“LIFULL HOME’S FRIENDLY DOOR”, which aims to solve the problem of vulnerable people in housing, won the Grand Prix in the marketing effectiveness category of “ACC TOKYO CREATIVITY AWARDS”

LIFULL Co., Ltd.
“LIFULL HOME’S FRIENDLY DOOR”, which aims to solve the problem of vulnerable people in housing, won the Grand Prix in the marketing effectiveness category of “ACC TOKYO CREATIVITY AWARDS”
Awarded Silver in the Creative Innovation Category and the Branded Communication Category

LIFULL Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Takashi Inoue, TSE Prime: 2120), which works to solve social issues through business, aims to solve the problem of vulnerable people in housing “LIFULL HOME’S FRIENDLY DOOR” Received the “Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Award / ACC Grand Prix” in the “Marketing Effectiveness Category” of Japan’s largest creative award “2022 62nd ACC TOKYO CREATIVITY AWARDS”.
In addition, it also won ACC Silver in the Creative Innovation Category and the Branded Communication Category (C category: PR), bringing the total number of awards to three categories.
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LIFULL HOME’S, a real estate and housing information service, has launched LIFULL HOME’S ACTION FOR as a business activity to realize a world where everyone can live the life they want, regardless of nationality, race, gender, or handicap. ALL” was launched.
As one of its activities, they understand and provide consultations for people called “housing vulnerable people” such as the elderly, foreign nationals, LGBTQ, welfare users, single mothers and fathers, victims of disasters, and people with disabilities. We are working on the “FRIENDLY DOOR” project that allows you to search for real estate companies, and currently have more than 4,000 real estate companies nationwide (as of the end of October 2022).
“FRIENDLY DOOR” Launch Campaign
I want more people to know about the existence of the “vulnerable housing” and the problems they face, and through the social situation of the corona crisis, I want to convey that “anyone can be a party to the “vulnerable housing”.” With this in mind, we developed an outdoor advertisement that asks people’s thoughts on deep-rooted
discrimination, prejudice, and contradictions when looking for a home. We selected Shibuya, Tokyo, which is a symbolic city where people with various values ​​gather as a place to post, and an area where the entire region is focusing on efforts to promote diversity. The visual expresses concretely the various restrictions faced by elderly people, foreign nationals, LGBTQ+, and welfare users, who are included in the “housing vulnerable”, in searching for housing, and gives surprises and awareness to people in the city. And it is shocking content. In addition, we provided check content and conducted the latest fact-finding surveys to help people understand that this is a familiar problem, not someone else’s problem, and face it. We also announced the results of a fact-finding survey of “home search” that reveals the other side of the “housing vulnerable” problem seen from the real estate company side.
About “ACC TOKYO CREATIVITY AWARDS” and award categories
The ACC TOKYO CREATIVITY AWARDS originated from the advertising award ACC CM FESTIVAL, which was held in 1961 with the aim of improving the quality of television and radio commercials. We have renewed the award for creatives. It is known as one of the largest and most
authoritative awards in Japan.
Every year, each category is judged by creators and experts who are active on the front lines of various industries. A total of 8 divisions were established: Branded Communication Division, Design Division, Media Creative Division, and Creative Innovation Division. The “FRIENDLY DOOR” project won awards in the following three categories at such prestigious awards.
Marketing Effectiveness Department
(Evaluate measures and campaigns that achieved “results” through “marketing strategy x creativity”)
・FRIENDLY DOOR (launch campaign)
Creative Innovation Division
Branded Communication Category (Category C: PR)
Comment from Yuji Ito, General Manager of LIFULL HOME’S
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LIFULL is a corporate group that strives to solve social issues through its business under the corporate message of “Make every life FULL.” LIFULL HOME’S, our main business, is also working to solve social issues related to housing, one of which is the “housing vulnerable” problem.
“FRIENDLY DOOR” is a project launched by the business manager, Kyo, who is also a party to the “housing vulnerable”. In the launch campaign that won the award this time, we wanted to make more people aware of the existence of the “vulnerable housing” and the problems they face. The creative team worked together as a team.
We are very pleased to receive the award this time, as we have also been recognized for our achievements in participating in real estate companies. With the help of many real estate companies, we will continue to work toward a society where everyone can live the life they want.
About LIFULL HOME’S (URL: https://www.homes.co.jp/)
[Image 4d33058-269-b4e57f478e260aae001b-3.jpg&s3=33058-269-458bfe49ee1ad349dbdf362e464817aa-1500x844.jpg
LIFULL HOME’S is a comprehensive real estate and housing information service that helps people find a simple and convenient home based on the concept of “encounter the life you want.” We will expand various functions and information so that it is easier to find properties and find information about housing, and to make it easier to consider. We will continue to work closely with users to help them find their ideal home.

About LIFULL Co., Ltd. (TSE Prime: 2120, URL: https://lifull.com/) LIFULL’s corporate message is “Make every life FULL.” We aim to solve, through our business, social issues that hinder peace of mind and joy, from the issues faced by individuals to the issues of the world beyond them. It’s a social enterprise.
Currently, the group provides services in 63 countries around the world, including the main service “LIFULL HOME’S”, a real estate and housing information site, “LIFULL regional revitalization” centered on the revitalization of vacant houses, and the lifestyle of seniors. We are expanding our business in various fields with the aim of realizing a society where each person’s life is filled with peace of mind and joy, such as LIFULL Nursing Care.

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