Limited company EXNOA 9th anniversary coming soon! DMM GAMES “Millennium War Aigis” series will hold a new prince support & welcome back campaign to receive sacred crystals & gold by logging in!

9th anniversary coming soon! DMM GAMES “Millennium War Aigis” series will hold a new prince support & welcome back campaign to receive sacred crystals & gold by logging in!

At DMM GAMES operated by joint company EXNOA (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Keisuke Muranaka, URL:, a full-fledged tower will open after maintenance on Thursday, November 17th. We are pleased to announce that the “Soon 9th Anniversary Campaign” for the defense RPG “Millennium War Aigis (hereinafter “Aigis”)” has been held.
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■We will hold a big subjugation mission “Princess Dragon Princess and God’s Power” together!
We will hold a large subjugation mission “Everyone’s Great
Subjugation” in the form of receiving rewards by totaling the number of subjugations of all users.
You can get rewards with “Great Subjugation Summon” using the special item “Subjugation Crystal” that can be obtained by the number of subjugations of individual and all users!
In this big subjugation summon, you can get the rarity black dragon princess “Original Dragon Princess Rotan”. This is your chance to get various other spirits and chibi units! Please take this opportunity to challenge yourself!
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[Period] From November 17th (Thursday) after maintenance to November 24th (Thursday) before maintenance
*”Grand subjugation summon” consumes the exclusive item “subjugation crystal” that can be obtained in the grand subjugation mission. *The “Great Subjugation Summon” is an event-specific summon and differs from a normal summon.
* The holding period is different from the normal large subjugation mission. *”Great subjugation summon” will be held until December 1st (Thursday) before maintenance.
■We will be holding a 10 consecutive summon with a bonus “Awakening Great Jewel”!
For a limited time, we will be holding a “Special Premium 10x Summon”! It will be a great summon that comes with a “Great Jewel of Awakening” as a bonus.
▼ Probability increase unit
[Rarity Platinum] Scalar “Mythology Bachelor Colette”
▼ Special premium 10 consecutive summons
Limited once DMM: 1,480 (DMM points) = iOS/Google Play: 1,500 (yen) Premium 10 consecutive summons + bonus below
・2 large awakening jewels
[Image 3

[Period] From November 17th (Thursday) after maintenance to November 24th (Thursday) before maintenance
[About 10 consecutive summons]
* The units that appear in this 10-consecutive summon are those that appear from the premium summons implemented by November 17, 2022. Event reward units, collaboration, limited-time, heroic units are not eligible. The contents of the summons will not be updated in the future.
*The probability of the rarity appearing from this 10 consecutive summon is the same as the premium summon, and the probability has been increased. Also, it does not count towards the guaranteed rarity of summons using sacred crystals.
*There is no acquisition of sacred crystals by purchasing this summon, and acquisition of “Small Blessing Spirit Prese” by 10 consecutive summons.
*The special premium 10 consecutive summons will be performed immediately after purchase, and the bonus “Awakening Great Jewel” will be given directly to the gift.
*”Special Premium 10 consecutive summons” may be performed again. Held a new prince support & comeback campaign!
If you log in to “Millennium War Aigis” for the first time in 60 days or more, you will receive 30 sacred crystals, and if you log in for the first time in 30 to 59 days, you will receive 15 sacred crystals! In addition, depending on the number of people who returned, we will present up to 5 sacred crystals to everyone!
[Period] November 17, 2022 (Thursday) after maintenance-December 8 (Thursday) before maintenance
[Scheduled distribution date] Scheduled after regular maintenance on Thursday, December 15, 2022
*For users who have passed the tutorial (have received the login bonus). [Reward contents according to the number of comeback users]
5000 people: 1 sacred crystal
10,000 people: 2 sacred crystals
15,000 people: 3 sacred crystals
20,000 people: 4 sacred crystals
25,000 people: 5 sacred crystals
■ Chance to get up to 7 “sacred crystals” and “total 2.1 million G” by logging in every day!
As a support for the new prince, we will present 1 sacred crystal (maximum 7) and 300,000 gold (maximum 2.1 million gold) every day for users who log in during the period!
November 18th (Friday) 4:00 to November 25th (Friday) 3:59
*Login bonus will be updated at 4:00 am
*Please note that the maximum amount of gold you can possess is 99,999,999, and you cannot receive more than the maximum amount. Millennium War Aigis Official Website: Millennium War Aigis A Official Website: PC (DMM GAME PLAYER version) Millennium War Aigis Official Website:
Official Twitter account “Parliamentary Secretary Anna / Millennium War Aigis Management”:
Official YouTube Channel:
▼Product overview
A full-fledged tower defense RPG currently available on DMM GAMES PC, Android, App Store, and Google Play.
Become a prince whose country was destroyed by an army of monsters that suddenly revived, command unique units to meet the enemy. By increasing the degree of intimacy with the women who adore the prince and the degree of trust with the men you can rely on, you will be able to interact with the units and further increase your abilities during battle.
Title: Millennium War Aigis
Platform: PC (browser version, DMM GAME PLAYER version) / DMM GAMES store / App Store / Google Play
Rights notation: (C) 2013 EXNOA LLC
Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC. Details about this release:


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