LIGHTz Co., Ltd.’s know-how utilization service “PincyPark” ~25 companies have introduced it as of 12:00 on November 1st*~

LIGHTz Co., Ltd.’s know-how utilization service “PincyPark” ~25 companies have introduced it as of 12:00 on November 1st*~

LIGHTz Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture, President: Shingo Otobe, hereinafter LIGHTz) will provide “Pincy Park,” a know-how utilization service that solves knowledge management problems on October 3, 2022. (Friday) Started at 8:00.
As of 12:00 on November 1st (Wednesday), 25 companies are already using it. (*Including the pre-release period)
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[What is Pincy Park]
Consolidate scattered company information in one place. It is a simple document management and search service that solves “I don’t know” about work, from new and young employees to employees who are not good at researching. Until now, it has been difficult to easily implement in-house DX aimed at improving productivity at low cost. At PincyPark, we support everything from verbalizing in-house know-how to reusing it. It reduces unproductive waste time and supports productivity improvement.
Product dedicated site:
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[Background of increased introduction]
Currently, many small and medium-sized enterprises, mainly in the manufacturing industry, are facing major problems such as the aging of employees, employment, and a decrease in the working population. In addition, due to these factors, important internal data and documents, such as passing on in-house know-how and sharing past troubles, are left untouched.
In addition, employees who have only a short history of joining the company face problems such as “I don’t understand the company’s technical terms,” ​​”I can’t find the information I want right away,” and “the information I want is dependent on the individual.” In order to solve these problems, “PincyPark” enables “extraction of technical terms” and “search without searching”, and this demand has led to an increase in the number of companies that have introduced it. .
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Effects of installing PincyPark

[Voices of previous users]
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[Application for Pinchy Park]
It is possible for users to apply and start using the product on their own from the dedicated product site.
Product dedicated site:
[About LIGHTz Co., Ltd.]
Company name: LIGHTz Co., Ltd.
Representative: Shingo Otobe, President and Representative Director Established: October 2016
Location: 2-1-6 Sengen, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture (within the Tsukuba Research Support Center)
Business content: AI conversion of specialist thinking and practical application support, next-generation information media development, social application model development of robots
[Inquiries regarding this release]
LIGHTz Inc. Public Relations Department
Details about this release:


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