.
Collaboration accommodation plan overview:
Hotel name: JR East Hotel Taipei “Hotel Metropolitan Premier Taipei” Collaborative accommodation plan offer start date: Undecided About Foo Tokyo
A moment that connects today and tomorrow flowing between “I’m home” and “I’m coming”. We are Foo Tokyo, a brand that provides the world with items that add “peace” to the time and space you spend there, making you want to immerse yourself in fantasy.
We are always surrounded by a large amount of information and connected to someone. I want to deliver the moment when a pleasant sigh spills out in the present age where there is absolutely no time to relax. Since it was born from that thought, we have combined the “aesthetics of manufacturing” that aims for perfection that will shake the five senses of those who see it and the “technology” that makes it possible, and each product is a “product”. Instead, we have taken it as a “work” that spins a story that enriches the lives of each customer.
The word “Foo” in our brand name means that when people from all over the world come into contact with Foo Tokyo, they will say “Fuu” to create a moment where they can breathe naturally and relax. I named it with such thoughts.
Next Branders Co., Ltd. (Foo Tokyo) Company Profile
Company name: Next Branders Co., Ltd. (Established: December 2017) Representative: Masaaki Kuwabara, President and Representative Director Location: 1-37-7-403 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Business overview: product planning, manufacturing, and sales (apparel, cosmetics)
Brand Site:
Details about this release:


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